Islam by ‘JT’ John Tancock.

JT on Revelation TV

JT on Revelation TV

The truth about Islam! A survey found over 70% of Muslims supported the killing of Islam converts to another religion.  The Quran and the Hadith (traditions) support this barbaric behaviour. John Tancock shared these comments on his blog.

You might know JT, from Revelation TV. He did many programs with our beloved brother, the late Doug Harris. A few of JT’s interviews are on Doug’s YouTube channel. (See link).

JT kindly gave me permission to share this article on Islam, he’d recently posted to his site JTs Blog Spot.

JT has an amazing knowledge of scripture & writes insightful apologetics. I met him at the funeral of Doug Harris and he has a genuine warmth for people. I’m grateful to JT, for helping me over the past five+ years, as I’ve sometimes referred people to him, Doug Harris and Michael Cummins.

JT will be speaking at a conference in Motherwell, Scotland this month, so please check his blog for details! Now, for his article …

ISLAM  by John Tancock. Posted on JT’s BlogSpot, 7th Jan 2015.

From JT's Facebook post.

From JT’s Facebook post.

Another twelve people dead. It simply goes on and on and on, hijacking, suicide bombing, beheading, kidnapping, shoe bombing, raping, persecuting, all in the name of Allah or Mohammed and to the cry Allahu Akbar (God is greatest). Its barbaric, primitive, evil, vengeful, vile and right out of the dark age and its not civilised.

Its sickening.

Anger rises within me, the urge for vengeance stirs in me. I am though a Christian and I do all I can to suppress or ignore these feelings.

They say religion causes all this violence, it isn’t just some religion. You can guess which one gets the lion’s share of blame, it’s not hard! I for one, am glad I am a Christian.

Yes, I know there are millions of Muslims who are appalled at these things and seek to distance themselves from them. There is a problem though. Unlike Christianity where the centre of the faith is Jesus, with his emphasis on forgiving your enemies and turning the other cheek, Islam is different.

The core documents of Islam encourage and command violence, there is no way out of it. Sometimes the bible is highlighted as promoting genocide, violence and vengeance but the opposers forget that the pinnacle, goal end purpose and fulfilment is Jesus not Leviticus, the revelation of the New Testament is our centre. The Quran validates violent behaviour ‘… to slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.’

Sometimes, Muslim scholars will say that there are peaceful verses in the Quran as well, but there is a problem. Muslims know there is the principle of abrogation, later verses abrogate, or set aside earlier ones.  The violent texts are all later than the peaceful ones.

The early history of Mohammed and Islam support the behaviour of the bombers, murderers and beheaders. Islam butchered its way to France and tried to break into Europe from the East. The Byzantine empire based in Constantinople stood in the way until May 29th, 1453.

Islam spread quickly as old tired empires that had fought each other for centuries collapsed. It wasn’t spread by modelling quality society, or by missionaries, or by handing out free Qurans.

Islam spread by the sword. No ifs, no buts, no maybes … the sword.

I pray that moderate, mainstream or peaceful Muslims win the internal war on this, but history and their Holy book is on the side of the violent.

A survey was done a while ago asking Muslim majority populations a few important questions. One of them was ‘would you support the death penalty for anyone who converts away from Islam to another religion’. I will make the survey details available in another blogpost, but sadly even in this the 21st century again and again over 70% of Muslims supported the killing of Muslims who voluntarily become, say Christians. The Quran and the Hadith (traditions)support this barbaric behaviour.

JT at Revelation TV

JT at Revelation TV

In an attempt to start firstly, to raise awareness and understanding amongst Christians about Islam and secondly, to help Christians engage boldly with Muslim neighbours. I am holding a special teaching and discussion evening :

‘What every Christian should know about Islam’

On February 24th 2015, 7-9pm.
At Spring Terrace, Church hall, Sandfields, Swansea, Wales.
It will include multimedia, Q and A, discusson and resources.

More on JT’s blog.

You can also find JT on Facebook, see below link. (Image from JT’s Facebook).


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