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Satanic Queen of Witches for Europe – Doreen Irvine’s Story.

Ex satanist and victim of abominable practices, hear Doreen’s entanglement with the occult and her eventual dramatic release, filmed 1986. http://www.angelfire.com/md3/pafn777/doreen.html Email: pafn777@hotmail.com From Witchcraft to Christ, book by Doreen Irvine: Her full story includes her supernatural deliverance by the … Continue reading

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Recent Headlines! True or False? Prayerfully read below and then decide! Supporting links provided. BOMBSHELL: HILLARY CLINTON’S SATANIC NETWORK EXPOSED and CLINTON CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN PRACTICES BIZARRE OCCULT RITUAL Alex Jones, Joe Biggs and Lee Ann McAdoo discuss the latest news … Continue reading

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