Freedom from Guilt and Shame – Includes insight from Berni Dymet.

A troubled conscience steals your peace and joy.

When you’ve thought or done something wrong do you worry? Do you wonder what God is thinking? You may wonder, does He still love me? Do you suffer from guilt and shame?



If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 

Initially, I thought this post may be useful for new believers but I think it’s helpful for us all to be reminded of basics at times!

We know God still loves us and will forgive us when we ask, the bible confirms this. But what’s the better way to live? Walking in His light and choosing to avoid walking in or flirting with darkness. Yes, we’ll make mistakes, no one is perfect. The apostle Paul wrote of his own struggles overcoming temptation. But wanting to make the heart decision to walk in His light is key. Becoming willing is the first step in this journey.

… And his commands are not burdensome,  for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:3b-5

If you are a new believer you may ask how is this done?  How do I walk in His light? By prayer and by hearing His voice. Yes, God does still speak to us today. Primarily through the bible. It’s amazing the amount of times you’ll read a passage and it’s exactly the message you needed to hear that day, either for yourself or to encourage someone you’ll meet!

The bible is His love letter to us, to give direction and keep us protected. A loving parent cautions their baby not to stick their fingers in a fire. Similarly, God knows what will harm us and warns us in advance.

God does not force us to walk in His light and new believers may worry about what they will lose, giving up a negative habit. But the good news is, He will empower you with His supernatural power to resist, if you ask Him to! And that issue begins to lose its power over you until you enter into full freedom from it altogether.

Ephes 6 spiritual warfare battle

Ephes. 6

Plus, He blesses you with far more positive benefits that outweigh anything you turn away from. And let’s face it, those things probably only harmed you or others anyway. So, it’s a win win situation!

In the past, you may have tried self help programs and they helped but how much better to see miraculous transformation in your life as you work with God to see those changes! And God gets all the glory especially as you’ll know you couldn’t do it in your own human strength.

The more like Jesus we become, the less like the devil we become!

In this world, in these dangerous times, we all need to walk more fully in His light. In doing so, we will also remain in His protection. It would be crazy to walk out from under His protection in this world, especially as we are engaged in a spiritual battle whether we realise it or not. (Ephes. 6).

And if you feel God is calling you into ministry, walking in His light is even more crucial. We sometimes hear from ministers who’ll admit when they weren’t walking as closely with Jesus, less people were healed when they prayed with them. Less demons were cast out and so on? Why? The gifts of God are irreversible but if you walk in consistent sin you are, in a sense, clogging the connection and flow of God’s power through you to heal and free others.

Lately, more people have told me of their struggles. It would seem there’s a season of global sifting just now. Yes, we’re always growing but it appears God is drawing us all closer to Him and cleaning us up even more in this season. Is this part of a divine awakening? Perhaps. Either way, while pondering these issues I heard the below brief podcast on the radio.

The section most relevant to this post is from 5 to 8 minutes. I hope it encourages you. You can be set free from guilt and shame and walk in God’s ways, peace, joy, power and blessings!

The Way to God’s Blessing – Click Podcast.

You can hear the above daily podcast by email or on the blog:

A Different Perspective by Berni Dymet


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