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Satanic Temple Protests Ten Commandments Monument.

The Satanic Temple Holds Rally Protesting Ten Commandments Monument. 08-19-2018 By Mark Martin The Satanic Temple held a “Rally for the First Amendment” at the Arkansas State Capitol Thursday and brought with them a statue known as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure … Continue reading

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♫ Laura Maxwell interviews Steven Bancarz – Famous New Age Guru Encounters The Presence Of Jesus.

Steven Bancarz was a famous and hugely influential New Ager and blogger of the incredibly popular sites Spirit Science and Metaphysics.com and thespiritscience.net  Not long after he shared his conversion online I contacted him and we stayed in touch. I was so … Continue reading

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♫ Laura’s radio guest: Tim Thompson – Ex Psychic Satanist – Now Exorcist!

SPECIAL HALLOWEEN RADIO SHOW!!! Tim Thompson, former psychic and satanist, was deeply involved in dark occult practises. I was very impressed with two of his books he kindly sent me a few years ago and we are both excited to finally … Continue reading

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Ex Wiccan and author Shalom Shick shares insights on TV.

Shalom Shick will be a future guest on my radio show, sharing her incredible journey from Wicca and paganism to her encounter with God. Continue reading

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