SWEET JESUS Ice Cream Shop Reviewed By Mario Brisson.


Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Launches Massive Expansion 

By RETAIL INSIDER: Canada’s Most-Read Online Retail Industry Publication.

Hand-crafted ice cream brand Sweet Jesus, which recently opened in Vaughan Mills near Toronto, has huge plans for expansion across the country and around the world.

Sweet Jesus opened its first location in downtown Toronto in 2015 at the back of the La Carnita restaurant and since its inception has quickly become one of the hottest franchises in the industry. To date, it has been awarded franchises throughout Canada, in the United States, Dubai, India and Bangladesh.

Sweet Jesus features hand-crafted, chef inspired, pimped out soft serve ice cream, with flavours such as Cookies Cookies Cookies & Cream, Bangin Brownie, Rocky Road Rage, Lemon Coconut Cream Pie, Birthday Cake, Hella Nutella, Sweet Baby Jesus, and Red Rapture. It also has “pimped out pints” for takeaway and “mind blowing” milk shakes such as Red Velvet Cake Batter, Peanut Butter Pretzel & Nutella, Triple Chocolate.

The brand also serves an assortment of hot and cold beverages including S’more’s Hot Chocolate, Cake Batter Hot Chocolate and Salted Dark Hot Chocolate as well as bottled Holy water and cold brew.

“I think it’s successful for a number of reasons. The branding is absolutely on point. Everything from the name, the design package, the colour,” says Young. “The product itself is sensational in terms of product quality and flavour. And most importantly it really resonates with the Millennials who are not only social media savvy but real foodies. We have now garnered more than 109,000 loyal Instagram followers. It’s probably the most Instagrammed food in all of Canada.

Internationally, it’s expanding into the USA and will be opening in Mall of America and Baltimore Airport. It is also finalizing deals in Florida and Hawaii. Overseas, it will be opening soon in Dubai, India and Bangladesh under the trade name Sweet Salvation.

ABOVE ARTICLE EXTRACT FROM: Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Launches Massive Expansion 


Laura Maxwell’s Comments: Why the Grim Reaper Death Sickle symbol on the coffee cups?! Why ‘Bless Your Mouth?!’ We know that often, satanic groups do intend the opposite, so do they actually wish to curse consumers rather than bless them? Think of the exposés of food or drink contaminated with aborted fetal tissue or adult body parts; the cannibalistic symbolism of the now famous Spirit Cooking and so on. (E.G. Pepsi Cola did admit to using aborted human fetal tissue as flavouring, then removed it from ingredients list. Research it online!)

But let’s hear what Mario Brisson shared in his video review and article below.


SWEET JESUS Ice Cream Shop Reviewed By Mario Brisson.

SOURCE FROM: https://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/sweet-jesus-disturbing-marketing-trendy-ice-cream-franchise/

Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise


The marketing surrounding Sweet Jesus is based on satanic symbolism combined with children in creepy and questionable situations. 

Sweet Jesus is an absurdly popular ice cream chain that’s been around for a few years and is quickly expanding in Canada and the United States. Deemed “Toronto’s Most Overrated Ice Cream” by the Globe and Mail, Sweet Jesus nevertheless attracts huge crowds on a daily basis. The chain has been enjoying lots of media coverage and because its stores are custom-made to be “Instagrammable”, Sweet Jesus is all over social media.

The chain does not only serve ice cream to its customers: The “experience” also involves intense imagery and Biblical references. This peculiarity even prompted a lengthy article on Medium that analyzes the “Christian symbolism” of the shop. While the article is very in-depth and used all kinds of references, it completely missed one point: The symbolism is not Christian, it is satanic. Because satanic symbolism is based on the inversion and the corruption of Christian symbols and Biblical references.

The logo consists of the words Sweet Jesus combined with two satanic symbols: An inverted cross and a lightning bolt.

These two symbols are an important part of the imagery of the Church of Satan.

An altar of the Church of Satan with inverted crosses.

To those who say: “The inverted cross is not satanic, it is actually the Cross of St Peter. I read that on Wikipedia”. Nope. In this context, it is satanic. Satanic Black Masses are all about the inversion of Christian symbols to represent a diametrically inverted philosophy.

