Ex Medium, Pennie De Witt of USA interviews Laura Maxwell of Scotland.

Pennie - EX Light Worker and Luciferian Medium.

I was very honoured that Pennie De Witt, an EX Spiritualist Medium from USA, asked to interview me. Here is a copy from her blog:

Pennie Renewed : Educating and edifying for the kingdom.

Interview with Laura Maxwell – Monday, July 15, 2013.

You may know or may have heard of Laura Maxwell. A resident of Scotland, she is the author of a book called A Spiritual Quest.

She was a New Age Spiritualist for ten years+ and has been a guest speaker around the United Kingdom educating people about the dangers of occultism and helping them find freedom through Jesus. She has also appeared on numerous TV and radio shows aired around the world, and she provides a wealth of informational videos on her YouTube channel.

Laura is one of the gentlest, humblest, most loving people I know, and I am blessed and honored to be able to share with you her words and experiences.

Meet Laura Maxwell …



Pennie: What have you been doing today?

Laura: Recently a few programs were filmed where I interviewed Michael Cummins, a Deliverance Minister from Revelation TV. Today, I uploaded the videos to my blog. Last week, a clip of my testimony was shown on a program by British Christian TV, so I uploaded the video onto my blog today too.

Pennie: What is a typical day like for you?

Laura: It varies, but usually involves answering people online who have saw me speak in a church, on TV, or YouTube and have asked me for advice. Some enquiries come from those still in New Age or Occult activities, and some come from Christians. A typical day may also find me preparing notes for interviews such as this one, or for radio, etc. Some days I meet people saved from similar backgrounds to advise them, or I might be involved in the prophetic ministry. I’m also working on a couple of writing projects.

Pennie: How is everyday life different now from the life you led when you were in the occult?

Laura: There’s more peace in everyday life now! Being a Spiritualist affected all my thought processes and decisions. Instead of relying on Mediums or spirits for advice, I trust the Holy Spirit for guidance. The supernatural phenomena may have seemed interesting at the time I was a Spiritualist, but knowing Jesus, feeling His presence, seeing Him transform lives and heal people is actually far more awesome!

Pennie: Prior to your involvement with the occult, did you have any Christian influences that you feel made a difference in your life?

Laura: When I was about 5 years old, in school we were taught to sing Jesus Loves You and similar songs. We prayed in school every morning too. I believe the basic message about Jesus stayed with me, so that in later years, when I was struggling in the Occult, God brought it back to my memory. Then when we were about 12, the Gideons visited our school and gave all of us a Bible. I read all of the suggested readings. It’s very possible I said the sinners’ prayer to receive salvation, but I can’t remember. Because of this, I feel that I was more protected than my mother, when our lives became at risk in the Occult.

Pennie: How did you get involved with the occult?

Laura: I’d always been interested in the supernatural. As for most people, it was a gradual progression, starting from being fascinated as a young child in fairy stories, children’s tv shows or movies about magic, the supernatural, etc. Such things add to children’s imagination and encourage them to believe the supernatural does exist. Then things such as Star Signs and Astrology attracted me. Again, I remember reading Horoscopes in children’s magazines. From there, it naturally led into other New Age practises, such as Meditation, Yoga and so on. This all seemed harmless and ‘mildly’ New Age at the time. I didn’t realise it was drawing me deeper in. Eventually that led into the Occult itself.

My mother had been interested in Spiritualism for years. When she joined a Spiritualist Church in Glasgow, it wasn’t long until I joined it too. We went there weekly, sometimes several times per week to watch the Mediums communicate with spirits that claimed to be our dead relatives or ‘Spirit Guides,’ also known as ‘Guardian Angels.’ It was addictive, as the spirits would give us very accurate messages, direction and advice that always worked!

Pennie: What was your most profound occult experience?

Laura: The Spiritualist Church sometimes had a special event known as the Transfiguration. This was a more intense supernatural practise that didn’t happen every week. The church members were invited to attend. The Medium who led that church went into a very deep trance. Rather than just communicating to spirits and relaying their messages to us, he actually allowed the spirits to talk through him.

One by one, different spirits came through him. His actual face and voice would change. The spirit claiming to be a dead relative would begin to materialise, coming out of the Medium’s body, nose and mouth. It would then walk amongst the people, still attached to the Medium by wispy cords. We were invited to touch it, but I didn’t want to! Everyone found it very eerie and yet we wanted more!

It wasn’t a stage show, it was very real. Scientists investigated Mediums before, during and after Transfigurations. They found that during the Transfigurations, there are very significant measurable changes. The Medium’s body loses weight, as the bodily fluid that mixes to produce the ectoplasm substance leaves the Medium’s body! They also found changes in temperature and so on. However, even famous Mediums have written in their books that Transfigurations, are dangerous and that the Medium can be burnt, blinded or even killed during it.

Pennie: What belief or beliefs did that experience seem to confirm for you?

Laura: It seemed to prove the existence of life after death, that our dead relatives live on and can come back to talk with us. Of course, I had no idea then, that spirits could be demonic impersonators, able to mimic anyone accurately. Also, when these demonic spirits would tell us the Bible was false and that Jesus wasn’t the Saviour, we would believe them!

Pennie: What did you think of Christians and Christianity when you were at your deepest point in the occult?

Laura: As I said, because these demonic spirits would appear and tell us the Bible was false and that Jesus wasn’t the Saviour, we would believe them. Many Mediums said they had often spoken to a spirit called Jesus. Now I realise that was a demon claiming to be Christ. As the Bible says there are many false Christs. The spirits taught us that Christianity was a man made new religion; that ancient Spiritualism, Paganism, Freemasonry, and other ‘brotherhoods’ were the true religions. They taught us that Christians were not evolved spiritually and were holding back the enlightenment of the New Age in the last days. Because of this, in the last days, all over the world Christians will be either removed or killed by Spirit Guides or aliens. This would result in more positive vibrations and a healing for the world! They said Christians think they will be raptured by Jesus, but it will actually be their supernatural removal to cleanse the earth!

