Yoga Teacher Who Left Yoga: Natalia Shares Her Story.

Natalia in Bali.

I taught Yoga and spent quite some time in India. I travelled around the world.

For most of my life, I was a seeker. I’ve always looked for ways to improve myself, new age books, seminars, teachers – you name it. I always loved self-improvement.

So, this was me only one year ago. But one day everything stopped! Everything has changed!

Here is my story…


I also have Christian roots and although I’ve never consciously devoted myself to any other religion I think I forgot how to walk with God. Perhaps I never knew what it means to truly be with Him.

You probably don’t consider yoga as a religion and neither did I, but I don’t think it would be controversial to say that yoga is a spiritual practice.

What I’m going to share in this video is my own experience. It’s not about me trying to argue I’m right, or proving you are wrong. I know what is right for me and hopefully, after watching this video, you will know what is right for you. And I want to say I love you and I always will no matter what😍

I did many things in my life, I love traveling and one my biggest passions was fitness. I was teaching many different types of exercises over the years, and I remember saying to my husband when I will be forty I would like to start teaching yoga. It felt like a good way for me to transition from more intensive exercises and start doing something more gentle to my body. Not to mention that yoga was getting very popular, it felt like a cool trend.

So one day I’ve decided it’s time. I packed my bags and travelled to India to get my certificate. I spent over a month there and I came back as a fully certificated teacher.

You know I’ve travelled to so many places in the world to get certified to teach so many different things. So, I’ve never really gave a second thought how this new philosophy of life is going to influence me and my life. It felt like another achievement on my fitness journey, but with time there was more.


It was all hidden in the rituals, names and practices.

Many people don’t realise that yoga is a spiritual practice, it’s not only exercises, it’s worship. Many people say it’s only an exercise to them, but I think in life, it’s not about what you say but it’s about what you act out.

But anyways, I’d started teaching yoga in gyms, online and privately, I was more and more dedicated to it, eventually this was my main fitness practice and my business. Everything was great. I went to India for the second time. I accrued even more knowledge and more skills, I’ve run successful programs that brought me thousands of pounds.

All was going very well. But something was still missing in my life, I wasn’t truly happy, I’d argue with my husband. I knew there was something still holding me back from feeling love, from feeling whole.

I remember thinking to myself, what could possibly be missing? I’ve spent my life learning how to improve myself but I’ve understood there was always room for improvement and more knowledge to learn. So I was expecting more from myself all the time, and this lead me to feeling even more empty, even more burnt out.


I’d made a connection with a yogi teacher who could probably feel my rebellious attitude, he often repeated to me: ‘Natalia surrender’. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that, 
Surrender, surrender to what?, I was thinking.

I reflected on it and after sometime I realised he was talking about his Gods, the energies that he was worshiping.

Perhaps I should surrender, perhaps this would make me happy, but it felt wrong, I couldn’t. This wouldn’t align with me, I couldn’t really explain this with words but my whole being was against it.

I think, this was the moment of change for me, I was thinking more and more about spiritual aspects of yoga and spiritual aspects of myself. I’d asked myself do I worship something that I don’t even understand?

I thought I didn’t but like I said before it’s not about what we think or say, or even believe, it’s about what we act out!

I had started praying, praying to Jesus, asking for guidance, I mentioned that I have Christian roots, my Mum is very religious. There were moments in my life where I relied on prayers they really kept me strong, but you know without cultivating this, or studding much about it, I’d look for tools and strategies for life in other places, like self development, new age seminars and mentors. But anyway, I was always praying and asking God to show me the way, show me that sign.


That month I was going to do another certificate, this time it was Reiki and something led me to Google ‘Reiki and Jesus’. So I did, what came up was a testimonial from a lady.

This lady was sharing her experience how she was doing Reiki but she has stopped and found Jesus. She was now healing people through prayers.

During the video she mentioned that she lives on the small Island near France, I could not believe that because I used to live there . What are the chances I thought?!

I know today that I was being guided, every step along the way.

