EVP Recordings, The Ghost Box, The Spiricom Device used by Paranormal Investigators – Mark Hunnemann.

EVP Equipment – Ghost Box and Digital Voice Recorders

Collecting EVP’s, using the Ouija Board, the Ghost Box, The Spiricom Device, Frank’s Box, Dybbuk/Dibbuk Box, SpeakJet Box, Ovilus, flash-light experimentation, dowsing rods, and so on have become more and more popular. The veneer of the more modern scientific methods seemingly sanctions and legitimizes an age old occult practise!

What Is an EVP?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP is typically captured on a recording device such as a digital voice recorder, tape recorder or video tape.

There are currently many new technologies that paranormal investigators and ghost hunters use to capture electronic voice phenomena.

Electronic voice phenomenon is typically not heard at the time that the recording is done, and instead shows up on later review of the electronic media evidence.


An EVP session is usually conducted in a reportedly haunted location. The investigator attempting to capture the EVP will ask questions such as, “What is your name?” and “Why are you here?”, and then pauses between questions in order to allow any entities that are present to answer. Paranormal investigators believe EVPs capture the voices of a dead human or ‘ghost’.


As a former new age spiritualist, I can confirm such devices will indeed contact and record spirit communication. Whether using a Ouija Board or a more scientific method to pick up frequencies, it all amounts to the same thing – attracting the resident or local demons to communicate with you.  It opens a door/portal to evil demons who can disguise themselves as either dead people, angels, spirit guides, aliens and so on.

You may be convinced such communication is from light-based entities but how can you be certain such beings are benevolent? Please see my numerous articles of true stories where people Tested the Spirits in Jesus Name to reveal their true identity. Please, don’t just assume they are telling you the truth! Please also see Spirits impersonate the LIVING too! or my TV and radio interviews where myself and others elaborate on this in greater detail.

Mark Hunnemann, Expert on Ghosts.

Author and Expert on The Biblical Analysis of Ghosts Mark Hunnemann.

Mark Hunnemann, author of  Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes was a guest on my radio show for 5 weeks running! To listen to these fascinating episodes, please click here.

Mark wrote the following articles on EVP Recordings, the Ouija Board and so on. In my opinion he is a world expert on this topic and when he posts a new article, it’s truly worth reading it!

Ouija Board or Spirit Board.

Article One – October 31, 2011

On this Halloween night my friend Dan, who has an internet radio show, has announced that he is going to experiment with a Ouija board. He interviewed me a couple days ago to get my opinion, which was I was honored to do.As you can imagine, he has caught a lot of flack for doing this, as well as folks worried as to what might happen to him. However, it was very interesting to hear the reason as to why he was doing it.

Dan’s sole reason in using the Ouija board, which he knows can lead to opening a portal to the demonic, is to graphically illustrate a deep concern he has. Namely, he wants to persuade people that the ubiquitous practice of collecting EVP’s is no different than using a Ouija board. It is the same principle in action. Think about it for a moment….When a person verbally solicits a response from a particular spirit, they are treating the room they are in as if it were a giant Ouija board. They have no control over who or what may come through the portal they are possibly creating. Exactly the same problem that has caused the Ouija board to become largely forbidden even in the paranormal community.(not everybody but it appears to be the majority).

EVP Wave Forms

The gathering of EVP’s has become the bread and butter or the backbone of paranormal investigations. So, that means that the backbone of paranormal research (as it is currently practiced) has been broken, irreversably paralyzing standard investigative procedure.I feel very strongly about this point, but I know that folks are going to resist this big time…there is too much at stake. Some of ya’ll solicit EVP’s and it will be a real test as to whom is a sincere, honest seeker for paranormal truth.The logic…the parallel between the two is so obvious, it is a wonder that it has not been a raging debate before now–IF it becomes one now, even with Dan’s well publicized demonstration.(I am not at this point commenting on whether it is a proper way to illustrate it).

One cannot decry the using of a spirit board (eg Ouija) and then turn around and start asking spirits in a house for them to answer a question. Of course you can do it, but you will be logically inconsistent…speaking out of both sides of your mouth. The logic is unassailable and it SHOULD be enough to convince us, but given sinful human nature, many, if not most, in the paranormal community will resist the irresistable logic in this argument.We are not as objective in our search for truth as might think.

