Truth About New Age And All Faiths Coexisting Together In Peace.


New Age and All Faiths Coexisting

Kevin Enavworhe of Toronta, Canada,kindly gave me permission to share his article.  He quotes Alice Bailey, the devotee of self confessed Luciferian Medium Madam Helena Blavatsky. Foster Bailey, Alice Bailey’s husband was a high ranking 33 degree Freemason author, again self confessed Luciferian! I was taught these lies too when I was a Spiritualist!

Lucifer – the magazine by the Lucis Trust, who are linked to The United Nations and many NGO’S.

Kevin Enavworhe

One of the reasons why I reject Coexisting is because respecting all beliefs to come together is accepting the Antichrist’s false peace (Dan. 8:25). Alice Bailey was the founder of Lucifer Publishing Company (now Lucis Trust). It was established in 1922 to help plan the United Nations material before it started. In her books she spoke of a man coming to unite all faiths together. She calls him “The Christ” (not the biblical Jesus). She said:

“Prepare men for the reappearance of the Christ. This is your greatest duty.” The Externalisation of the Hierarchy p. 641

“..Other steps will also be taken in this department of religions and of education, over which the Christ rules, and He will move to restore the ancient spiritual landmarks, to eliminate that which is nonessential, and to reorganize the entire religious field– again in preparation for the restoration of The Mysteries. These Mysteries, when restored, will unify all faiths”– Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy pg.14-15

There’s no neutrality. Jesus mentioned it’s either you’re with Him or against Him (Luke 11:23). Either your house is built on the rock (Christ) or built on sand (Matt. 7:24-27). Here is Jesus affirming the rule of non contradiction.

Even though the Son of God specifically states that he’s the only way to heaven (John 14:6), most New Agers claim that all religions lead to the same God. The problem is that every religion contradicts each other. So the God of Coexisting is disqualified from being a valid precondition of the rules of logic such as the rule of non contradiction, which means this worldview is wrong.

Deceptive New Age Luciferian Plan

Those who hold to the worldview of Coexisting would often claim that they respect all beliefs/religions when in actuality they do not. If you claim you do then my question would be: Do you respect that I don’t respect Coexisting since my Bible teaches that all other religions are wrong because Jesus Christ is the only way and if one is not Born Again they’ll die in their sins (John 3:3; 8:24)?

Religion – Which one is true?

If you respect it then you should have no problem with what I said. If you don’t respect it then you’ve just contradicted your own beliefs. #NewAgeLie

By Kevin Enavworhe

Kevin Enavworhe

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About Laura Maxwell: 

Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honours degree in Psychology.

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