The symbol of the lightning bolt is also prevalent in satanism. It most likely originates from the Bible passage where Jesus said: “I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven”.

The sigil of Anton Lavey (the founder of the Church of Satan) features a lightning bolt inside an inverted pentagram. A sigil is a symbol used in ceremonial magic to represent the magician’s outcome (and to summon demons).
A Marilyn Manson promo poster. He’s a member of the Church of Satan.

These two symbols make up the logo of Sweet Jesus.

The Sweet Jesus logo in front of a shop.
It’s also on their cups
Inverted cross, lightning bolt, pyramid, eyeballs. Remember when eating ice cream was not a satanic ritual?

The marketing of the brand is all about ridiculing Jesus combined with satanic symbolism.

That’s funny because Jesus bore his cross before he got crucified. Also, gluttony is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins by some Christian denominations.
That’s funny because Jesus … whatever.

Other ads combine Christianity with thinly veiled sexual innuendos.

“Let Sweet (lightning bolt) (inverted cross) Jesus into your mouth” … Um, no.
“Love is patient, love is kind” is the beginning of a popular Bible verse. It is followed in this ad by “but you can’t lick it so who cares”. The popsicle stick is held in a phallic matter. There are satanic symbols on the chalice. 
This ad cites the commandment about using the Lord’s name in vain … followed by using the Lord’s name in vain. And of course, satanic symbols on the commandment tablet.

Here’s another project by the same graphic designer. Since it is not an ad selling ice cream, it is a little more blatant.

Another creation by graphic designer Murilo Maciel.

Although none of this would EVER exist if it ridiculed any other religion, one can still dismiss the above as an attempt at being “edgy and clever”. However, there’s more.

Sweet Jesus also created ads involving children. And they’re evil creepy. Not fun creepy. They confirm that this is not simply about being “edgy” … there’s a connection with the darker, more sinister side of the occult elite: Preying on children.

Using Children

Most of the marketing surrounding Sweet Jesus involves fashion magazine-style photoshoots involving children and ice cream. One might think: “Well, that’s normal enough, right? Children love ice cream.” But these pictures involve children in a creepy way. At best, the pics “adultize” children. At worse, they sexualize them.

This kid is dressed like a sailor and he’s doing all kinds of adult things: Smoking, wearing tattoos, drinking coffee from a cup with a satanic logo. But, more importantly, why does the kid have a bruised eye? Child abuse?
This picture is very creepy. First, the entire thing is reminiscent of the horribly exploitative world of child pageants. This blond girl looks eerily similar to JonBenet Ramsey – the child pageant star who got savagely murdered in bizarre circumstances. Also, the girl has pink stuff around her mouth reminiscent of blood. To make things even more disturbing, the girl has bunny ears – not unlike Playboy bunnies.


The company’s IG page featured this “behind the scenes” pic of the above picture, along with the borderline creepy comment “Tough day at the office, eh kiddo.”. The other comments got real.
These two boys have strange animal masks on their heads. You know who else loves to wear strange animal masks?
These guys! (This is a picture from the Church of Satan website).
This girl has one eye emphasized by a magnifying glass – effectively doing the one eye sign. The magnifying glass’ handle is actually an antler.

In occult circles, holding animal horns or antlers represent drawing power from Baphomet.

Occultist Marina Abramovic holding the horns of a goat. Powerful occult meaning.
This girl has a “crown” made of what looks like tiny antlers. She looks like she has blood all over her hand and she is also sucking on her thumb. No.
A shirtless kid. He has the satanic symbols right on his glasses. Nope.
People from Sweet Jesus donating to “Sick Kids” … Not before they teach the kids how to throw up the devil horns, though.

In Conclusion

Associating the decadence of deserts with the devil is nothing new. However, Sweet Jesus takes thing way further. It is not simply about “edgy images”, it is about an entire culture that is perfectly in line with the occult elite.

