Satanic Halloween Sacrifice Clothing and Other Items Sold Online and High Street Stores!

‘Let’s Sacrifice Toby!’ Spencer’s T-Shirt for Adults and Children!


I saw the below video about ‘Spencer’s’ by A Call For An Uprising  uploaded on Oct 2, 2018. 

In his videos, A Call For An Uprising has often said that the public may assume such satanic clothing or music videos are just artistic expression or attempts at humour and should not be taken seriously.


Or that we should regard images like the one below as just a metaphor for the general sacrifices many people make in their daily lives! (The below shirt isn’t in the Spencer’s range).

Spencer’s website claims their range is meant just for fun and that they enjoy ‘pushing the envelope’.


Satanic Halloween Sacrifice Clothing Spencer's 1

Spencer’s on Facebook


However, humor and deflection is actually an effective way to produce systematic desensitization in an audience.

Think about propaganda and brainwashing. Through repetition of phrases and images  the worldview of society can be changed, re-educating the masses to accept things a previous generation wouldn’t have. Pushing boundaries and normalizing the immoral is part of the Luciferian agenda. They also like to pervert the bible and do the total opposite of what the bible teaches. What’s right becomes wrong and what’s wrong becomes right.

I did a search online: ‘Halloween Sacrifice Clothing’, to see if other stores sold similar merchandise and true enough there are plenty out there.

If you look at these, it’s clear these are more blatant, more ‘serious’, even if you believe the Spencer’s range is meant ‘just for fun’. However, I’d still ask, what’s fun about children’s T-Shirts with a ‘Let’s Sacrifice Toby!’ caption and image on it?

TITLE: Satanic Goat Blood Sacrifice

TITLE: Hail Baphomet



Where is the humor in victorian children sacrificing a lamb?


Where Will This End?

Where is the humor in the below image and does it not portray cannibalism? As A Call For An Uprising, has often said in his videos, cannibalism and blood sacrifices, using human blood as facial treatments, or drinking infant’s blood for health benefits are topics we are seeing more of now.

Just a coincidence? You really think so?!!!



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