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What were Mary’s thoughts raising Jesus then watching Him die on Calvary’s Cross?

‘While I do not espouse whatsoever in the worship of Mary, like others in the bible, I can certainly appreciate what God teaches us through their lives.’ Article by Nikki Garrett  from Ex Illuminati Member Carolyn Hamlett’s blog Beyond The Physical … Continue reading

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Sharon McCormack of Bishopbriggs, Glasgow – Organs miraculously healed from drug/alcohol abuse!

  Sharon and I were next door neighbours as wee girls and best friends in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, trying to console each other through our traumatic teens. I’ll never, ever forget the day I led her to Jesus as an adult, … Continue reading

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Crises – wars, economy, natural disasters, persecution, death – don’t fear, trust Jesus.

‘When you hear of wars and rumours of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.’ Mark 13:7 We have a very nervous dog. She’s absolutely terrified of thunder, and hears it in … Continue reading

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