As seen in previous articles on this site, a main agenda of the occult elite is the normalization of powerful satanic symbolism, which is based on the corruption and desecration of Christian symbols. But that’s just the surface of it. The marketing of Sweet Jesus also subtly implies the corruption and desecration of children. This is where things stop being “cool and edgy” and the ugly head of pure evil sticks out.

And there’s nothing sweet about it.


So weird because just the other day I was reading about a chain of donut shops slowly opening all over the US called “Voodoo Donut”. Their website will tell you everything. It is creepy, sexual, Satanic, a little of everything. The shops looks pretty heavily marketed to families/kids while featuring nasty looking donuts with names like “c*ck and balls donut” (and it is shaped just as it sounds), a donut with a pentagram drawn on it with icing (named the Diablo donut, of course) , one that looks just like a blunt that is lit, to name a few. Their artwork, taglines, names of donuts are all equally disgusting. One video I watched that was exposing them was saying the owners are pedophiles, similar to Comet Ping Pong. All that to say, how many of these awful places exist? Clearly no limit and so many just out there in front of our nose.

You forgot to mention, it’s in the heart of the capitol of the USA… patronized by the rich, famous and powerful. Its owner was named one of the most influential men in Washington DC. It’s part of why HRC was not elected Pres. See the video “Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Malady”… good info there.

That’s what’s so scary. There used to be a time when people supported stuff like this with no real knowledge of what was behind it. Now, with the web and everything, everyone pretty much knows what all those symbols and hand gestures mean. No one missed out on pizzagate and it’s also pretty hard to miss the sexualization of kids. It makes you wonder, are the freaks who support this crap like your neighbors, your kids’ school teachers, their pediatricians? I really wouldn’t want to have my kids taught or treated by someone who supports this. It’s creepy and foul. Yo.u hit the nail on the head – very disturbing

Blatant and disturbing … but ohhhh so cooool, right. Well Satan did say that he had the power over money and who he can give it to. Therefore, the owners of this ice cream store/brand seem to be making a good living at mocking Jesus Christ. I hope that God will take what the devil means for evil and turn it to good. For example, maybe the many unsaved could learn that it was the cross where Jesus died for our sins as well as the sins of the world. It is also where he conquered death. The more one learns of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us to free us from hell, the more they may truly realize that Jesus is sweet, without irony.

Woe to the sleeping Frog, there is no such thing as hidden in plain sight anymore.

‘Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’. Galatians 6:7

‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.’
Isaiah 5:20


SOURCE FROM: https://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/sweet-jesus-disturbing-marketing-trendy-ice-cream-franchise/


I interviewed Mario on my radio show, where he shared his own testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oayO6PFpicI&t=22s


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4 Responses to SWEET JESUS Ice Cream Shop Reviewed By Mario Brisson.

  1. This is frog in the pot stuff and the heat is slowly being turned up.
    The kids who will fall for this crap will usually be ditzy and privileged, probably with atheist parents or those who simply dont care. This reminds me of Ben & Jerrys in Australia when they were pushing for gay marriage and used pro gay imagery and marketing practices. Again the targets were children who are of yuppie and ‘progressive’ parents and just as dopey.
    Whether this particular ice cream junk parlour actually has satanist staff? I dont know.
    I would certainly take a look at the person who authorised this.
    But at the end of the day it doesnt really matter, the church of satan is actually atheist and atheism is some sort of ‘way cool’ trend for kids now or else they have been indoctrinated into it by teachers.
    Its just another front in their war against God.


  2. Bill Atwood says:

    This is so freaking outrageous it sure gives me an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

    THe name of Jesus being uses to promote business rather than to quote His words to help peole learn what He said?

    Gues that idiot ice creaam shop never read that the only time Jesus got physically violent with anybody during His sojoirn on earth was when the Pharisees were turning Gods Temple into a business selling animals, trinklets, idols and whatever else?

    So I really doubt Jesus would be very pleased with some idiot that used His name to try to increase his ice cream profits?

    If they woulda just put a Christian sign up saying they were modleing their business after the principles Jesus taught, that would be impressive. But to name their business "Sweet Jesus" that is just to freaking far out seems like to me.


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  3. Thank you. You write beautifully. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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