Is Christianity Used To Enslave The Masses?

Steven Bancarz was a famous and hugely influential New Ager and blogger of the incredibly popular sites Spirit Science and and

He recently shared this Facebook post:

”One of the main objections that I heard when I left the New Age movement was the Christianity was a tool of the World Elite to keep people enslaved and asleep. There is no evidence that this is the case. All recent evidence points toward the idea that the “world elite” hate Jesus, hate Scripture and hate Christianity. There are certain countries where it is actually illegal to own a Bible, many others where there are restrictions one’s expression of their faith (such as mine), and others where you are at risk of death daily for being a Christian.

It won’t be long before sharing Christian perspectives or Scripture on controversial social issues will be considered hate speech. Conservatives are being banned on social media left and right for such things already. Google, YouTube, Facebook, these are not conservative platforms. They are liberal. Christianity is an offense to them, not a tool of theirs.

The Vatican has been, and will continue to be, used as part of the plan to have a NWO, but that isn’t Christianity. The pope himself has been accused recently of over 60 heresies by other Roman Catholic bishops. I don’t know of a single Christian that looks at the Vatican, or anyone in it, as being a spiritual/religious authority. There is a difference between the Roman Catholic religion, and Biblical Christianity. Biblical Christianity not only isn’t be used by the world elite, they hate it and are at war with it in the world. A born-again Christian is the biggest threat to the false peace the anti-Christ is prophesied to instantiate.

If/when a war on religion happens when the wrong people get into power, the first religion that will be targeted will be Christianity. Christianity is the only real religious threat to man’s conscience, and is the main ideology that inconveniences people by threatening the lifestyle they wish to live. Therefore, they resent Christianity and Jesus, just as the Bible says man is hostile in mind toward the God of Scripture, and as Jesus said the world hates him because he testifies about it that its works are evil.

There is not a shred of evidence that Christianity is “being used” by any of the world elite to keep people enslaved, and there is mountains of evidence that the world elite are liberal and at war with conservative values. Christians are, by any statistic, the most persecuted religious group on the planet according to a Pew Research Study from 2016. The fact that Christianity was misused by people in authority in the past hundreds of years ago does not mean it is presently being used by anyone in power to keep people “enslaved”.

Trump may have used it in the election to appeal to conservatives to get votes, but there is no global political or corporate plan where Christianity and its subsequent conservative values are being forced upon people and used as a power grab. Christianity and its values are being limited, suppressed, and silenced if anything. Someone in my country (Canada) was recently arrested for sharing his faith at a gay pride parade for hate speech.

It’s an argument with no substance. Christianity is not being used, and won’t be used, as a tool of the world elite. It is getting more and more opposition each year in attitude and legislation.”


Laura Maxwell interviews Steven Bancarz: 

Laura Maxwell  ”I was so thrilled to interview Steven for my radio show. His story is one of the most powerful and encouraging I’ve ever heard.”


Steven is the founder of Reasons for Jesus, an apologetics-based website dedicated to providing justification for a Biblical worldview and a rational defense for faith in Jesus Christ.


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