CERN Expert Anthony Patch Launches New E-Magazine: ‘Entangled!’


 Announcing The New E-Magazine ‘Entangled.’


Anthony Patch and Kev Baker told me of plans to launch the new E-Magazine Entangled. The first issue was released this June. Anthony and Kev suggested I submit an article for a future issue and I’m very honoured they asked me!

You may have heard Kev interview me over the past few years on his show. It airs on Truth Frequency Radio.  Anthony has a show on that network too!

In April 2015, Anthony Patch very kindly sent me his two novels. (Details of those books below).

E-Magazine edited by Anthony Patch.


Anthony Patch – Researcher, Author and Speaker.

“You cannot separate the physical from the spiritual.” – Anthony Patch

Author and researcher Anthony Patch presents his latest research into the true agenda at CERN and beyond. Over recent years, time and time again Mr Patch predicted exactly what was to unfold at The Particle Accelerator underground near Geneva! Another topic that Tony brought to our attention was Quantum Computing and “the machine” that sits at the heart of CERN.

Anthony also features articles by other writers in his new e-magazine. In ISSUE #1 the contributing writers were: Kev Baker, Kris ETMN, Lyn Leahz and Rebecca J. Gray.

All for the love of Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls!


Truth Frequency Radio


In the below show, Anthony Patch and his co-host Kev Baker refer to Kev’s serious heart attack in March and how when I visited him in hospital, I led him to faith in Jesus Christ. Tony emphasises walking with Jesus is more about developing a loving personal relationship with God, rather than striving to follow rules.

I found it interesting when they explained the physics of our spoken words, the name of Jesus and how occult spells bring changes to matter!

They then discussed this years Bilderberg meeting and the fact that CERN are attending! They also introduce ‘Entangled’, the new E-Magazine by Anthony Patch and various contributers.


Anthony Patch has spoken on many radio shows, presenting his research on CERN and what is going on underground at the Geneva particle smasher. Anthony teaches on the history of CERN, what it was built for and explains the actual physics of smashing particles at velocities approaching the speed of light! He also explores the spiritual aspects of CERN and the connections between The Large Hadron Collider. 

The Anthony Patch Show : TFR LIVE : Truth Frequency Radio

Anthony Patch

Anthony Patch



Conveying subjects most have not encountered in their daily lives, Author Anthony Patch has arranged them in what he coins a “buffet style” of scientific topics.  Purposefully avoiding the arcane details of physics, chemistry, astronomy, DNA research and computer science among many others.

Rather, he views his role as more of a translator and reporter of hidden science. Science comprised of layered secret agendas, presented in novels of accelerated adventure.  Sure to inspire readers into conducting explorations and research of their own.

All for the love of Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls!

Anthony Patch Book Description

About Covert Catastrophe


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