Romantic Encounters with Ghosts and Aliens – Laura Maxwell on The Jim Duke Perspective.

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Jim Duke is also a contributor to He aired our recent interview, saying:

Laura Maxwell is our guest and she explains ghosts and the infatuation with some who have turned from men to be with ghosts. In this episode she explains Spectrophilia, incubus and succubus, and the fascination with ghosts in this day. And also Sleep Paralysis. We will explain what ghosts really are and also the dangers of such. And offer help for deliverance.’

In the show we also highlight that such media coverage isn’t new. We name the Hollywood celebrities and singers such as Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and others who have shared their experiences of sex with entities, over recent years, even writing songs on it.

We feel it’s important to warn people, especially teenagers who tend to respect and copy celebrity behaviours.

From Dec. ‘2017 through Feb. 2018, such topics are seeing a slight revival across the media again. David Huggins and psychic spiritualists Amethyst Realm, Amanda Teague and Sian Jameson’s stories are below…

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Jim Duke‘s past interviews with Laura – see LINK.

Laura also spoke of this topic on a TV show, still to be aired. Another radio show where Laura spoke on this topic:

ghost_sex_craze_1 sleep paralysis bed

Demonic Rape and/or Sleep Paralysis

Flourish 7

 Sex With ‘Aliens.’

I was delighted to discuss this topic with Jim Duke on 4th February 2018, especially as the very next day the below program was aired across the UK and featured in UK tabloids!

Some may even speculate the great deception – Alien Disclosure may be due on the horizon soon. Regardless, isn’t it a sign of the times such a topic would be aired on a popular national TV show in the morning?!

‘I Lost My Virginity To An Alien Called Crescent,’ Claims A Man on This Morning.

David Huggins, 74, made some very bold claims while talking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV’s This Morning

David Huggins from New Jersey is much like any other 74-year-old man. He has a partner and he has children. But there’s one thing that makes David very different from the rest of us because he claims his partner and his children are actually ALIENS.

UFO lover David describes losing his virginity to an alien, called Crescent, after walking through a forest when he was just 17, and has had multiple encounters since.

David joins us from New Jersey to share his extraterrestrial experiences with us.

The Georgian-born deli worker explained that he has enjoyed many experiences with extra-terrestrial life forms, with the first starting when he was only eight.

He recounted: “I heard someone say, ‘David – behind you,’ and I turned around and this little hairy guy came coming towards me and his eyes were glowing and he terrified me.

“I ran to the barn and when I turned back he was running back into the woods. I went back to the barn later on that day and he was hidden behind the tree.”

Later in his life when he was 17, David had another experience with an alien – this time with a “busty” form called Crescent. 

Phillip, 55, demanded to know what the beauty looked like to which David confidently explained: “She wears a wig but she has black hair, large black eyes, a very pale face and the body looks quite human and I think she has quite long fingernails.”

The guest explained that he believes he has fathered a great number of children with Crescent, who he has drawn in numerous paintings.

However, Holly appeared to have a problem with David’s depictions of his alien lover, demanding to know why he didn’t have a better record of her.

She asked: “Why don’t they show themselves to everyone?”David replied: “That’s something I would like to know and maybe they would only do it on a gradual level.” But Holly continued: “Why don’t you take a photograph of her [if you’ve seen her so many times]?” The guest stumbled when she asked if he would take a picture next time he saw Crescent and answered: “I don’t know. I just never have.”


David has drawn Crescent many times, including several explicit pictures.


“If I have a camera on me and they tell me about it beforehand, then yes.”
Meanwhile, Twitter was alight with the rather unusual chat as one posted:
“Highlight of my morning has been watching @Schofe during this interview with the 74-year-old man that claims to have lost his virginity to an alien called Crescent.” “Where do they get these people from as if that man had sex with an alien,” another wondered as a third said: “Lol the look on Phil’s face when talking to a man who had sex with an alien and the alien wears a wig sounds like a case for Mulder and Scully.#XFiles.”(sic)
This Morning airs weekdays across the UK on ITV from 10.30am. Programs can be viewed on the YouTube channel and website.
Flourish 7

Sex With ‘Ghosts’.

From Dec. ‘2017 through Feb. 2018, this topic has been covered a few times across the UK media and beyond. Psychics Amethyst Realm, Amanda Teague and Sian Jameson’s stories are below…

A Woman Who Couldn’t Find A Real Husband Married The Ghost Of A 18th-Century Haitian Pirate – Daily Mail, 14th Jan. 2018.

Amanda Teague Marries Ghost 1

Amanda Teague’s story was also featured in Newsweek, Glamour Magazine, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Daily Star, The Sun, New Zealand Herald and so on.