We were taught that Christians will have a final opportunity to reject their faith, and get involved with New Age practises. Like New Agers, Christians and non-Christians will be encouraged to meditate, receive their own Spirit Guides, etc, and join in the New World Order. We were taught the basics of Theosophy, the teachings of famous Mediums such as Madam Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Blavatsky was known as the mother of the New Age Movement. She said her Spirit Guides appeared and told her that Lucifer is god, and he was the one who gave people psychic and clairvoyant abilities. We were taught Lucifer would bring a Messiah type figure onto the world’s public scene, a man who would bring global peace and spiritual unity. Spirits taught Blavatsky that Lucifer would bring light to the world, and that Jesus wasn’t the Saviour.

Even although many Mediums, Psychics and Lightworkers will say they haven’t heard this before, it is the basis of New Age and Spiritualism. It can be easily verified by reading Blavatsky’s work or Theosophy. Famous Mediums today still teach this and have written in their books that they follow Theosophy and the Luciferian Doctrine, eg., Benjamine Creme, David Spangler, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others. See this video in which I explain how Luciferianism and Theosophy is behind the New Age and Spiritualism:

Pennie: When you began to turn toward Jesus, did you encounter any obstacles or anything that made it difficult for you to continue in that direction?

Laura: A Christian friend invited me to her Pentecostal Church, where I heard the gospel and saw others give their heart to Jesus. Hearing people prophesy and pray in tongues caught my interest. That night when I returned home however, the spirits and Spirit Guides were furious. They didn’t want me to accept Christ as my Saviour, and attacked me. They showed their true identities. This just proved to me that they were evil spirits, and had pretended for years to be dead relatives. My mother felt I had betrayed Spiritualism by accepting Jesus into my life. But soon after, she also renounced Spiritualism and got born again.

Pennie: What about right after you became a Christian? Did you experience spiritual attack during this time? If so, what was that like?

Laura: Yes. People would probably describe it as Poltergeist Activity, but the spirits weren’t ‘poltergeists.’ They revealed that they were evil spirits or demons that had previously pretended to be loving relatives or Spirit Guides.They mocked me, hit me, threw me out of bed, etc. They became aggressive when I tried to read the Bible, pray or sing worship songs. This continued until I found a Christian Deliverance Minister, who cast them away from me and our home in Jesus Name. It’s interesting that when I was a Spiritualist, spirits often tried to contact me, but when I came to Jesus, those spirits no longer tried to talk to me! No so called ‘dead relatives’ have ever appeared again! Another fact that highlights their true identity and also that it’s impossible for the dead to come back, as they go to heaven or hell at death.

Pennie : What happened to your mother?

Spirits spoke to Mum constantly, depriving her of sleep and attacking her physically. Once, when spirits forced her into a trance against her will, she was frying food. When she came out of trance, the kitchen was consumed by fire. I arrived home after the Fire Brigade had extinguished it. We all realised Mum and our pets could’ve been killed. Another day, I watched in horror as Mum was lifted and catapulted from the pavement, landing on the bonnet of a passing car. Mum’s doctor couldn’t accept poltergeist activity was real, so diagnosed as Schizophrenic, Mum was then detained in a Psychiatric Hospital.

Although my Mum gave her heart to Jesus a few months later, the Pentecostal Church I’d joined had no experience of praying for people like Mum. At that time, they didn’t have the Deliverance Ministry. They didn’t know that Christians can need demons cast out of them in Jesus Name. When psychiatrists discharged Mum, she returned home. She endured further harassment from spirits. So, tragically committed suicide. This left me in great shock. I feel this emphasizes the crucial importance for Christians to embrace the Deliverance Ministry, and be God’s instruments to bring freedom to such tortured people in Jesus Name. Over the years as a Christian, I have been honoured and delighted that the Holy Spirit has used me to see people and homes be set free from demonic harassment. “Greater is He (Jesus), that is in you; than he (satan) that is in the world.”

Pennie: What advice would you give to people who have loved ones in the occult?

Laura: Pray for them and show them love, because most of them will have been hurt by cruel comments from judgmental Christians, and this only pushes them farther away from Jesus! Try to show them a relevant video testimony, from YouTube or a similar site. One which shares the salvation story of someone who was into the same branch of the occult that your loved one is in. For example, if your relative is involved in Wicca, don’t show them a testimony of an EX Satanist, as it won’t be relevant and will insult them!

Pennie: How can people get your book?

Laura: From contacting me directly via my blog or Facebook page A Spiritual Quest. I’d also like to recommend Jeff Harshbarger’s book, Dancing With The Devil, published by Charisma House and available on Amazon, etc. Jeff is an EX Satanist, who has spoken on various TV channels. His book contains chapters by myself and others involved in different branches of New Age or the Occult, such as, Ghost Hunting, Spiritualism, Wicca, Satanism & Vampirism. It highlights how each of us, endured horrors and that it was only the Lord Jesus Christ who could set us free from occult traumas.

Thank you so much, Laura. It’s been a great pleasure, and I pray the Lord continues to bless you, your family and your ministry.

Taken from Pennie’s Blog Pennie Renewed.

Please see dear Pennie’s blog for the article of her own true story. As an EX Spiritualist Medium, Pennie gives an excellent account of her conversion testimony.

Thank you, God bless. Laura Maxwell.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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