Lucifer Disciples Plan To March In USA For New World Order, June 2020.

Lucifer Disciples Marching For New World Order, June 2020.

”The Vatican, The Pope, the media, Hollywood celebrities, world governments, ALL CALLING FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER!” As many know, this is predicted in the Bible. It’s a sign of the imminent false global utopia, an evil totalitarian dictatorship, under the antichrist system that occurs in the end times.

”In this video, I show how the Bible teaches that one of Satan’s Biggest Agendas is globalization! He tried to do it with The Tower of Babel. With COVID, he’s using that to thrust us quickly into a “New Normal,” AKA a New World Order.” Mario Brisson.

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Jw HortenberryPraying for the people of this broken world. I live in Cincinnati Ohio where one of these marches is going to take place. Please join with me in prayer for God to reach these lost souls before their time expires.’

Laura Maxwell  ‘Yes, Jw Hortenberry, I totally agree with you brother. As you were a Freemason, I was a New Age Spiritualist, Jerry Blase was a Satanist, and the list goes on … All of us who are now Christians were redeemed out of stuff, occult or otherwise. We can’t be self-righteous, these precious people need the love, mercy and salvation of Jesus just as we did!’ 

VIDEO BY Vigilant Mario.

Mario Brisson kindly granted me permission to upload this. Laura Maxwell.

These marches have been organised for other countries too, not just in the USA.

Luciferian NWO MarchLuciferian NWO March 2Luciferian NWO March 3




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