Besides, in Deuteronomy 18:11-12, a litany of things that God finds detestable, is the practice of spiritism–attempting to speak to the dead….    says, ” …and do not call forth spirits of the dead.”. The reasoning is as follows: attempting to speak to the dead is sinful…collecting EVP’s is attempting to speak to the dead…therefore, collecting EVP’s is sinful. The logic is valid and sound….irrefutable…So, the Christian paranormal investigator is in double jeopardy regarding the collection of EVP’s–the parallel with spirit board usage and the bible’s clear prohibition, which the New Testament does not reverse…

When Dan asked my opinion on air, I basically said, “No matter how convicted you feel to do this, no matter how much you fast and pray to seeks God’s will (which he had done), you will be breaking God’s objective law if you perform this experiment with the Ouija board.”  He, of course, knew I was going to say that, and I admire the fact that he would still ask my opinion anyway.

In the course of the conversation I acknowledged that there was a time and place to disobey a law of God.

Being of German extraction (Hunnemann), I am painfully aware that the German citizens in general, and the pastors in particular, did not in sufficient numbers oppose the wicked Hitler. But there were some brave souls who hide Jews in their houses and righteously lied to the SS when they came snooping around. In this fallen world, there are situations (not to be confused with situational ethics) where we must obey a higher law of God (the saving of human lives) even if it puts us at odds with another law of God (prohibition on lying).

The bible has several examples of this–the Hebrew midwives who saved the lives of many infants by lying to Pharoah, and Rahab who saved the lives of the Jewish spies by lying to her fellow citizens as to their whereabouts.It is common sense…would you not lie if it would prevent an intruder ito your home from killing your loved ones? Of course you would, and God would want you to lie in that situation…again I am NOT embracing situational ethics…

How serious is the practice of soliciting EVP’s? Is it serious enough to warrant the drastic measure of using a Ouija board to publicly and graphically illustrate a point (lives–eternal and temporal were at stake)? Let’s deal with the first question. From my reading of the bible and from experience, I am convinced that everyone who attempts to collect EVP’s is susceptible to all the dangers that attend spirit board useage.

It is spiritual Russian Roullette; sooner or later the gun will go off. At a bare minimum, you are opening portals to the demonic or widening ones that already exist–which may affect the eternal destinies of the occupants as well the investigators. In addition, demonic attachment or oppression is happening with frightening frequency to large numbers of ghost hunters. This is a very troubling trend, but one I predicted would happen in my book. You CANNOT regularly talk to demons (thinking they are dead humans) and not get burned in the process.

And remember that the most insidious form of demonic assault is not necessarily where crosses are flying off the wall, but where there is the quiet, steady influence of pure evil on the spiritual health of those in the house or are doing the EVP collecting. Non-Christian investigators are having their hearts further hardened by this dabbling in the demonic. This is what is so tragic about the belief in ghosts, is that it diminishes the eternal significance or reality that you are really dealing with direct communication with demons.

The collecting of EVP’s  is accellerating unbelievers damnation, and opens all participants to horrible demonic attack. Again, the quiet, steady influence of the demonic over decades can cause a long walk in the wrong direction–spiritually speaking (or even health problems…mental or physical). The adoption of a more progressive or tolerant view of other religions, is a prime example of the insidious and noxious fruit of exposure to high octane levels of the diabolical. This warrants a separate study, but Christians must tolerate (no,,LOVE) all people regardless of what they believe, but we must not take the next step and speak of equal VALIDITY of all religions–that is being a traitor to truth.

What alarmed me to the point I felt compelled to write my book, is that everyone who believes in and speaks to alleged ghosts are really having direct communication with demon, who are pure evil and hell-bent on bending us into hell. So, the stakes are incredibly high. There are titanic ramifications to speaking to alleged ghosts in search of EVP’s. Is it enough to biblically sanction performing an experiment with a Ouija board, in order to maximally heighten people’s awareness of the life and death issues involved?

Don’t get lost in that question, when the main point is as bright as the noon-day sun. The question is: will the paranormal community have the integrity to seriously reflect upon the appropriateness of it’s bread and butter form of evidence collection?

