After suffering much abuse, Deborah gave her life to satan …

Deborah Hawkins

True Story

Do you remember the book, From Witchcraft to Christ by Doreen Irvine? While Deborah Hawkins was still trapped in the occult, she was invited to a church, where Doreen was speaking. Doreen met and prayed for Deborah! But years before, starting from her infancy, Deborah was abused time and time again. Her gran was a Medium, so she was exposed to the supernatural from a young age. Eventually she gave her life to satan. “Up until this point, I had been a mess, been through multiple trauma, joined a coven and other stuff. Jesus came into the middle of all that mess … When as a young woman, I dabbled with the occult, my soul was in danger, because I did not know Jesus or what Jesus had accomplished for me. I believed the Father of lies, I was on his ground. But when the name of Jesus was spoken, Satan could not overrule, his power was limited and God’s power through his Son Jesus was sovereign.” Deborah wrote. Debz kindly gave me extracts from her book, Dark Seeds 3AM, see below. The book is incredible and I’ll be writing a review of it soon. In the near future, she will be a guest on my radio show. I do hope you will tune in to hear her incredible message of Christ’s salvation and hope. Amazon description’s of Deborah’s book : ‘This is a true supernatural story; of one woman’s battle with evil that began in her childhood and how she won against adversity in the end. In this remarkable tale of a life in a seemingly unstoppable downward spiral, our eyes are opened to see a human cocktail of desperation & hope, rejection & love, death & life that will make your heart race. Deborah describes her beginnings as a child subjected to the paranormal. In this remarkable tale of a life in a seemingly unstoppable downward spiral of occultism, drugs, abuse and rebellion, her search for love was shattered. Underneath it all is a palpable, menacing threat of evil that manifests itself physically. Throughout the story are multiple traumas including a miracle of salvation. Deborah Hawkins resides in Eastbourne East Sussex UK. This book is her testimony to the fact that no matter how far you fall or are dragged under, by your own actions or the depravity of others, there is always hope.’




