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Churches Bow To Global C0V1D Agend@, Jason Carter Laments.

‘I won’t take the jab even with a gun at my head’. I agree with Jason, who wrote, ‘ I am shocked that by and large the church has come out in support of the narrative, showing itself to be … Continue reading

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Globally Demanded Compliance Won’t End With Masks.

Rewriting history…destruction of books…we’ve heard it all before…virus and riots interlinked…China – the blueprint…shutting down the church, warring against believers…compliance does not end with wearing a mask, writes Jason Carter. Jason Carter’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUMZgSfTpvuwocuuof0kkA Please also see… AI-powered system able … Continue reading

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Secular Social Justice, A Distraction From Globalist Agenda: Reverting To 2G Phones.

‘Let’s not be deceived…big distractions…divide and conquer…social justice being used to bring division…the opposite of what it promotes…to continue advancing the globalist agenda for total control of the planet through crisis events…track and trace installation…time to use an old 2G … Continue reading

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