Good Advice On Staying Safe Video Just Got Deleted: It Was Only A Humor Piece!

Without Free Speech, Censorship, Propaganda and Dictatorships Succeed.

Facebook removed the below video from my wall earlier. It was just humour! I’d managed to put it on my U Tube before FB deleted it. Please see it below on my blog, before they also delete it! It seems that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and some other social media platforms have a more strict censorship than many blogs, but no doubt that will change in the future.

Freedom Of Speech is well past dead. Censorship is rife now. Many of us who have been censored before learned that we have to even use funny abbreviated code words, that seem you’re mentally ill! Why? Just to get past the computerised buzz words, that are within the inbuilt algorithms. These detect anything that could be seen as ‘fake news, etc.’ But the video deleted from my wall and many other walls was purely a humour piece.

The title I gave it was something like this:

”Confused over instructions for handling COVID 19? This clears up conflicting advice from the UN, World Health Organisation, to all governmental advice panels of the world.”



So, I’ve taken a screenshot of it on my U Tube channel, before they delete it too! See below.

u tube deleted my vids pic

YouTube Delete One Of My Videos Too!

Friends, in addition, a YouTube video I uploaded of a sweet pastor in hospital, was deleted from my YouTube channel. There was nothing in it that was bad. In fact, the exact same video is still on other YouTube channels!!!

Please see the other copies of it on the YouTube channels, I’ve put on my other article below, to see just how ridiculous it is they deleted it. Again, it’s not the first time this has happened on my YouTube channel


My Video Got Deleted: God Healed A Dying Irish Patient In Hospital, Survivor, Lee McClelland.


How Censorship and Propaganda Succeeds.

That clever quote from Mark Twain, can be used to emphasise how societies often fail to see when their countries squash freedom of speech, bringing in censorship, that can lead to a totalitarian, dictatorship, like so many nations have done throughout history. Think of China, for example, where the populace are discouraged from airing any opinions which may criticise their government.

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  2. jonbabs says:

    How DARE they !!! Hello Laura…….Im still following you xxxx

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