Peace, Mark Hunnemann.



Article Two – November 9, 2011 

EVP Equipment – Digital Voice Recorders

Greetings in Jesus! If Jesus is Lord, then He must be Lord over the full spectrum of life…including our thoughts and practice regarding the collections of EVP’s (demonic voices caught on digital recorder). 

Prior to Halloween we discussed this issue, but because of its pervasive use in the paranormal community (along with dowsing rods, flash-light experimentation, and so on),it is worthy of a second look.Serious change does not come easily. Not only is the collection of EVP’s  nearly universal in investigations, it also is arguably the backbone of most investigations.

It is the main source of evidence that the paranormal community has come to rely on as an indicator of possible paranormal activity in a location. Hence, I don’t think I need to ramble on in order to convince you how serious and significant this issue is.

An honest seeker for paranormal truth is willing to go through the painful process of having their deepest assumptions analyzed. And it can be excruciating, but like divine discipline, it results in the peaceful fruit of righteousness (Heb.12:11). Honest seekers actually want distortions in their worldviews to be cleared up because they know how easy it is to be self-deceived…especially regarding something they have an emotional investment in..This is one such assumption…it is deep, assumed to be a valid form of evidence by almost the entire paranormal community–except for a few dissenters.

The collapse of EVP methodology would shake the very foundations of ghost theory, so only the most honest of seekers of truth will be willing to listen (really listen) to arguments against its validity, effectiveness, and safety. So, are you an honest or dishonest seeker for paranormal truth? 

  1. As Kim and David enter the living room, they first do an EMF sweep. Then, Kim asks,”Are there any spirits in this room?..if there is, would you please tell us your name by speaking into this recorder I have in my hand…….Is Martha Webster here?.” (a former owner of the house,who had committed suicide in that room). Upon review, to their delight,  they discovered they had  two “class A”  EVP’s, both of which were clearly intelligent responses…

2. Both Tim and Sarah had the tips of their fingers lightly on the top of planchette of the Ouija board. Tim asked, “Are there any spirits here with us tonight?…….the planchette shoots like a rocket to “YES”…What is your name?…and it quickly spells  S-A-R-A-H…W-E-B-S-T-E-R….They took their fingers off the planchette and watch in horror as it races so fast around the board, that it began to peel the paint off. From that moment on, they both came under demonic oppression.

The paint peeling episode actually took place on a case I was involved with. Admittedly, it is an extreme example, but it graphically illustrates the dangers of Ouija board use.

However, what is the difference between the two scenarios? None….they are essentially the same. In the first scenario there is the veneer of the scientific which seemingly sanctions and legitimizes what, is in reality, no different than what happens in the second scenario.

Don’t miss the forest for the trees in the two examples.In both scenarios, there is a verbal request for any spirits to communicate. Then a specific request. How does the fact that you are holding a digital recorder change this fundamental similarity in methodology?

Paradigm changes don’t come easily to a community with shared ideals and beliefs. But if you are an honest seeker for truth (in any area), then you will be willing to see what does not fit in your currently distorted worldview. Even if it hurts…because eventually the truth will set you free.

We rightly warn people of the dangers of spirit board useage (eg Ouija)…should we not be equally concerned for our dear friends (or ourselves) who routinely engage in EVP sessions?

There are many earnest Christians who believe in ghosts these days. The Lordship of Jesus Christ requires that what we believe should be consistent with a biblical worldview.

“Cast all your burdens upon Him because he cares for you.” Amen. Mark Hunnemann.



Article Three – November 15, 2011 

Ouija Board

Greetings in Jesus, Soon after writing the last newsletter, I recieved a reply from a kind woman. She raised a very good point regarding this EVP–Ouija board parallel…and I know she is not alone. Here is the point she made: we should not draw a parallel between the dangers inherent in Ouija board use and an EVP session because the Ouija board involves the spirit manipulating the hands or entire body, but in an EVP session there is no such physical manipulation of the body. There is only the request for the spirit to enter. Hence, the suggested parallel is invalid. This is an honest, legitimate point…one I am very glad she raised.

