Rachel Kelly Ex Reiki Master’s Story: shamanism, spirit guides, crystals, enlightenment & more!

‘Diving headfirst into all things New Age, I became a Reiki Master, doing healings and also adept in shamanism, palm reading, spirit guides, transcendental meditation, crystals, animal totems, divination, auras, chakras, etc. I opened an eBay store to sell New Age crafts and tools. I sold things locally. Taught classes. Built a copper pyramid in my living room to meditate in. You name it, I did it. I also moved from drugs and alcohol to health food. I was on an enlightenment vendetta!’ Rachel Kelly.

Reiki or Alternative Healing

Reiki or Alternative Healing

That’s just a snip of Rachel’s testimony. She kindly wrote her full testimony for my blog below. Rachel was recently on my radio show. It was the first radio interview she had spoken in and is well worth a listen – please click link!

Flourish 7

Having been raised in a religious home, mine was not necessarily a home of joy, peace, bible study, and devotionals…that I remember. It was my first lesson that there is a difference between religion and supernatural moves of God. What I remember most is poverty, arguing, and illness. I attended a Lutheran school/church from 1st-10th grade. My parents were quite involved in the church, and we attended every Sunday. For a time, my Dad served as a Custodian for employment. This was during our poorest years.

It was rough. My younger sister was sick all the time, my parents fought a lot, my Dad was unhappy….my Mom was unhappy…. Sure, there were good moments. But as a whole, I remember difficulty. Both my parents came from terrible backgrounds, so I have always thought they actually did a really good job of raising us, considering where they came from. It was during these years that I received a good solid foundation of the Bible, as we had Religion class every day, Chapel every Wednesday, and Church every Sunday. But I had such a hard time at that school.

About the age of 12, when kids were at their meanest bullying age, I decided that I had had enough. I wanted to rebel. I told my friend Sarah that I was going to break out and go crazy when I gained my freedom. I started experimenting with cigarettes and looked for opportunities to try drugs.

In hindsight, I think that this time was beginning of the end of the faith of my parents. In my view, my Mom has always been the leader of the family in that department; my Father has never even read the Bible that I am aware of, other than Daniel and Revelation. My Dad didn’t receive the best treatment as an employee, and my Mom was seeing all kinds of things wrong with the practices there.

She began asking questions and seeking answers. Dissatisfied with the answers from the Pastors at the Church, she started reading books. Quite intelligent, a Librarian, she had access to all sorts of lies from the devil.

Upon leaving high school, I was already fully steeped in heavy metal music, drugs, smoking, drinking, and debauchery of all sorts. I was heading straight to hell in a downward spiral.

When I turned 19, I met a man at a party that was 9 years older than me, and quite famous in my circles. He was very worldly, with all sorts of access to all the partying that I wanted. I wasn’t attracted to him per se, but I knew he had the connections I needed.

He told me he would treat me badly. I figured I could melt him. HA! I had moved in with the Devil Himself. I cannot begin to tell you the misery I lived with this person for 10 very long years. It was so bad that the two times I got pregnant, I had abortions because I would never allow a monster like him to raise my children. I had seen how he treated his DOG.

It was during this time that my Mother was turning from Jesus to Lucifer. She was reading all sorts of books and would call me and ask me what I thought of all these things. I was too mired in misery, drugs, and alcohol to really care about her spiritual journey…much to the detriment of her situation, I suppose.

She had left the faith completely and was fully steeped in New Age by the time I turned 30. I had been wanting to escape my life for about 5 years at that point, but was trapped by my habits, fear, and lack of vision of the next thing, anything, to grab on to as a lifeline.

For my birthday in 2006, she introduced me to a New Age Center where she had been attending. I was completely enthralled with the ambient music, spiritual nature, smells, beauty, and possibilities. I fell under the spell of a Reiki practitioner, who did an Energy Healing on me. It was an incredible experience. This thing was absolutely real. I could feel this strong electricity-like pulsing, running through my body. It lasted an hour, and I went home to sleep.

Upon awakening after 3 days, I felt completely different. I had no desire to drink, smoke, do drugs, and my revulsion for the man I was living with was brought to a whole new level. I no longer cared if he killed me, I wanted OUT. I had a desire stronger than my fear to be free of all of it, to pursue this new Spiritual Path, to be with the man that did my healing, TO BE FREE of my dirty house, hangovers, abuse, and the like.

