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Your Spiritual Testimony Wanted!

A selection of testimonies are listed in my Directory of Former New Agers and Occultists, as well as posted throughout this blog. I also love collecting testimonies to share on my YouTube channel and to feature some on my radio … Continue reading

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Satanic Ritual Abuse, Day Of The Dead and More: LIVE Halloween Show w/ Ex Occultist Laura Maxwell and Michael Cummins, Deliverance Minister.

HALLOWEEN TRUTHS. I often speak about the realities of cult and occult crimes that occur throughout the year, but especially during Sept-October, with SRA, (Satanic Ritual Abuse), culminating on Halloween itself. I also expose inside information on Halloween, as an … Continue reading

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Famous Ex Occult Priestess Ivone Silva’s Testimony: English Translation.

Ivone Silva Consulted By The Rich & Famous. “Hear her powerful testimony as an ex-spiritist priestess. Today as a servant of God, she relates her testimony.” ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF YOUTUBE VIDEO BLOCKED IN BRAZIL: EX-CANDOMBLÉ PRIESTESS IVONE SILVA This post was … Continue reading

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