Of course I thought it would be nice to meet that lady one day, but what I have felt even stronger about was to reach out to the community that has lead her to make that decision.
After doing a bit of research I found out that the only way to meet with them was in United States, I was about to plan my trip, when I found out that they actually were holding a meeting in the UK. 

Straight away, deeply in my heart, I knew that I needed to be there.

The day came when I was to go, my husband asked me where I was going and I couldn’t even explain. I didn’t know, I didn’t understand, all I knew was that the meeting was about the Gospel and I knew that I needed to be there!


So I went. This was the day for the first time I understood and felt the Gospel, not with my head, but with my heart. For the first time, I felt the unconditional love of God.

I made a decision to follow Jesus with all my heart!!!


I knew I want to be baptise again, I don’t even know how this all happened, I really didn’t expect this, but I have trusted and experienced something so profound that I struggle to find words to describe it.

I felt deeply in my heart like a new person, I felt at peace, and whole I will never forget this day.


Today is exactly a year since I stopped teaching yoga and fully gave my life to Jesus.
I started seeing differently, hearing differently, feeling differently. I felt like I got new understanding of life and its meaning.

Now you may have a question – did someone told me to stop practicing Yoga? 
Yes! Do you want to know who it was? It was the Holy Spirit! 

I know today that His voice was guiding me step by step. I left everything, the practice the business. I knew that I wouldn’t teach yoga anymore and I also knew I won’t continue with any new age practices.

I could not possibly understand everything what was happening with me but I decided I will trust and let go of my old skin, my old me and I will open my heart for all new.

I felt like a baby that is being looked after and is given time to develop. I am still a baby I have to say, who is learning how to walk, step by step.

The bible says:

Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”
Methew 9:17 – NIV


I am so grateful to God that He saved me. I am so grateful that I can have a relationship with God and I am so grateful for all corrections, all challenges and most importantly for showing me the truth which has set me free.

The bible says:
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”John 8 – 32 NIV

I started feeling hungry for the truth – which is the living words of God, the bible. 

Since that time I have been reading words and now Holy bible is my guidance, I used to look for guidance in self help and self development books, I am grateful what I have learned from them but to be honest it feels like a kindergarten knowledge now.

I have to say that I made my life so complicated – I have been invaded so much in personal development, new age practices. Basically I was looking for the answers everywhere but not in the Bible. 

I was following all this teaching about self centre, self love, how you can heal yourself, how you can connect to your so called ‘higher self’ and so on. 

Basically a lot of these practices where teaching me how to rely more and more on myself. 
When I have decided to place God in the centre of my life and learn how to surrender and obey him wholehearted all has changed and still is changing. This is a process and is not always easy but with Jesus you can do anything in your life. The Bible says: I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philipians 4:13
Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus.

Over the past year God was equipping me, showing me what is my calling, what is my mission.
I know this is only the beginning.

And I know that I am not on my own, he is in the centre and he is the CEO of this Mission and I am only the vessel for him so he can work through me. 


I need to say thank-you so much to my incredible husband who is supporting me on this journey and because of his guidance and support I can do what God has place on my heart. I Love You ….


So is this the end of my fitness journey?

Oh no, God has shown me the path, the new path that would allow me to share my story with others who had similar journey.

My mission is to help them encounter and feel the love of God. When I was praying God showed me that I need to start delivering a physical practice for people hwich will help them to be more healthy and whole.

God showed me the vision of Faithful Wellness – a place for renewing mind, strengthening the body, transforming spirit and healing of your heart. A few months ago I have met the beautiful Lisha and The Wholly Fit Movement, which is an alternative to yoga. I am so excited to start help building this new community.

I know God wants us to look after our bodies, and our minds but neither in body or mind is there to be worship. God needs to be in the centre of our lives. In the center of everything we do.

If there is anything I wish for people to learn from this story, is that I wish every single one of you to find THE TRUTH. The truth that is going to give you the real food for your heart and your mind, something that will make you feel truly loved, truly accepted, and truly in Spirit.

My truth is Jesus and I am His child.

Natalia. (Nat Evolve.)


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