♫ Laura’s radio guest Ex Ghost Hunter – Kristine McGuire.

Ex Witch and Medium Kristine McGuire, was shocked by an EVP containing the recording of a demon screaming during a Ghost Hunt she led. That night, when she sensed the evil spirit, she rebuked it in Jesus name, causing it to scream and flee.

Much to her utter surprise, all of the other so called ‘ghosts’ vanished too, bringing the Ghost Hunt to an abrupt end! Kristine discovered ‘ghosts’ are actually demons masquerading as the dead, just as the Bible explains, demons can pose as ghosts,  aliens, goddesses, etc. Why? To draw people away from safety in Jesus and down dangerous paths.


Fallen angels disguise themselves as angels or spirits! 2 Cor 11:14

Kristine, my personal friend, ministry colleague and co-author of the book, Dancing With The Devil will be our guest this weekend.

Listen to the archive below!

Kristine was the very first guest on our debut program in December 2014. I’m delighted she returns to share more detail of her story!

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***** Kristine


Kristine McGuire, from Michigan, USA, became fascinated by the supernatural from childhood, thus easily drawn into Ghost Hunting, Wicca, Witchcraft and Mediumship.

Kristine has spoken on TV several times, including on the 700 Club. She has spoken on numerous radio interviews and is a prolific blogger and writer, having contributed to publications such as Charisma magazine.

Kristine also wrote  Escaping the Cauldron and An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Kristine and I contributed chapters to Jeff Harshbarger’s (Ex Satanist), book Dancing With The Devil.

Kristine asked me to write a review for her second book, which I was honoured to do. You can read it here

Kristine McGuire

Kristine McGuire

Please go to her excellent blog : See KristineMcGuire.com


Are your friends involved in the occult? If you care, plz share my blog posts. Your silence is consent, so please expose demonic lies!

Spread truth – Christ’s love and goodness liberates those trapped in darkness, “… you will know the truth and The Truth shall set you free.”

Psalm 96:3 (NLT) ‘Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.’


Please pray for ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell’, if you feel led. Please pray, those the Lord wants to reach, through this show, will tune in to hear it. Many thanks. All glory to God. God bless you! 


Eternal Radio

Eternal Radio


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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2 Responses to ♫ Laura’s radio guest Ex Ghost Hunter – Kristine McGuire.

  1. steve@leicestergreenfields.co.uk says:


    I then tried another way but that didn’t work either (see below these words “Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later”)

    Could it be that her web site etc only accepts USA persons?


    Newsletter Sign-Up

    Sign up for Kristine McGuire monthly newsletter and you get 3 great gifts

    Escaping The Cauldron: The Lost Chapter A seven page PDF where Kristine talks about the pagan connections to the two biggest Christian holidays Christmas and Easter.

    Our Authority In Christ (MP3) Listen as Kristine addresses our authority in Christ, 12 minutes of lead up to her new book releasing October 7th from Chosen Books “An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare”.

    Womens Battles /w Beth Jones (MP3) Join Beth Jones and Kristine McGuire, as Kristine shares her powerful story of being delivered by God from the occult. Beth and Kristine talk about the subtle occult influences that affect us each day.

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    From: steve@leicestergreenfields.co.uk [mailto:steve@leicestergreenfields.co.uk] Sent: Friday, February 12, 2016 2:01 PM To: ‘YourSpiritualQuest’; Laura Maxwell Subject: RE: [New post] ♫ Laura’s radio guest Ex Witch Kristine McGuire.

    Dear Laura

    I tried just now to sign up for Kristine’s newsletter, but was unable to. (Instead getting this msg – » 200:Invalid MailChimp List ID: 93af0456ae.)

    Would you be willing to either forward this email to her, or give me her email address (though I understand why you might be unwilling to do the latter)?

    God bless

    Steve (Greenfield)


  2. steve@leicestergreenfields.co.uk says:

    Dear Laura

    I tried just now to sign up for Kristine’s newsletter, but was unable to. (Instead getting this msg – » 200:Invalid MailChimp List ID: 93af0456ae.)

    Would you be willing to either forward this email to her, or give me her email address (though I understand why you might be unwilling to do the latter)?

    God bless

    Steve (Greenfield)


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