Well, the Lord absolutely facilitated this through some very interesting and unusual circumstances, and I pretty much slipped out the back door and was gone before my boyfriend realized what had happened. I moved into a secured apartment building, where no matter how much he stalked me, I was relatively safe. (He continued to stalk me for the next 10 years, before I finally shook him off).

Diving headfirst into all things New Age, I became a Reiki Master, doing healings, and also adept in palm reading, spirit guides, transcendental meditation, crystals, animal totems, shamanism, divination, auras, chakras, etc. I opened an eBay store to sell New Age crafts and tools. I sold things locally. Taught classes. Built a copper pyramid in my living room to meditate in. You name it, I did it. I also moved from drugs and alcohol to health food. I was on an enlightenment vendetta!

The Reiki Master that had done my healing had convinced me that we had been together in a past life and we were to be together again. He accomplished this by literally putting a spell on me, which I understood later. At the time, I wire-wrapped rocks and crystals for people so they could be worn – he gave me a handful and asked me to wrap them for him. As he gave them to me, he said “I put something in there for you; let’s see if you get it”.

So, I took the rocks home, held them in my hand, and with and attitude of receiving, sat there with my eyes closed and waited. I was hit with a ‘memory’ of being together with him in the past, and ‘knowledge’ that we had planned on being together again this lifetime. It was very very powerful. When I returned the rocks to him, I told him what I had experienced and he said “I wondered when you were going to pick up on that”.

So the affair began. It was all very secretive, and he confided in me that his mate was very abusive and he was afraid to leave her….and would have to do it very carefully. Being able to empathize with that, I waited, but was disappointed that he was having me wait at all. I figured if he REALLY wanted to be with me, he would find a way to escape. I kept coming up with ideas for him to get out, but he continued living and working with her. He kept telling me he was saving money for us to begin a new life together.

He told me that when he came for me, we would move to Canada and open our very own New Age Center. There were things that just didn’t seem right about any of it, but I ignored my misgivings, because this was my soulmate and twin flame! …I had so many red flags that he was not the one for me, but just did not want to see it. For instance, he was supposed to be so enlightened, but had many of the same habits my ex did, who they considered ‘low vibration and unenlightened’!

I waited a year and a half, growing more and more impatient the whole time. Another lesson of believing someone whose words do not match their actions. My ex had always told me he loved me, for instance. NO.

Then a magical explosion occurred in my life. My husband to be happened upon the scene. I KNEW HE WAS THE ONE. It was so divine, he could have only been brought to me from God. The very circumstances of meeting him were so ‘coincidental’ and powerful, there was no question.

Inseparable after our first date, we moved in together in no time. I was pregnant, we married, and miscarried, all within a year. (It was at that time, when I saw the baby, that I realized what I had done before. I was very mislead at that clinic, thinking it was just a blob of nothing. NO)

We had begun the very most unboring life you can imagine….full of adventures.

The fact that we had such similar backgrounds was incredible. Both ex-Christians, I guess you could say, we talked about where we had been and where we were going. He was actually an ex-social worker that had gone to Bible College. We discussed who God was, what did it all mean, where do we go when we die. Who was Jesus and why didn’t he fit in to our New Age mindset?

Certain things just didn’t line up. The awakening had begun for both of us.

Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly

The red flags about New Age continuing, I bought a crystal that seemed to have a picture of a deer face on it, just in the natural pattern. I said to it, “Hello, little deer, what’s your name”? I clearly heard, “Mara”. I said, “What a pretty name”! And went home to look it up. It means: ‘Demon’. And, ‘Bitter’.

I filed this uneasy moment in the back of my mind.

Then, we stumbled across a couple that channeled a collective entity that called itself Abraham. Learning all sorts of new concepts, like The Law of Attraction, certain bits of it just felt wrong about the whole thing. When they said, “Don’t help someone that appears to need it because you are denying them their life lesson and spiritual evolution, and their negativity is contagious”, I thought that sounded like total garbage! And then they said quite vehemently, “There is no God waiting to judge us”. Something about those two things felt very wrong in my spirit.

