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Historical Evidence That Jesus was Crucified and Rose From The Dead by James Bishop.|

From the empty tomb, to the post-mortem appearances, to the conversions and convictions of skeptics who claimed to have seen the risen Christ, here is a look at the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. (Shared by Steven Bancarz). … Continue reading

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♫ Laura Maxwell interviews Steven Bancarz – Famous New Age Guru Encounters The Presence Of Jesus.

Steven Bancarz was a famous and hugely influential New Ager and blogger of the incredibly popular sites Spirit Science and Metaphysics.com and thespiritscience.net  Not long after he shared his conversion online I contacted him and we stayed in touch. I was so … Continue reading

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‘Debunking Christianity’ Writer becomes Christian due to Evidence!

  This is the testimony of former atheist Darrin Rasberry. He used to write for John Loftus’ blog Debunking Christianity and is currently a math teacher at Ellsworth Community College. Post by James Bishop For this article see link on the excellent site … Continue reading

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