Petition Against: Changes To UK Human Medicine Regulations To Support Roll-Out Of C0VlD Vaccines.



The Mirror Project – COVID Laws Petition – EP 9.

What was conspiracy theory only few months ago, is now here, in an official government publication, and it’s time to take precise action and stop this proposal.

Read the full proposal HERE.

Key Points

1. Request for Temporary authorisation of the supply of unlicensed vaccines.

​2.  Vaccine Civil liability and immunity.

​3. Proposed expansion to the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations.

4. Vaccine promotion.

5.  Make short-term provisions for wholesale dealing of COVID-19 vaccines.

Please also watch: Bill Gates – Digital Dictators – EP-3.


Take Action

If you want to object to this proposal you can submit your comments in the form below.

If you’d prefer to send a Word or PDF please email with the title REF:VP

We are collecting all comments to submit to the government in one documents as an official response from the public to their consultation, let’s try to get a million signtures and maximise the impact, Alternatively you can do so directly yourself .

Some of you might think, this will do nothing, after all, a million people marched against the war in Iraq and the government will always go according to their agenda.

This is true, but we can hit them in their pockets, a lot of contracts and huge amounts of money is to be made through this vaccine programme, there is a revolving door between politicians and pharmaceutical corporations.

The second objective is to make this issue public, mainstream media will never mention this. Let’s bombard social media and spread this so people know. No one is going to do it for us. 

Let’s not sit here quite dreading what’s coming, send them a loud and clear message. This message will say we are here watching you, and we will resist. Let’s play their game.

The deadline given by the government for receiving  public’s comments is:


”The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing,” Edmund Burke.

They want a consultation, let’s give them one!

Please go to the below link to fill the form with your comments to be sent to the government’s COVID Vaccine consultation committee.


On the 26.09.2020 the Coronavirus act HL Bill 110 C7 – would have been in place for 6 months. By law it will be discussed at the House of Commons for 7 days.

You can read it for yourself here.

This is our chance to stop this law, everyone need to write to their MP’s asking for The Coronavirus Act to be suspended.


We are a few people that worked in the mainstream  media MACHINE (news & documentaries) for MANY years. We’ve been to conflict zones, covered wars, and seen things, slowly we started piecing the puzzle together.

When the “Pandemic” started we seen the mainstream media from the inside trying to push a certain narrative on everyone including us. We could not participate knowingly so we left.

We left to organise and find legal ways to fight back. And it all starts with educating the public. Our identities will remain anonymous for now, this is to protect us, and more importantly protect the project in its infant stages. We already have had a lot of harassment.

We have no financial gain in all this, in fact so far we’ve been funding the project from our pockets. We need to all work collectively and gather hard evidence in order to take action and put an end to all this. It’s easy to sit back and think someone else will do it, it’s human nature. The reality is our livelihoods are being taken away from us, our children’s future.

We are surveilled & tracked everywhere, kept ignorant , poisoned , our family values under attack, and the list goes on. You still waiting for someone else to fix it?





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