Famous Ghost Hunter, The Late Mark Constantino: Exorcism Of His Sister Laura Constantino.

Exorcism/deliverance after involvement in Paranormal Investigations, which led to Demonic Harassment and Family Deaths ~ Article by Dana Emanuel. 


In July 2018, after seeing my video, The Great Paranormal Deceptions”, on my good friend, Laura Maxwell‘s YouTube channel, Laura Constantino contacted Laura M. and myself, regarding demonic activity and torment she and her adult daughter Samantha  were having in her home.

Her brother, Mark Constantino, of the world famous TV show, “Ghost Adventures”, died in tragic circumstances, (double murder-suicide), on 9/22/15 at the age of 53.

Laura’s brother, Mark Constantino and wife Debby Constantino, of the world famous TV show, “Ghost Adventures”, died in tragic circumstances, (double murder-suicide) on 9/22/15.

Mark and Debbie Constantino, of “Ghost Adventures” TV Show, Featured on the Travel Channel.

How Laura’s Personal Nightmare Began.

On the show, Laura C. explains that after the tragic deaths of her brother, Mark Constantino, and his wife, Debbie, Laura was curious and wanted answers. How could someone, like her brother, that she knew so well.. do what he did? This was not a case of someone she hardly knew, but this was her brother that she grew up with.

As Laura explains in the interview, they grew up together, going to catholic school, and Mark was even an alter boy. This was not someone that lived in a home with no love. Her and Mark grew up in a loving home with very loving parents. The conversations between them never ended without saying, “I love you.”

Laura and her siblings (Laura on front left, Gary on top left, and Mark on top right)

As Laura mentions on the show, she had many unanswered questions. Could this “hobby” of Marks’, (hence his involvement in the occult/paranormal) attributed to the tragedy? Could it have been that demonic spirits led him to do what he did? And what was it about the “paranormal” that Mark was so passionate about? Could the tragedy have actually been linked to this “hobby” of his?

Soon after Mark’s death, Laura decided to go to Virginia city, where Mark lived, to try hopefully, to get some answers. Her, along with her brother Gary Constantino, and her daughter Samantha LeoGrande all went together, despite warnings from her Priest, that “nothing good could come out of it”.

Laura, Samantha, and Gary.

After they arrived, they went to a local “ghost hunt” to find out what it was about the “paranormal field” that Mark was so attracted to, and to also see if the investigators could possibly “contact Mark” during their ghost hunt, as she had seen Mark do so many times on TV.

During the “ghost hunt”, it was brought to their attention that one of the investigators captured an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of what sounded like her brother Mark’s voice. They were all amazed, and also “convinced” that they did indeed make contact with Mark.

In the interview, Laura and her brother Gary explain that after arriving back home, almost immediately, Laura’s daughter, Samantha and Laura, started having paranormal activity in their home. The activity that Samantha was experiencing slowly progressed to severe torment. The incidents became more severe, and even physical. There were a few times, in which the demonic spirits literally almost killed her… (house fire, auto accident, etc).

After months of this torment, and failed attempts of house clearings by the family priest, Laura’s precious daughter, Samantha passed away unexpectedly… when only an hour before, her eyes appeared to be black in color, and she “didn’t seem like herself”. Laura felt certain that Sam’s life was taken by something not of this world… something evil, something supernatural.

Soon after Sam passed away, the paranormal activity that Laura was witnessing,  escalated. As Laura explains in our interview, things happened, such as sightings of “shadow figures”, and there were even incidents of physical attacks. Laura also suffered from incidents of ‘sleep paralysis’, where she would wake up on the floor, finding that she had been dragged out of her bed.

Once, She even walked into a room and found her hanging cross inverted upside down. Besides all the demonic torment she was going through, she was also grieving for her daughter Sam, to the point of major depression, at times, even considering suicide.

Laura Constantino and her beautiful daughter, Samantha LeoGrande.

Out of pure frustration and desperation, she finally put her home on the market for sale. She couldn’t take anymore. She was seeking help through the Catholic Church, as this was all she knew. But why weren’t they able to help her? Why wasn’t things getting better after the priest would come and pray for her? The torment only escalated.

One day, she was searching on YouTube for answers, as she had done so many times before, She came across a video, called “The Great Paranormal Deceptions”, by Dana Emanuel, an ex-paranormal investigator, now a deliverance minister. On the video, Dana talks about the dangers involved in the paranormal field and the occult. During the video, Dana coincidentally mentions Laura’s brother, Mark, and the tragedy that led to his and his wife, Debby’s deaths.

