New Ager Seeks Truth: Natalia Lavaggi and Psychic Power, Channelling Guides, Energy Healing, Tarot, DNA Activation, Universe, Twin Flame, and Akashic Records to Freedom.

Natalia Lavaggi channelled spirit guides. Believing: we are all just ‘energy’; Universe as our Source; One Mind; Awakening her Higher Self; Law of Attraction; reading The Secret; Akashic Records; Hindu Gurus; Yoga; Karma; Clearing Blocked Chakras; Meditation; developing Psychic Powers; Energy Healing; Pantheistic View; Metaphysical Workshops; certain Holistic new age practices in Beauty Salons… the list of her new age beliefs and practises goes on!

Natalia Lavaggi

Then, spirits began to attack her! She experienced ‘Sleep Paralysis’. They tried to strangle her, choke her, chasing her in her dreams. Her child even saw the Evil Eye in his room. She purged her home of many books and anything she’d used for divination purposes, crystals, etc.

Through Jesus Name and His power, she got free from their grip. Natalia sees a huge difference between the new age, mystical and eastern practises and an authentic loving relationship with Jesus.

It’s not about new age rituals or ascending, trying to improve and become enlightened, working out our karma, etc. It’s not about us, it’s about Him! He already died on the cross for us and will cleanse and transform us if we ask and follow Him as our Saviour!

Natalia Lavaggi

I’d urge you to listen through to the end of this 4 part show below, where my guest Natalia ends by praying for our audience, a very powerful and heartfelt prayer I’d love you all to hear! Laura Maxwell, conference speaker and radio host.



NOTE: The above is a newly created YouTube PlayList. It features a series of radio shows Laura and Natalia recorded a couple of years ago.



Automatic Writing,



Astral Projection.



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