100 year Brazilian family Involvement in Occult – Viewer Feedback and Testimony from Ex Medium Ivani Greppi.


Ivani Greppi

For years I’ve been inundated with feedback reports from people worldwide, who have either found Jesus, been set free from evil spirits, healed or blessed in some way through my TV/radio interviews or blog.

I rarely share any of them as it’s impossible to keep up with them all or to choose one. It’s amazing what God does and we give Him all the glory and honour and praise!

Often I encourage them to share their testimonies with others online or radio too and many of them enter ministry. It thrills me when they go into deliverance ministry and see others set free from demons in Jesus mighty name!


I’m sharing Ivani Greppi‘s brief testimony as a representation of the type of feedback I receive. Her family in Brazil had a century of involvement in the occult! A full length testimony from her will be featured here soon!  Ivani’s friend kindly translated my testimony into Portugese recently and I’m so grateful!


Ivani Greppi

Ivani Greppi

Dear Laura, thank you so much for asking for my testimony! Only recently have I publicly spoken about my past in the occult. I was saved in 1997.

Thank you so much Laura for your powerful testimony and ministry in exposing Satan’s lies in the occult. Eighteen years ago I was delivered from the demonic lie of being a medium. Everything you expose on your programs contain God’s truth. Before finding your site, I was not comfortable openly discussing my past beliefs.

Spiritism was part of my family for generations in Brazil. Your ministry is so powerful and your message so necessary. Your testimony is amazing! So many similarities to my own testimony, the attacks you and your mother suffered were horrific. I was deceived up to the point of my delivery. And as soon as I accepted Christ, Satan had no more power over us. But like you, before we turned away from the occult, we always searched for help from demonic forces unwittingly.

I have lots of online friends who only speak Portuguese and will benefit from your amazing testimony. So I am delighted my friend translated it into Portugese  for your blog. Brazil’s culture is completely immersed in the occult. Your testimony will make a great impact in other cultures. It’s amazing how your experiences regarding spiritism are so similar to what is practiced in Brazil!

A missionary pastor bold in the Lord witnessed to us Jesus Christ’s truth and salvation. It was a battle for me to accept Christ into my life. The demon that possessed me manifested as a spirit guide since childhood. It took prayers and fasting to deliver me from the dark evil that controlled me.

Our family business is called Redeemer Printing and openly gives glory to God for everything. It’s like a ministry. We were introduced to Christ at the printing shop where a missionary pastor from Brazil came to get business cards in 1997. He performed my deliverance! Before that, the business was called Pyramid Printing. The Lord led this pastor there to bring us to Christ!

I listen to your programs and read your blog posts. Love pastor  Mark Hunnemann‘s teachings. Through your ministry, I have met Mark  and found the courage to openly discuss my involvement in the occult. I’ve contacted him after listening to your interviews with him. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you always. The world needs faithful people like you and Mark Hunnemann to expose the lies of the occult.

I’m listening to your programs on the Kev Baker Show and the information is chilling. As a former medium, I know these topics all come together under Satan’s deceitfulness for the human race.

When I was newly converted, I watched a series called “They Sold their Souls for Rock and Roll”. It exposes Satan’s influence in the music industry you all discussed.

As far as Reiki, it is the same healing energy techniques that I grew up with in Brazil! The overt paranormal teachings, like a tsunami is taking over the world. Check out this website U.S. Spiritist Medical Association that promotes this teaching to medical professionals:



Praying for the few discerning Christians like Mark Hunnemann yourself to continue to expose these demonic lies through the Holy Spirit’s power.

God bless and protect you as you continue in this fight against this spiritual holocaust slaughtering so many souls to damnation. God bless you all on your ministry exposing the demonic forces and lies in occult practices, influencing not only the mainstream culture, but sadly the church as well.

Praying for you and your ministry everyday. Thank you. Ephesians 6:10

I am looking forward to sending you my full testimony.

Love Ivani  💞


I love how God uses us to mutually help each other! Ivani arranged for my testimony  to be translated it into Portugese for my blog. I plan to upload a spoken version of it to YouTube where hopefully many Portugese speaking people will be touched by God. Hallelujah!

My work has also been translated into other languages, eg, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, and Hindi, for TV or articles in books, magazines and blogs. See link.

 Laura Maxwell


Ivani Greppi

Ivani Greppi

Ivani Greppi’s Blog: https://ivanigreppi.wordpress.com/
Ivani’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEZmJU1hOZFE3FV_8lAMjQ
Ivani’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivani.greppi


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11 Responses to 100 year Brazilian family Involvement in Occult – Viewer Feedback and Testimony from Ex Medium Ivani Greppi.

  1. ivanigreppi says:

    Laura, thanks again for this post. I am so grateful for you and your ministry. God bless you always.

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  2. Simon says:

    Is Ivani familiar with John of God`s healing place near Brasilia?Not been there myself but I`ve met people in the UK who go there every year as they believe in his healing powers

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