  • A Jack Sparrow impersonator has married the ghost of a Haitian pirate
  • The ceremony took place in international waters so that it was legal
  • Amanda Teague, from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland said: ‘He is my soulmate’
  • A medium was at the ceremony to say ‘I do’ for the ghost as he cannot speak

Amanda Teague, a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, married an 18th century ghost of a Haitian pirate named Jack.

A Jack Sparrow impersonator has married her dream man – a Haitian pirate who died in the 18th century, who she has never seen. The 45-year-old believes her husband looks like Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Amanda Teague Marries Ghost 2

Amanda Teague, 45, from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, married the ghost who is also named Jack – and the two go on dates just like a regular married couple.

The unlikely pair sailed a boat away from Ireland into international waters so that the marriage would be legal. A psychic said ‘I do’ for Jack.

Amanda said: ‘He is my soulmate. I am so happy. It is the perfect kind of relationship for me,’ reports the Daily Star.

Although Amanda cannot see her husband, she believes he looks like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He has told her he is black with jet-black hair. The couple’s romance started in 2014 when Amanda felt his presence, and eventually the pair began talking and got to know each other

Amanda, who has five children, says she has never felt a connection as strong with a living person as she does with her pirate husband, Jack . She added that she wanted to spread awareness about the novel type of pairing. ‘There are a lot of people out there who don’t know about spiritual relationships, but it could be right for them.

‘I want to get the message out there.’

Amanda Teague Marries Ghost 3

The mother-of-five, who was married previously, says that she has never felt a connection to anyone like the one she has with her husband, who was left at the altar in his earlier life. The Haitian pirate was put to death in his previous life for his crimes.

Amanda says sex with a spirit is surprisingly similar to sex with a physical human. She says: ‘It is well known that people often feel a spirit touch their hands, their face or their hair.

‘The only difference with having a sexual relationship with a spirit is obviously that sense of touch goes a lot deeper. ‘You can feel the weight of the spirit, their touch, the pressure. ‘You can literally feel the physical act of what the spirit is doing to you, and the spirit can feel it too.’

They also buy each other birthday and Christmas presents, with Jack making clear what he wants to buy her through one of her daughters, who often has vivid dreams that Amanda is convinced are messages from Jack.

Read More:
Flourish 7

Sex With ‘Ghosts’.

I Gave Up Men to Have Sex With Ghosts – This Morning, ITV, 7th Dec. 2017

‘Amethyst Realm was dumped by her childhood fiancé 10 years ago after he caught her in bed with another man…but the other man was actually a ghost! Since then, Amethyst has gone on to have more than 15 spirit lovers and says the sexual experience is so intense she’d never go back to a human lover. She joins This Morning to answer the many questions that the curious minds of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield can conjure’.

There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath, and stroking, and the energy as well

– Amethyst says there is a real connection with her ghostly partners.

Once you go ghost, you never go back!

Since then Amethyst has gone on to have more than 15 spirit lovers, and says the sexual experience is so intense she’d never go back to a human lover.

She joins us today to tell us about her spiritual encounters, her hunt for the ghost of her dreams, and how she one day hopes to conceive a child with a spirit lover.

(This interview was conducted by the same TV hosts that interviewed the man on his sexual relationship with an ‘alien.’)

Read More:

Flourish 7

Sex With ‘Ghosts’.

Woman Claims She Had ‘Amazing’ Sex In Wales With The Ghost Of A 19th Century Man – WalesOnline, 6 Dec. 2017.

Sian Jameson

Sian Jameson

Spiritualist Sian Jameson recounted her paranormal experience.

A Spiritualist claims she had “amazing” sex with a ghost while living in a remote Welsh cottage.

Sian Jameson, 26, says she had sex with a “handsome” man she had spotted in an historic painting. She had moved to Aberystwyth and rented a fully-furnished 16th century house after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years.

Sian left London saying that: “Everywhere I went reminded me of my ex. I needed a fresh start.”

Describing the property she moved into, she said: “The owner had even left books and paintings. “One painting in particular caught my eye – it was above the mantelpiece in the main room and was of a handsome young man and dated 1820.”

A writer, she said that being in the countryside inspired her. “It was great. No distractions – just me, the trees and the sky.

“I was paying my rent by doing bits of copy writing and, because I didn’t want for much in the countryside, I managed okay.

“I enjoyed the peace: after a long relationship, being on my own was quite exhilarating. I started to wonder whether I’d ever want a man in my life again.”

She began having erotic dreams. “I’d wake up thinking I was still in a relationship and was quite relieved to find myself alone. A few months after I’d moved in I woke early one morning to find a dark-haired, very good-looking young man lying next to me.”

