On Halloween – Ex Shaman, Donald Holsclaw’s views.

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My perspective on Halloween by Donald Holsclaw, former shaman.

I was into rock and roll early in life and loved dark things, I loved  the band Kiss with the scary make up, breathing fire and lots of blood. I also loved horror movies and getting scared so I grew up loving Halloween.

I remember back when I was about 12 years old going to McDonald’s where they were doing face painting for Halloween and getting painted up like Paul Stanley of Kiss. Man, I thought that was so cool. As I grew older my life grew darker as I got into bands like AC~DC, Motley Crue, WASP, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborne.

I loved the dark music and I began using drugs and alcohol in my early teens. I read a lot and was interested in reading about the occult but didn’t practice it at that time. I was interested I guess because most all my favorite bands sang about it and used all the occult symbols and stuff.

I had friends who were practicing occultists who would tell me about their rituals and calling up demons and things like that, I loved to hear about it but I didn’t have any interest in taking part yet. It wasn’t until I started using a lot of hallucinogens and getting into the Rock band The Doors that I actually started wanting to practice the occult for myself.

I was scared of satanism and witchcraft and thought the religion shamanism was a safe alternative. I watched the movie The Doors and had learned Jim Morrison was a shaman and that they considered their music shamanistic.

I was a reader of High Times magazine and in the adds they advertised a book called Psychedelic Shamanism and stated experimenting with it while using acid and other drugs. I had some very spiritual experiences and really thought I was on the right path. It wasn’t until something my mother said that made me question if what I was doing was wrong.

She asked me if what I was doing could be eating of the forbidden fruit  that was mentioned in the Bible. That made me think and then soon after a program came on the History Channel about Prophecy. I decided to watch and what I saw really got me to thinking. It had a lot about Bible Prophecy and I got interested because all those predictions from thousands of years ago seemed to be coming to pass.

I was not raised in a Christian home though my grandparents took my sisters and I to church with them occasionally. I decided to go buy a Bible and to see for myself what the Bible really said. The first book I read was the book of Revelation. I didn’t get far before conviction set in, it was within the first week of reading that I fell on my knees and asked God to save me and to change me, I knew I could not change myself.

I soon after trashed all my rock and roll stuff and I had thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I got into my Bible and could hardly put it down, I wanted to know everything that was in it. I wanted to know everything about Bible Prophecy and about the coming of the Lord.

I started buying everything I could find on Bible Prophecy, books, videos, tapes, God gave me a hunger for truth and Bible Prophecy. He also gave me a hate for evil and deception and I started reading about the occult from a Christian perspective.

I found an old VHS tape about Halloween at the local Bible bookstore so I purchased it, I wanted to learn everything I could about everything spiritual. I already felt that Halloween was evil because it was all about darkness. I watched the video and it really got to me, I seen people who were saved out of satanic families testify of ritual abuse that happened to them during Halloween.

They told of babies being sacrificed as a offering to satan on Halloween night. They told how they would still relive it and have flashbacks of what happened to them and what they saw every Halloween.

Watching that really affected me and I was dead set to let other Christians know what Halloween was really about and the evil that took place on that day, I was sure they would want to know, boy was I surprised. I would try to tell them and most just didn’t want to know.

Donald Holsclaw

Donald Holsclaw

I would try to get them to watch the video and most would just say no. I still have the same problem today, most don’t want to know the truth about Halloween. It really bothers me to see churches go all out for such a dark and evil day, some even having haunted trails and other such celebrations.

Today on Facebook and friend’s blogs, I try to share the truth and to expose Halloween but very few pay any attention to my Halloween posts. I think it’s just the times we are living in. I know the Bible says that there would be a falling away in the end times and we are in those times.

We are living in a time when people don’t want the truth but are dead set on doing what they want to do I believe we are in the very last of the Last Days  and that Jesus is coming really soon. I want to be found faithful when he comes. Please be found faithful and standing against evil when Jesus comes.’

Donald Holsclaw an ex shaman.


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