On Laura Maxwell’s YouTube.

After watching Dana’s video, on Laura Maxwell’s YouTube channel, Laura C. contacted Dana and Laura Maxwell. . (Laura Maxwell is an ex-spiritualist, now Deliverance minister , Radio host, and owner of Our Spiritual Quest International Ministry.)

After Laura C. contacted Dana, they spoke several times over the phone, sometimes the conversations lasting 3+ hours, as she and Dana discussed the torment that her and her family were going through. Having gone through a very similar situation, Dana explained to her how her prior involvement in the occult (paranormal investigations) eventually led to the demonic torment that Dana and her family went through, and she explained the steps necessary to rid herself and her home of the demonic spirits.

About the Hosts of ‘Spirituality Today: Laura and Dana Investigate.’

About Dana Emanuel, Radio Show Co-host:

Dana, being an Ex-Ghost hunter herself, was very familiar with Laura’s brother Mark Constantino, and his wife, Debbie. As she was always a big fan and follower of theirs while she was in the paranormal field. Dana used to be the founder of “Dead Time Paranormal Investigations”, until she finally left the field in 2011.

Dana left the paranormal field and got deliverance (aka exorcism), after her and her family suffered severe demonic attacks, and she learned that the “spirits” she was communicating and interacting with during these “ghost hunts”, were actually demonic spirits, masquerading as the departed spirits of our dead loved ones, (familiar spirits) just as the Bible tells us. After leaving the field, Dana began a deliverance ministry, warning and teaching others about the occult, and deceptions regarding the paranormal field.

About Laura Maxwell, Radio Show Host.

Laura Maxwell, also has a very similar testimony, leaving spiritualism and the occult, but only after losing her dear mum tragically to suicide, after suffering severe torment by demonic spirits.

Laura Maxwell’s Mum, Rita Peffer

Laura Maxwell leads a very successful ministry, Our Spiritual Quest, warning people of the dangers and deceptions surrounding spiritualism, the new age, and the occult and she shares the truth of Jesus, on international TV and radio interviews. Laura Maxwell was also the Radio Host of “The Supernatural, on Eternal Radio”.

Laura Maxwell’s Ministry Website: Https://ourspiritualquest.com

Laura Maxwell and Dana teamed up and advised Laura C. of what needed to be done for her to get deliverance and to stop the demonic activity in her home. They counselled with her for several months.

They also did a radio show interview with Laura Constantino and her brother, Gary Constantino, on August 25th, so Laura C. and Gary could warn others about the dangers involved in the paranormal. But after that show was recorded, Dana and Laura M. discussed getting Laura C. deliverance as she truly needed it. At this point, she had listed her home for sale, as the demonic harassment had become severe.

Laura Maxwell contacted a close friend of her’s, Pastor Michael Cummins, Deliverance minister, to see if he could lead Laura C.’s deliverance session, which he graciously volunteered to do.

Laura Maxwell and her good friend, Michael Cummins, of Revelation TV.

On 9/6/18, Laura Maxwell, and Dana assisted Michael Cummins as he led Laura’s deliverance, over Skype, which was very powerful and ended successfully, and we give God ALL THE GLORY!!!

After her powerful deliverance, we kept contact, and witnessed a miraculous transformation in her life, and besides all of the demonic activity ending, she is no longer depressed, or has thoughts of suicide! Even some people that she knew in her daily life told her that “something about her had changed” for the better.

One lady  told Laura that she seemed so happy and that the change was noticeable! The lady had no idea about her deliverance or the demonic torment she had been secretly going through.

On Laura Maxwell’s YouTube Channel.

The day after Laura C.’s deliverance, she messaged Laura and Dana, and told them, “when I woke up this morning, although it is cloudy outside, it seems as the day is bright, with birds singing, and it feels so good, and I feel FREE”!

On Laura Maxwell’s Blog.

We did a second radio interview with Laura C., to update everyone with her testimony, following her powerful deliverance. That is also included in the video! It’s a MUST HEAR!! (Part 2 @ 1hr 59 minute mark)



On Our New Radio Show ‘Spirituality Today, Laura and Dana Investigate’…

This very special and unique interview is our 1st episode! Laura and Gary Constantino share how Mark Constantino and Samantha LeoGrande’s involvement in the paranormal led to their early and tragic deaths. It also details the personal testimony of Laura’s powerful and life changing deliverance/exorcism and house cleansing which we personally assisted in over Skype.

