Churches Bow To Global C0V1D Agend@, Jason Carter Laments.

‘I won’t take the jab even with a gun at my head’. I agree with Jason, who wrote, ‘ I am shocked that by and large the church has come out in support of the narrative, showing itself to be totally consumed by the mainstream media rather than being consumed by a holy God. Where is the holiness?

Where are the prophets? The church is bowing to the system of this world. Where are the Daniels? Those who do not follow the narrative and the edicts?

The church has become infected by the global system, now both spiritually and physically, with the end game being the jab passport/certificate.’ Author Jason Carter, my good friend.

I put the above video on my YouTube but they removed it, saying it’s Medical Misinformation and they’ve given me a Copyright Strike.

So, here is the original video on Jason’s channel below! Hopefully you’ll see it before it gets deleted!


‘Brothers and sisters, don’t be coerced, manipulated or made to feel guilty by the system of this world. Don’t feel pressured into doing something that goes against your belief and instinct. It is emotional blackmail. It is abuse. Don’t bow to the system and God will gloriously lift you up in the day of trouble.’ Jason Carter.

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