It does seem to me that spirits who manipulate a person’s hands or body during a Ouija session is an added danger…one not experienced doing an EVP session (at least not in the same way). Anytime a demon actually takes partial or full control of even part of a person, there is the potential for accellerated damage.Common sense…If that were the end of the story, then it would also spell the end for the need for EVP reform.

However, I need to point out that this objection, as valid as it is, misses my main point. The primary and most fundamental similarity between EVP collection and Ouija board sessions is that both request spirit/s to enter. This occurs logically and temporally prior to possible hand manipulation by a spirit/demon. Spirits/demons have to first enter or be present before they can touch a person’s hands.or speak into a recorder..Before the demons manipulate the hands, they have to first be present.

Again, common sense.. Even if you believe in ghosts, you still don’t know what kind of spirit/demon may enter. This invitation for the demon to become present and active, exposes everyone there to all manner of demonic influence, which have nothing to do with hand manipulation. Both are oracles of sorts, and there must be an animating spirit present for either to work as an oracle. The primary danger of Ouija board useage is also present with gathering Electronic Voice Phenomenon…by opening doors which were meant to stay closed.

After the verbal questioning begins, the investigators and the client are then potentially exposed to a higher octance presence of the demonic.

Hence, the parallel stands… The primary danger attending Ouija use also attends an EVP session..which means that I will do all that is in my power to lovingly warn my friends in the paranormal community.of the serious danger involved in collecting EVP’s.And I challenge you to do the same. If what I am saying is true, then immessurable damage has already been done, and the horriffic tragedy continues unabated.

Ghost Voice Spirit Box

There is no way to be sure, but it is possible that every time alleged ghosts are verbally addressed, another portal is opened or widened. Why? One thing I can say with 100 % certainty, is that every verbal EVP session breaks God’s holy law (Deut,18:11 ) Every law has a divine “I love you.”” attached to it, and was given by God to protect us from harm. (There are ways of collecting EVP’s which don’t involve attempting to speak to the dead…scattering recorders around the house while doing other forms of investigating)–.

Ever heard of common grace? It is a term theologians use to describe the blessings God showers upon believers and non-believers (eg rain) And,.this common grace also extends to spiritual laws that God has established to protect us. In a very real sense, we don’t break natural laws (eg gravity), but rather they break us. If you try to defy gravity by jumping off a ten story building, gravity will crush you. In a similar way, our Lord created spiritual laws which operate in the paranormal/supernatural realm.

The text in Deut.18:11, which forbids attempting to contact the dead, is an example of God’s protective supernatural laws; if we attempt to speak to alleged ghosts, then we do so at our own peril. Between what we see and what we fear, there are doors–when they are opened…. nightmares become reality. We are crushed or broken every time we break that law.

Where there once was a red light for accellerated demonic activity, but with the withdrawal of common grace due to sin, now there is a green light created…. inviting demons to enter and/or us becoming their target of assault.We get to walk away (or do we?), but our clients are left with the ongoing carnage caused by our breaking of God’s objective law–which is transcultural and transgenerational (spans all cultures and time) in its authority.

In the most recent episode of Ghost Adventures  two things stick out in my mind. First,  they interviewed a six year old boy who had been given a digital recorder as a present in order to hunt for ghosts. The little boy pointed to a rock on which he was sitting and said that an orb had landed right next to him recently, and then it moved to the other side of the him.

It then suddenly shot up in the air, only to drop down and enter his head. This graphically illustrates how hugely prevalent spirit solicitation has become. What is particularly disturbing about this story is that`this bundle of intelligent energy enters the boy.

Second, during the show Zak Bagans mentions that recently he had been dragged by his feet out of his bed. On other occasions he has indicated that he is unable to extricate himself from this oppression, and that it is ruining areas of all their lives. They are not alone…more and more investigators or individuals have noticed outward signs of being oppressed and/or having a demonic attachment. Have you had something follow you home?.(I realize many of you are not into the paranormal scene, but it is still important to understand what is happening).

As horrible as the outward oppression is, there is something happening that is much more common and is more insidious. In a previous newsletter I refer to both activities as a form of spiritual Russian Roulette. The problem with that analogy is that it implies that most of the time nothing bad happens.Which do you think is a more effective demonic strategy: to visibly attack someone–leaving no doubt as to what is happening, or to enter and be a silent but deadly presence over the span of decades?

