Lucifer’s New Age Agenda Nears Completion – Laura on Revelation TV.

David Spangler

Top New Ager & Luciferian Medium, David Spangler, worked for The UN.

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2 Responses to David Spangler

  1. Lyn says:

    You are talking nonsense, David Spangler is a decent human being. Whereas people who print these lies about him, are not. It seems religious nut cases all say things about anyone who is not quoting the Bible. Get a life!


    • Dear Lyn, my mother and I were New Agers for many years. We also believed the Luciferian doctrine, which Spangler and others have written of in their books. Some of my blog articles quote from such books and I used to read those books myself years ago, long before I became a Christian. So, I share from personal experience friend. I only came to believe the bible through many dark experiences in the New Age, that led me to the truth. I only share to try gently and lovingly warn others. You can see many true life stories on my blog from multiple ex new agers, who also awoke to the truth. No harm is meant in any way Lyn, we simply want to warn precious people to re-think the teaching they’ve received from so called friendly ”spirits”. My mother was herself a Medium, who committed suicide, when her so called ”spirit guides” turned against her. Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you well.


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