Rachel Kelly Ex Reiki Master’s Story: new age, shamanism, spirit guides, crystals, enlightenment & more! Part Two.

‘Diving headfirst into all things New Age, I became a Reiki Master, doing healings and also adept in shamanism, palm reading, spirit guides, transcendental meditation, crystals, animal totems, divination, auras, chakras, etc.’

Rachel Kelly Ex Reiki Master’s Story: Part Two

The above was the introduction of Rachel’s story, as featured in Part One on my blog. In this post, she goes into far more detail.

Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly

New Age Bondage to Freedom in Christ by Rachel Kelly.


I was raised in a Christian home. Even though I believed what I was taught to be true, I remember how far away it all felt, including God Himself.

Becoming a teenager, I began to see Christianity as a burden. Boring. Bad music. Hanging out with a bunch of hypocritical people that pretend to enjoy all these churchie things and deny themselves all the fun stuff.

All are welcome!

Years later, when I was saved from a life of total destruction by New Age, I thought I had literally found the REAL God. It was all so supernatural and experiential….and REAL. It made the religion that I had followed at a younger age seem so dull, empty, and pointless. New Age brought results and actually did something! I was evolving, I was healing people, encountering spirits, energy, and DOING SOMETHING!

It was all quite magical in the beginning. Recently freed from the bondage of alcohol, an abusive relationship, drug and cigarette addiction, I felt light as a feather. In no time, I became a Reiki Master, channeling some pretty heavy energy. Becoming an energy junkie, I wanted more of what I felt in the group meditation sessions where we gathered under a giant copper pyramid.

Reiki or Alternative Healing

Reiki or Alternative Healing

So, I built a smaller version in my living room that I could sit in. I hung so many crystals around my neck, fellow New Agers would poke fun at me. But those crystals made me feel so good. I was learning about how each one had its own properties that brought about healing and a higher vibration.

I began reading tons of books to expand my knowledge. I learned all about and practiced: Meditation, Shamanism, Divination of all sorts, Animal Totems, Spellwork with Herbs, and all sorts of Self Healing… via Energy Channeling, Flower Tinctures, etc. The list is actually quite long.

I was flying high for quite some time…Until I wasn’t.

As I discussed in my testimony interview with Laura Maxwell that can be found above,  the people in my New Age Community started to show just how ordinary they were under the surface, once I got to know them.

I began to see the real people underneath, who struggled with addictions, materialism, bad diets, bad health, and so on. My teachers themselves, who seemed so enlightened on the surface, loved their bad food and television. I just could not get it. Everything I was seeing around me defied what I was being taught.

After many red flags, I stubbornly continued my trek through the New Age Movement. My education continued, leading me into learning how to become a medium. I then learned about reincarnation, and the hows and whys of coming here to advance my soul.

Yoga meditation

I was taught about how we come here to learn lessons that advance our soul up the spiritual ladder, eventually reaching total enlightenment, and not needing to come here anymore after that, having completed the mission of our soul.

I remember how daunting that seemed, once I grasped the concept. The idea that if I messed something up, I would have to come back and live a whole other life to get it right, almost seemed too much for me. I learned that some people just repeat the same lesson over and over, stuck in this terrible cycle, cause they just can’t get it right.

How hopeless that seemed to me!

I learned about how people will reincarnate together, in pairs or in groups. That got me realizing that someone else’s actions could also affect my development and travels.

I began to feel very burdened by my new job of evolving my soul. Feeling quite heavy, I began to experience quite a bit of troublesome issues.

I really lost that magical feeling I had obtained in the beginning of it all, and longed for it to return. Although I was extraordinarily busy with New Age activities, it no longer felt light and wonderful.


I felt heavy. I kept hearing that I just needed to meditate more. I wasn’t consulting spirit guides enough. I wasn’t doing enough self healing. I needed different crystals. I needed to do an herbal cleanse. And on and on. Nothing was helping and I was just not feeling it!

satan demon attack 14

I had some pretty terrible experiences while meditating and otherwise with encountering some pretty wicked feeling energy and spirits. I then began to see the need to protect myself more and more, and became hyper vigilant in this regard.

I also became hyper sensitive to the fallen nature of this world, my heart breaking over pollution, the treatment of animals, the horrible things people do to each other, chemtrails in the sky. What a weight to carry!

I describe in my radio testimony I referenced above,  how I encountered the Spirit of Jesus Christ one day, shooting like a lightning bolt into my existence, shattering my life into a million pieces and awakening my soul to true life.


The relief I felt upon understanding it was no longer all up to me was incredible. I can only liken it to being a child, living on the streets, trying to thrive with no resources, means, or no-how….floundering along….only to be plucked off the street and adopted by a benevolent caretaker that I could truly trust.

I quickly learned that a relationship with the Living God was a completely different matter than practicing a religion.


I look back and can compare so many things from then and now that reveal just how much of a burden I had taken upon myself, and have since given over to Jesus Christ.

I remember how the death of my cat Quizzie nearly ruined me back in the day. He was my little angel, my favorite friend of all time, and he died rather violently at the age of 2. Horrified, I became obsessed with shamanism journeys, to find his little soul and talk to him about coming back to me through a different cat.

I was absolutely consumed for months with this, until adopting what I thought was his reincarnation, Samish.

Years later, after having been a Christian for 4 years, we lost our firstborn son at birth. It was quite traumatic. But the thing is, I had a comfort, peace, and hope throughout the ordeal and even to this day that was missing with Quizzie.

Freedom from Christ.

It wasn’t just the knowledge of where Soren’s soul had gone, and that I would see him again. It wasn’t just knowing he was spared all the pain of this world and was perfectly safe with God. It wasn’t even just being able to see the hand of the Lord working it all out for good, and the many many people that rallied around us with love and support.

It was all that and more: the presence of the Lord. His hand on me, lifting me up and walking me through it. It’s actually an incredible story that I should tell separately.

I don’t pretend to know all the whys of the matter. I do know that I have actually seen much good come out of the whole situation. I know that I trust Him. I know he is Good. I know that I will see my son again, in a perfect new world. I’m not saying it doesn’t make me sad. It’s some of the deepest pain I’ve ever known. But….I have all that to rely on.

And I didn’t have that with Quizzie. I had floundering uncertainty and a raw pain that nothing would fix. No good to come out of it. No God to trust, no hope for anything, other than the burden of trying to locate my furry friend’s soul and the panic of trying to meet back up with him.

That is but one of many examples of real experiences that I have lived on both sides of the story…

I still feel the pain of the world. But I trust in a Sovereign Lord that will make everything right, and I have seen the power of prayer.

God's artwork

God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…is GOOD. Trustworthy. Holy. Just. Real. Perfect. I gladly give Him my burden and walk with Him, and would never take all that back on my shoulders.

We were never meant to carry such a load. I trust in the Lord implicitly and our relationship grows stronger with every passing day. My hope increases. I never had that before. Before, the more I learned, the more hopeless it got. This is exactly the opposite, and I pray that you can experience the freedom I have been given.

Please feel free to contact me for prayer or just to talk at my Facebook page, Shawn n Rachel Kelly.Flourish 7

Rachel Kelly hosts a YouTube channel along with her husband entitled Shawn N Rachel Kelly.

♫ To hear Laura’s radio interview with Rachel, Ex Reiki Master Rachel Kelly’s Dramatic Encounter with God, please click link.


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