Extract from Deborah’s book : “We arrived at his house, which was set in a small place called Swallownest just a few miles outside of the city. Kevin explained he had been living on his own for a while and was divorced. The area was very quiet which suited me as I had my own reasons for wanting a bit of privacy. I settled in and made myself at home. The house was rather boring and plain and it wasn’t long before I was painting the walls, adding my own personal touches to the house. I tidied up, cleaned and redecorated a couple of the rooms to suit my own needs. The kitchen was painted black and silver and on the end wall Kevin painted a picture of a traveller walking along a long winding road set in the heart of the country. He said it reminded him of me. In the main bedroom I painted the floor and walls purple. Candles were lit all over the house; I preferred candles to light bulbs as my eyes had developed sensitivity problems to light. Around the house the smell of incense permeated the air. A few weeks had passed and each day while Kevin was at work, I was left alone to do my own thing, most of the time I read about magic and made a decision to invoke Satan. My mental state at the time was intense. I had felt driven to meet with Satan for some time and nothing could shift that focus. Having read the basics of Witchcraft it bored me. I found myself rebelling against mainstream belief systems. I wanted to meet the master. So I read further books more in line with the black arts, which became more of an interest. What burned in my heart was a passion to meet with Satan who I now saw as my only father, a compulsion I no longer hid from myself nor understood. It just seemed natural to me. Week after week almost every private moment that I had involved a demand that Satan appear so that an exchange could take place, I poured out my heart’s desires sharing that I wanted power and control and in return my soul was his, I would lay down everything for that exchange to take place, my whole being would become his and I would remain his child. If there was such a thing as a soul I was going to find out, I couldn’t think of anything more valuable to offer than the whole of me. My history had already shown me that a spirit realm existed and as a child I was terrified, but now I was older and much bolder as my thirst for knowledge had grown. I knew with the way that I had bonded with Polly at the borstal that I was being drawn towards a deeper and darker dimension, as to why I had no idea, I just knew it was happening. At times I questioned my own sanity, I had so many questions and very few answers. My mind was so set on achieving my goal that I tried to dig up a grave to retrieve a skull to help me concentrate on the spirit realm but the roots of the tree stopped me getting through and I gave up through physical exhaustion. Not once did I share with Kevin what I was doing. When he was at work I would light candles and utter what was on my heart. I no longer wanted to read books that required a formula what was in my heart had as much strength as any ritual. In the evening I took what opportunity I could to do a short invocation when Kevin was preoccupied elsewhere in the house. When it was dark I would walk through the countryside and I would talk to Satan as if he was next to me. The utterance of his name was constantly upon my lips. Sometimes I would sit under the light of the moon and allow the night to envelop me. One evening I went to bed around 1:30am, which was early for me. I placed my head down on my pillow and looked at Kevin who was fast asleep, he looked so relaxed. As I drifted off into my own sleep I hoped I would sleep as peacefully as Kevin. It felt like I had only been asleep for a short duration when suddenly my mind became alert, I looked at the alarm clock and noticed the time, it was exactly 3am. Puzzled, I got out of bed sensing that something was about to happen. My heart began to pound in my chest as I immediately felt a strong pull in the pit of my stomach to go downstairs. I descended down the stairs slowly and noticed that the atmosphere in the house was very cold and heavy. I felt unsettled in myself as I became aware of my surroundings. I knew I was not alone. As I got to the entrance to the kitchen I noticed that as I breathed out the warm air from my lungs my breath hung in the cold night air. My chest felt tight and restricted as I found it difficult to breathe. I entered the kitchen peering into the dark and waited. As I stood in the kitchen I felt a presence in front of me that defied all logic, it had such magnitude that it was overwhelming. The room became filled in height, width and depth by a spiritual being it gripped tightly like a strong tentacle unwilling to let go, I could not believe the sheer expanse of its Presence. I sensed that what was before me was sinister; projecting a hunger for my soul that created in me a fear and urgency I had never felt before. It was like the end of the world had come in a split second. I felt so small and insignificant against such an overwhelming force that I slowly backed out of the room. My whole being became consumed by a vile, malevolent energy that I struggled to keep my composure. Within seconds my mind filled with searing pain, I had never felt so cold or so fragile. Inwardly my soul screamed as I felt it being drawn with force out of my body. I realized that whatever my beliefs were on whether or not I had a soul it was no longer in question; the very core of my being, the centre of who I was, was being sucked out of my body creating an eternal void of utter desolation and detachment. Each step I took required total concentration and immense effort. I no longer wanted to be in the same room as my soul became afflicted with a finality that convinced me I was already damned and I wanted to live. I knew now that to strike up a bargain with Satan was to allow a presence of such impurity that for it to enter my being meant only one thing death or life within the realms of insanity. As reality kicked in hard I moved to the base of the stairs, pumping with adrenalin panic filled my head, my heart thumping in my chest. I desperately wanted to run but my legs felt like lead weights. I screamed out aggressively a resounding ‘No’! Making it clear the deal was off. This was not what I had expected. With a concerted effort I ran up the stairs, I had no desire to look behind me; I knew instinctively that I would not survive. My ears hurt as the sound of hooves that pounded the stairs came at a fast pace, cantering hard. I understood immediately that in the spirit realm Satan had come from such a distance that for the fullness of his presence to reach me required travelling at a speed that no earthly man could envisage, I knew that although there was a projection of his presence here with me it had not come in completeness, yet and I had no doubts that time was running out. In desperation I ran as if my very life depended on it, the pounding became unbearable; fast and furious hooves hit the stairs with a relentless determination. My mind screamed inside at the thought that I would be truly lost for all time. As I got to the top of the stairs Kevin was already awake, I could see the colour had drained from his face. “What have you done?” Kevin screamed as we both continued to hear the thundering of hooves galloping frantically up the stairs. It seemed like the noise was magnified to a loudness unbearable to the ears and the distance covered by this raging beast was not like any distance perceived in the human world. Kevin quickly pushed me out the way and shouted with authority that cut the air, “In the name of Jesus get behind me Satan”. Kevin stood there like a strong tower as the words were spoken out with clarity and great strength; we both listened as the sound of hooves clambered back down the stairs at an unbelievable speed finally to disappear. I sat down on the bed shaking violently realizing how close I had come to losing everything. Kevin sat down next to me; from head to toe his body could not stop shaking either. The atmosphere around us lifted and the temperature in the bedroom became warm again. “I should have burnt your books, we have both been foolish. Did you think that you could invite evil in and not be overpowered without Jesus Christ in your life?” Kevin seemed angry but also relieved. What possessed you to summon Satan? Satan is fallen angel who can appear in several forms but he can only be in one place at a time, which is why the intensity of his pursuit for you was critical.”


new creation butterflies

2 Corinthians 5:17

To read all of Deborah’s book, you can order it directly from her, or from this website link.

It’s also available on Amazon.

Deborah found Jesus, and is now a trained counsellor, project founder, author, speaker, mother and Nana. She has a passion to bring wholeness to others through her written work and speaking engagements. You can contact Deborah Hawkins  if you’d like her to consider speaking in your church, or venue. You can call her landline on England 01323 655721 or on her mobile cell number 07840 363486. Or email her on



Sometimes when I share others testimonies on Facebook, etc, folks will notice things that can be criticised. I don’t agree with censorship, so I don’t edit testimonies, as it comes from someone else and it’s personal. It’s not my place to correct the person, if I don’t agree with their choice of words.

For example, often myself and others may say we ”dabbled” in the New Age or Occult. I do understand why some may feel the word ‘dabble’ is wrong, as it may seem to trivialise the past involvement.

Perhaps the word ‘dabbling’ isn’t the best word to describe it, but let’s instead focus on the wonderful fact that myself and friends like Deborah Hawkins, were saved from demonic abuse and torment, suicide, etc, because Jesus came & rescued us.

And now Debz life is truly a shining beacon to so many others. She is a trophy of God’s love and grace & I’m so grateful she has answered God’s call to help others. It’d be so easy to hide away forever and lick her wounds, but she has overcome by Christ’s power & helps others come through what she did.

Not many folks are prepared to do that & most run a mile if they meet a person with demonic problems, but she puts aside her own past … with courage she shares embarrassing things of her past to help & minister to others. I’m so thrilled to have Deborah as my friend and sister in Jesus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

God bless you! Laura Maxwell.



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Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see
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