A Spiritual Quest

Laura's novel 'A Spiritual Quest', based on true events.

Laura’s novel ‘A Spiritual Quest’, based on true events.

Laura’s novel ‘A Spiritual Quest’, based on true events.

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2 Responses to A Spiritual Quest

  1. Laura’s book is an excellent read that is both captivating and entertaining. I caution readers that it should not be read when you are alone or late at night if you are faint hearted. There are some chilling events in Laura’s past that she presents in the book that will send shivers down your spine. She explains the unseen dangers involved in Spiritualism and the occult through her own experiences which eventually led to the death of her mother. She was able to escape from the fear and the grasp of the demonic forces through the power of Christ, who she now serves through her ministry. I highly recommend this book to anyone dabbling in the occult or New Age philosophy so that they can understand the source behind these beliefs. This book is also excellent for new believers or Christians who have little or no understanding of real spiritual warfare. After reading this book you will understand the depths that spiritual warfare can reach and you will not want to ever engage with dark forces because there is real danger to you and those around you. She tells her story from the perspective of someone that has actually experienced the horror of demonic attacks along with the joy of rescue by God from the darkness of the spirit realm.


    • Dear Manny, many thanks indeed for your heart felt words and love for people trapped in the Occult. I thank God for your compassionate heart and ministry. God bless you. Laura.


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