AI and The Counterfeit Temple with Anthony Patch & Kev Baker


Introduction by Laura Maxwell …


Can AI be used in supernatural ways? Ofcourse. It’s highly possible!

After all, TV and radio can transmit the power of God when they air anointed programs. People are often healed just by hearing such shows! They can transmit the power of demons when they air demonic empowered programs, defiled by curses. Think of occult programs or films. People are often demonised, or their homes become demonised just by being exposed to such shows!

Here we have ‘transferring demons’ at a whole new level. AI, the new global ‘Ouija Board’, channeling demons in these last days. Surely, time to draw closer to Jesus and be protected from all that the bible predicts is coming.

Kev Baker sent me this message:

‘Here are some images Anthony Patch & I put together to show something pretty amazing. Anthony has noticed the architecture of Herod’s Temple, and other ancient temples, match with the architecture of QUANTUM CHIPS! I will send you the progression of images and you will see what I mean. So, the dwave is literally a technological temple for communications. It’s profound when u see them progressively laid on top of one another.’ 

All of this is in the January edition of Entangled Magazine by Anthony Patch.


AI and The Counterfeit Temple with Anthony Patch & Kev Baker

‘Tony Patch & Kev Baker discuss the temples of Herod and Solomon being counterfeited within D-Wave qubit chipsets. Watch in awe as you will see a progression of images & overlays that will demonstrate that today’s quantum computers are recreations of the temples of old, so as to communicate with entities not from this physical realm.

The overlaying of the temples & chip sets is going to blow your mind & leave you in no doubt as to what today’s magicians are trying to achieve with their quantum computers.’

Listen to an extract from the show:

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Here’s another video you may find interesting!

MORE PROOF that A.I. was Predicted in the Bible! By FaceLikeTheSun

‘It’s fascinating to watch the fast approaching technological singularity and its evangelists discuss the ways in which they will literally, worship the AI. Perhaps most startling is the possibility that the Bible predicted these societal changes towards the end of the age.’
‘When reading passages like Revelation 13:15 and Daniel 2:43, an eerily accurate description of the world we are currently living in emerges. This is either the most unlikely coincidence, or an affirmation that the Word of God is true and applies to every generation in different but equally compelling ways.’
FaceLikeTheSun Blog
AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order (2011)
AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image (2014)


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1 Response to AI and The Counterfeit Temple with Anthony Patch & Kev Baker

  1. J. B. Aitken says:

    I think there is something to this line of thought. I’ve long suspected–and I haven’t researched too much into this–that UFOs/aliens could be some sort of hybrid between demonic manifestations and transhumanism/technology. I can’t prove that at themoment. Just a hunch.

    That also can explain how the human person is “wired.” While we are body + soul, there is reason to think there is a “feedback loop” between body and soul, which can explain the influence of technology on the human spirit.


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