Ex Luciferian Pennie Reese also a Lightworker, Medium and Witch shares her story!

Ex Luciferian Pennie L. Reese was also a lightworker, medium and witch

I’ve shared a few of Pennie’s posts before, including an interview she hosted where she asked me about my own journey coming out of new age spiritualism. See link.

Pennie Louise Reese (nee De Witt), was a Luciferian. She was also a Lightworker, Medium and Witch and involved in many new age practises.

New Age Luciferian Beliefs

Link to her blog Pennie Renewed : Testimony of an Ex-Occultist.

Please find below an excellent interview where Jon Pounders of Now You See TV asked her to share her story on Day of The Lord Radio.

Jon Pounders of Now You See TV

Jon wrote:

“Pennie is a former occultist of twenty-six years who, prior to meeting Jesus, spent fifteen years working as a professional in metaphysics. Among numerous other things, she was a radio psychic, a healer and a new age teacher.

In 2007, Pennie had her life radically transformed by Jesus, at which time she renounced all things occult and began her walk with Him.

She is currently working on her memoir and writes a blog called Pennie Renewed : Testimony of an Ex-Occultist. Her goal is to educate others about the dangers of occultism and to show them how to find freedom through Jesus Christ.”


Pennie’s testimony is well worth hearing and sharing with friends! Link to her blog Pennie Renewed : Testimony of an Ex-Occultist.

To read other Ex Luciferians’ testimonies or articles on Luciferianism from my blog, please see my LINK.

Top New Ager & Luciferian Medium, David Spangler, worked for The UN.


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Click on below link to see a few of her TV interviews.


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