My Video Got Deleted: God Healed A Dying Irish Patient In Hospital, Survivor, Lee McClelland.


God Sent A Cleaner To Pray For Lee McClelland: Miracle Survivor Story.

Notice he also gave him 2 oranges! Vitamin C. Praise God!

His Details: Pastor Lee McClelland, The Ark Church Belfast, 12 Clifton Park Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT5 4SA.

His Facebook Page:


Wow, F B re moved this from my wall earlier, and from my U Tub e now too… Please see copies of it below on my blog, before they also del -ete it! Freed omOfs peach is well past dead. Sense or ship is rife now. You have to even use cod e words to get by the compter ised buz swords, Al Go and his rythms.

Please let me explain what’s happening. I’m not mentally ill, we have to use abbreviatied code like words to get by the ‘fak …e news filters’. My husband uploaded my last few YouTube videos for me, he knows my work has been deleted before. He’s got a PhD doctorate and runs a hospital lab, I’m not mentally ill and I didn’t delete them myself!

Many of us have had posts or videos removed. I’m sure you not noticed it yet! It’s a blatant serious Free dom ov peach sense or ship issue. Look below plz, I’d copied the video from this exact same version of it on a YouTube channel, that’s had 474,784 views since Apr 5th. Another channel also has it. It’s not been deleted from their channels. Why mine? Coz my channel has filters on it, stuff has been deleted from my U Tube, Facebk and Blog b4, as I expose stuff about the occult in high places! If what I wrote was not a threat, or total nonsense, they wouldn’t need to delete it. Go figure!

U tube first said they’d take this off my channel 7 days from now, giving me time to appeal it!


u tube pic

Close Up Of It:

u tube pic 1

They said they’d give me 7 days to review it but now, only hours later, it’s already deleted, before I was given time to request the appeal! So, indeed, they are even going against their own ‘rules’ of appeal!!!

If you watch the video, there’s nothing in it against their so called YouTube Community Guidelines. It’s a very sweet and encouraging video! Because it has content with spiritual beliefs, that’s no reason to delete it! Freedom of Speech is meant to be critical. Even if I believe something irrational like my mobile phone is God, I should still be allowed to air my opinion, even if it’s stupid!

u tube deleted pic

Here are other video copies of it on YouTube…



~ ♡ 

Friends, in addition, one of a Facebook posts I sent over Facebook and via WhatsApp to my beloved friends and family was also deleted! It was very funny, not serious and yet many on Facebook said it was also deleted from their online sources of it too. ‘Good Advice On Staying Safe’…


It includes the original video, I managed to put on YouTube, before Facebook deleted it. Please see it on my YouTube channel, to see just how ridiculous it is that FB deleted it. Plus, please see it before my YouTube delete it too.

Good Advice On Staying Safe Video Just Got Deleted!


   ~ ♡ ~     

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