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The Coming Awakening: Videos of COVID-19 World Prayer on The Streets to Encourage You!

Video Collection of World Prayer on The Streets. Please see my below YouTube Playlist! Acts 2:17. ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons … Continue reading

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Disarming the Fear Pandemic: A Vital Message for the Church in This Hour.

Do Not Fear: A Message For Believers On Coronavirus. You may remember TV and radio broadcasts featuring myself and my good friend and cohost on Eternal Radio, Jason Carter. Author and broadcaster Jason Carter, wrote the following article. Disarming the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Again Speaks Out On Political World Affairs.

‘OK, that’s not a real job, but is he seeking to lead the global conversation’. ”Pope Francis Wants To Be President Of The World” By Howard Fineman, Global Editorial Director, HuffPost US NOTE: This article was first published on 24/09/2015 Although … Continue reading

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The Supernatural With Laura Maxwell: New Listen Again Service On Eternal Radio!

Eternal Radio Has Exciting News! In Response To Listener Demand, We Are Launching An Exciting New Listen Again Service! ***** ANNOUNCEMENT FROM Stephen Merrick FOUNDER OF Eternal Radio: ‘Some of our most popular programs including some episodes of The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell (pictured above at … Continue reading

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Illuminati Halloween Agenda – Evidence and Quotes: Laura Maxwell on Jim Duke Perspective.

Radio host, Jim Duke is also a contributor to BeforeItsNews.com He aired our recent interview before Halloween, saying: ”Our guest Laura Maxwell explains how the New Age and Illuminati push the Halloween agenda to desensitize the public to occult rituals and paganism. She discusses the progression in the … Continue reading

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