“He was fully clothed – in a loose white shirt, a neck scarf and old-fashioned breeches. He had a kind of shimmer to him as if he was behind a fluttering voile curtain. I told myself I was dreaming and rolled away from him.”

“As I faced the wall I slowly realised I wasn’t asleep and, suddenly, I was frozen with fear. I felt a hand on my waist but the touch was strange – light and cool.”

She said she knew instinctively that he was a ghost and that she recognised him as a man in the painting.

“We started to make love. He was very gentle and stroked my body tenderly. “During the lovemaking, I sensed all kinds of things about him – his name (Robert) and when he lived (over 100 years ago).”

“We didn’t speak – it was as if he was communicating with me telepathically. His body was soft and light. Even when he moved on top of me, pressing down, he felt almost weightless. It was very strange but the sex was amazing.”

“I was totally perplexed about what had happened. In fact, I started to wonder whether it had happened at all. In the end, I told myself it was just a very vivid dream and put it to the back of my mind.”

Spiritualist Sian has always believed in ghosts and claims to have seen apparitions before. But none of them had ever got intimate with her.

“Again, he appeared in the morning, we made love again but this time, afterwards, I watched him get up, get dressed and leave the room.

“I was expecting to hear his footsteps on the wooden stairs but there was no sound. I watched him through the open bedroom door and saw him kind of fade as he approached the top of the stairs.”

This time she didn’t go back to sleep. She got up and followed. But Robert was gone. “He appeared one more time after that,” Sian recalled.

“It was night-time and I was just drifting off to sleep. All of a sudden, the duvet slid off me and I could feel a cool hand running up my thigh, under my night-shirt.”

Sian said she knew he wouldn’t be back. “I sobbed after he’d left that night,” she confesses. “I guess I had fallen in love.”

She said she couldn’t stop thinking about him. “I tried to find out more about him by searching online, and although I found a painting of a young man who looked very much like him by a 19th-century French artist – I didn’t really get anywhere.”

She told a couple of close friends about what she’d experienced. “That was a mistake,” she admitted. “They looked at me as if I was mad. So I just laughed it off, said something about eating too much cheese before bed, then kept quiet after that.”

Sian is now in a relationship with a living man. “When I first told him about Robert, he thought it was funny. He reckons it was just a dream. But I know it wasn’t a dream. It was real.

“And the sex was as good – if not better – than any other sex I’ve had. Just don’t tell my boyfriend that!”

What The Experts Say – Sleep Paralysis.

Psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz says: “Although the experience of making love with a ghost felt very real to Sian, the ‘spectre sex’ always happened either early in the morning or late at night, while she was just waking up or just nodding off.

“It’s well known that particular types of hallucination occur during the transition from wakefulness to sleep (hypnogogic hallucinations) or from sleep to wakefulness (hypnopompic ones).

“Such hallucinations can be extremely vivid and bizarre, and can include tactile, visual and auditory. These hallucinations are more common in young adults and women, and certain other drugs (prescribed or illegal) make them more likely.

“Like dreams, the subject of a hypnogogic or hypnopompic hallucination can often be of something that’s been on your mind.

“Stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can make people more prone to this form of hallucination.

“Given that Sian’s feelings after breaking up with her boyfriend were so strong that she felt the need to leave London and isolate herself in the country, that suggests she was struggling with a lot of difficult emotions.

“And, finally, Sian says ghostly ‘Robert’ was a gentle, tender lover. After a bad breakup, who doesn’t feel a strong need to be soothed and cared for? I believe her dream lover represented the fulfilment of that wish.”

But parapsychologists believe that some ghosts do have the power to get quite physical. Ghost-Hunter and author of the book Ghost Sex: The Violation, G.L. Davies, says:

“No-one knows what motivates ghosts to have sex with the living. Are we like lab rats to them? Is there some kind of battle for our souls? Are these ghosts demons trying to break us? Who knows?”

“One thing’s for sure though, the people who experience it are certainly not dreaming. I spoke to many people – men and women – for my book and some of their stories are pretty shocking.

“They’re all convinced the sex actually happened and wasn’t imagined. And who am I to contradict them?”

Read More:

demon in bed
To reiterate, Jim Duke posted our recent radio interview on these topics, saying: 

Laura Maxwell is our guest and she explains ghosts and the infatuation with some who have turned from men to be with ghosts. In this episode she explains Spectrophilia, incubus and succubus, and the fascination with ghosts in this day. And also ‘Sleep Paralysis’. We will explain what ghosts really are and also the dangers of such. And offer help for deliverance.’

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