We had begun doing rituals and spellwork with my mother, who was a full-fledged witch at this point. Something during these rituals made me feel uneasy sometimes, namely this thing called ‘Calling the Corners’. Or was it ‘Quarters’? Anyway….

Having been together for a few years, still very much New Age, with a houseful of tarot decks, crystals, and yes, my pyramid, …one morning, something happened.

In late 2009, Shawn woke straight up in the morning, looked over at me, and said, “THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING”! I was like, ‘What’s a bridegroom’? I thought he must have had a pretty bizarre dream. He shook his head, told me never mind, and that was it.

But that wasn’t it. He bought a book of Psalms and began reading them to me. He started secretly reading the Bible, which I was unaware of. The poetry of the Psalms did not seem unusual, as he was always reading me poetry. I had no idea what was really going on with him.

Then, a few months later, I heard my name called when I was at the health food store. I turned around and no one was there. I figured there must have been another Rachel in the store. Leaving there, I went to the gas station. Standing there pumping gas, I heard my name again. Looking around, I saw not a soul. I thought, well, that’s just weird, and went to the next place.

Bending over for some Rice Milk, I heard my name AGAIN! I stood straight up, looked around, again saw no one, and said right out loud, “Who is messing with me?” It did not happen again.

In June of 2010, I began responding to the call without even realizing it. Shawn was getting ready to leave for work. This was 2 months after the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It was all over the news. Alarmed, he showed me the pictures. I was so upset looking at the animals, all covered with oil. He told me that after he left for work that I was to see if there was some sort of bus trip to go help clean up.

Excited, I went on an online search. And quickly saw that there were no bus trips. In fact, they were arresting anyone that tried to draw close. What?

Falling into a 3-week long Rabbit Hole, I became more and more shocked and disconcerted. The climax occurred on 7/14/2010. I read that the ocean floor had been cracked, methane clouds were escaping, going to explode, and we were all going to die.

“What is this? The end of the world”? I said right out loud. And suddenly remembered. That as a child I had always thought I would be here for the end.

“THE END OF THE WORLD?! But where is God?”

And that is precisely when HE SHOWED UP, ripping the scales from my eyes. I suddenly saw. I saw my life, from beginning to that point, all in an instant. I saw the history of the Whole World, from the beginning to end, all for an instant.

Then I saw A BIBLE. And I KNEW. I suddenly knew that what I had been raised with was the truth. That God is a person, not a force, and that Jesus is Lord. That the Bible is true.

Looking around, I said to myself, “What is all this I have been doing”? …I went straight to the bookshelf where we had hundreds of New Age books, and pulled down my Reiki textbook. I opened it to the first page that had writing on it. Three quotes. The first being from ALICE BAILEY, who I knew to be a Luciferian! That was all I needed. I threw the book on the floor in disgust, stomped on it, and just fell to my knees. I started crying and telling the Lord I was so sorry, for all of it. I thanked him from snatching me from the devil, and saw the grave truth that I had been heading straight to hell on a crystal lined road.

I was horrified, to say the least.

Shawn came home from work and I was still crying. I looked around at all of our books, crystals, tarot decks, and saw it all as complete garbage. I said “We have to get rid of all this stuff”!

I figured he would be shocked at my statement. I, however, was shocked that he was not.

He asked me what had happened. I told him….and he then proceeded to remind me of that morning he woke up and mentioned the Bridegroom. He said, “The Bridegroom is Jesus. I asked Him if He is real and it was really Him, to come for you too.”


Needless to say, we got rid of everything right away. My initial inclination was to take it all out and set it on fire, but the books and decks went to the used bookstore, and we gave all the crystals to our family. We the embarked on an incredible journey of freedom and getting to know God.

Seven years later, I can absolutely attest that this was all very real, has continued to be real, and that coming into the fold of Jesus Christ has been the most freeing and supernatural thing ever. I look forward to telling you more about this incredible journey!

I encourage you to seek Him. Sick of the bondage? He can and is willing to set you free!

Flourish 7

Rachel Kelly hosts a YouTube channel along with her husband entitled Shawn N Rachel Kelly.

♫ To hear Laura’s radio interview with Rachel, Ex Reiki Master Rachel Kelly’s Dramatic Encounter with God, please click link.

Rachel and Shawn Kelly

Rachel and Shawn Kelly


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