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Globally Demanded Compliance Won’t End With Masks.

Rewriting history…destruction of books…we’ve heard it all before…virus and riots interlinked…China – the blueprint…shutting down the church, warring against believers…compliance does not end with wearing a mask, writes Jason Carter. Jason Carter’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUMZgSfTpvuwocuuof0kkA Please also see… AI-powered system able … Continue reading

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The ‘New Normal’: Is This The Start Of The Satanic New World Order The Bible Predicts?

Video by Vigilant Mario. COVID and The New Normal. Includes how NETFLIX features the 666 microchip in children’s program.   Mario Brisson kindly granted me permission to upload this video from his channel to mine. Laura Maxwell. ________________________       … Continue reading

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FREE book Trumpet Blast Warning – offer ends 6th March!

You may remember I wrote a review for Trumpet Blast Warning and the author Jason Carter later became a host on the same radio network that I have a show on. On End Time Hour on Eternal Radio Jason interprets world … Continue reading

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