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Fake News Propaganda and Freedom of Speech Censorship.

Fake News and Free Speech. The battle against “fake news” has become a war on freedom of speech. Lots of countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, now have laws intended to eliminate inaccurate news presentations. But these laws have opened … Continue reading

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Is “The News” Making You Sick? By Berni Dymet.

Is “The News” Making You Sick? The news ain’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s changed, irrevocably. And more and more, people are simply opting out, because they’re sick of it. So what’s going on and what, if … Continue reading

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Satanic Halloween Sacrifice Clothing and Other Items Sold Online and High Street Stores!

‘Let’s Sacrifice Toby!’ Spencer’s T-Shirt for Adults and Children! SATANIC FILTH POPULAR STORE SELLS ONLINE AND ON HIGH STREET. I saw the below video about ‘Spencer’s’ by A Call For An Uprising  uploaded on Oct 2, 2018.  In his videos, A Call … Continue reading

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YouTube has deleted MORE of Laura Maxwell’s radio shows!!!

YouTube has deleted MORE of my radio shows. These YT deletions weren’t due to copyright strikes. Weeks ago they highlighted videos saying they weren’t deemed suitable for YouTube. So I requested a review of that. They deleted them after reviewing … Continue reading

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