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Laura Maxwell’s Personal Response To YouTube Deleting Her Videos and Article 13: New European Union ‘Copyright Directive’ Censorship!!!

Many are still asking what happened to my videos recently. The below YouTube video was my 3rd attempt as the audio became silent on the previous 2 videos! Beneath the video you’ll find my typed transcript of it, if you’d … Continue reading

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Laura Maxwell’s CENSORED VIDEOS! Laura’s Shows Deleted From Radio Network: Causing ALL 800+ Shows On Their Linked YouTube Channel To Be Deleted!

“This week Laura was talking to me in tears and did not know what to do. She felt horrible and was feeling guilty like it was all her fault that her videos along with approx. 1000 more got pulled.” RAY … Continue reading

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NOW OPEN, JOIN US ONLINE! LAST DAYS WARRIOR ONLINE SUMMIT – Laura Maxwell, Gary Kah, Lyn Leahz, Ray Gano, Coach Dave Daubenmire, Michael Snyder and Other Speakers.

I’d like to make a special announcement. I’m very honored to be a speaker at The Last Days Warrior Patriots and Prophecy Online Summit, hosted by Ray Gano, as seen on SkyWatch TV, The Jim Bakker Show and numerous other … Continue reading

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