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Lucifer Disciples Plan To March In USA For New World Order, June 2020.

Lucifer Disciples Marching For New World Order, June 2020. ”The Vatican, The Pope, the media, Hollywood celebrities, world governments, ALL CALLING FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER!” As many know, this is predicted in the Bible. It’s a sign of the … Continue reading

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Satanist group settles $50m lawsuit with Netflix in copyright row over Sabrina TV show!

This branch of satanism seems to be unaware there are many types of satanism, some who regard satan as a real being and worship him, perform ritual blood, animal or human sacrifices, and some who don’t! Sadly, I imagine the … Continue reading

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Ex-Luciferian and Founder of a Luciferian Movement Jacob McKelvy Radically Converted!

A MUST READ ARTICLE! – Ex Luciferian Radically Converted! The founder of a Luciferian church in Texas has converted to Christianity. Jacob McKelvy, formerly known as Jacob No, was instrumental in bringing together a group of “Luciferians” to form a … Continue reading

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