What if most Ouija and EVP sessions that don’t result in overt demonic attacks, do result in this more covert activity–where the person is the target of chronic and acute demonic influence that is not outwardly discernable? What if for years pure evil (demons) are projecting into you thoughts, feelings, moods, and attitudes? What if most Ouija and EVP sessions do work, but work silently?

The long walk in the wrong spiritual direction does much more to expand the kingdom of darkness than a short spurt of spiritually dark fireworks, which brings in the cavalry to get rid of it.

Which brings us full circle. Using a Ouija board may lead to manipulation of a person or their hands, but both (Ouija and EVP sessions) will 100% of the time result in the breaking of a serious, objective law of God. Both bring dishonor to the singular honor and dignity of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus has the keys to life, death, and the grave, then the very notion of ghosts is an implicit denial of this glorious fact…

This is a call for radicals of all ages to confront the evil and error that is plunging the paranormal community into darkness. The time is short..let us make our lives really count for the Lord. Amen.   Mark Hunnemann.  


Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes by Mark Hunnemann

You may be convinced some of this communication is from light-based entities but how can you be certain such beings are benevolent? Please see my numerous articles of true stories where people Tested the Spirits in Jesus Name to reveal their true identity. Please, don’t just assume they are telling you the truth! Please also see Spirits impersonate the LIVING too or my TV and radio interviews where myself and others elaborate on this in greater detail.
My gratitude goes to my dear friend Mark Hunnemann for allowing me to share his above articles.


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit Laura’s blog Our Spiritual Quest.


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1 Response to EVP Recordings, The Ghost Box, The Spiricom Device used by Paranormal Investigators – Mark Hunnemann.

  1. Indeed such electronic ‘ghost hunting apps’ are becoming more popular because its a cheap source of laughs that requires or encourages any thinking. I saw a YouTube clip of a ‘psychic’ showing how these can be used on iphones, no questioning or invocation is necessary. Random words will come up that are not in any context, I wrote it off as a cheaply written up app that just randomly coughed up words. To make such an app would be an easy way to rip off kids and other rubes and get some easy money with little effort. You could compare it to an electronic version of the ouija board and this would make sense, ouija boards are either regarded as a method to get absolute truth from the spirits or else as a gag for party tricks. Either way they cater to people who have no idea of what they can really do and therefore cannot perceive them as potentially dangerous.

    Have I used ouija boards? Yes. I also used runes as well but using ouija boards and runes was an occasional thing not as a full time obsession which some people will fall into through loneliness. To write such people off as losers is wrong, on occasions I preferred the company of demons for intellectual stimulation as opposed to the lager louts, celebrity lovers and other wastes of space who think no further than their next pizza, next drink or next football match. But I was a satanist then and in the ‘firm’ so I got more direct and honest answers than some dabbler, a dabbler will not be told blatant lies but will get answers which are not concrete, that are left to interpretation and allow the ‘questioner’ to lie to themself. Is this not how politicians answer questions these days?

    As to the modern versions of ouija boards and runes it is not straight forward to examine them, we dont know what has been encoded into the app, we dont know if any sigils have been imprinted into the circuitry. Sigils would play a big part in this, I used sigils as a centrepiece on the ouija board. I had a name of a demons boss which would ensure a degree of authority, dabblers and party jokers do not have that. With what they do they are as a child that invites a feral dog into their house without understanding that the dog can turn on them. Or else it can be compared to a drug dealer who will give you free drugs until you are addicted, this can apply to dabblers who make contact out of loneliness. The relationship with the ‘friends’ will build up but there will come a time where you will have to join the ‘firm’ or else your friends will disappear. For some people the thought of loneliness and only having lager louts and other halfwits as company may be too much to bear.

    Lets be brutally honest there will be demons looking for redemption at any given time, but there are people who are determined to avoid redemption at any given time. Would I tell anyone to avoid encountering demons at any cost?

    Well it would be the same as going into a bad part of town or going into a cage match. In all honesty I cannot say no, but if you do not have belief and faith in God then you will go down fast.


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