>>> https://youtu.be/XmUNi-7rP_g

Dana’s video, regarding the dangers and deceptions of paranormal research, is called The Great Deceptions of the Paranormal.”  This is the video Laura Constantino ‘accidently’ found online, causing her to contact Dana and Laura M. for help!  See Dana’s video below >>>


Another video by Dana Emanuel, which was mentioned during the above interview, regarding how demonic spirits can affect those in the paranormal field, via “demonic possession” >>>



Dana is an Ex-Paranormal Investigator, Deliverance Minister/Exorcist, Author, Radio Co-Host, Radio Guest, Guest Speaker.

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Laura Maxwell is an Ex-Spiritualist, Deliverance Minister/Exorcist, Author, Radio Host, TV and Radio guest, Guest Speaker.

Laura educates people, from personal experience, on the dangers of New Age, Witchcraft, Occult and their Luciferian links to the New World Order’s global spiritual agenda, etc.’

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Comments From Viewers and Also Those Involved in This Special Case:

Laura LeoGrande Writes:

I am free! Thank you Jesus. Three years I suffered and was tormented every day. I thought I was going crazy. Then I came across your video Dana, and I know God had me watch it. Divine intervention is what happened to me. Thank you Laura Maxwell, Michael Commons, And you Dana Emanuel for giving me my life back! My long-distance sisters, I love you both so much! Gary and I thank you for having us on your show to tell our story…..

Dana Emanuel Writes:

This/these interviews were special to me for personal reasons, and Laura C. has been such a wonderful friend. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her transform spiritually where she has found profound freedom, like she has never experienced before! This case was personal also for my cohost and good friend, Laura Maxwell, as she too shares a very similar testimony! We pray that others will realize the truth behind paranormal research/the occult and how it affects people spiritually. We need to only seek the truth in Gods word and submit ourselves to it. Freedom is only found through Jesus… in Jesus alone!! This case was difficult as the enemy came against it in many ways. I was honored and humbled to have been able to assist and take part of her miraculous deliverance with Micheal Cummins and Laura Maxwell. It was very powerful and brought her much freedom! People that weren’t even aware of her situation and deliverance communicated to her of the noticeable differences and positive changes in her, which was the result of her deliverance, praise God!! We give GOD all the glory!!!!

Laura Maxwell Writes:

Please share and pray that countless ghost hunters, mediums, and psychics, including fans of the world famous “Ghost Adventures TV show”, (that Mark & Debby both starred on with Zac Bagans and Team), see this interview with Mark’s brother and sister! Many thanks! God bless you!

Mark Hunnemann, Deliverance Minister, and author of “Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes” Writes:

Not long ago a tragedy rocked the paranormal community with the passing of the Constantino’s. It obviously affected the family the most, and Mark’s sister and brother were interviewed by Laura Maxwell and Dana Emanuel.. It was one of the most touching interviews I have ever heard…and later Mark’s sister was spiritually freed in marvelous way.

Ivani Greppi Wrote:

I just finished listening to this powerful testimony! Praise God Laura and Dana for your ministry and for Laura Constantino’s deliverance from demonic bondage.


– Dana Dedicates This Song/Video to My Friend, Laura Constantino.


In Loving Memory…

Laura Constantino’s daughter, the late Samantha LeoGrande and Laura’s late brother, Mark Constantino.


Although the tragedies involving Mark and Debby Constantino are public record, we chose not to discuss the details surrounding the tragedy, out of respect for all parties involved, especially the immediate families. Please be sensitive and considerate for the grieving Constantino family when leaving comments. God bless you.

~Article written by Dana Emanuel~

~ ♡ ~

   ~ ♡ ~     

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About Laura Maxwell: 

Former New Age Spiritualist, Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, earning a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts and more about Laura, please visit her blog Our Spiritual Quest.


Laura Maxwell does not necessarily agree with all the information and conclusions presented by friends, guest articles on her blog, TV or radio interviews or her own radio show.

Laura is not paid for writing in books, magazines or appearing on TV, radio or at events. All of her work is of a voluntary nature.

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During a LIVE show on Revelation TV – satellite across Europe, USA and beyond. Plus online.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker | Author | Radio Host. (Ex New Age Spiritualist). From her inside knowledge and experience as an ex new age spiritualist, Laura shares the truth and dangers of New Age, Witchcraft and the Occult, plus their Luciferian, Lucis Trust and UN links to the New World Order's global spiritual agenda. Laura graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honors degree in Psychology. She is the founder of international ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. For her TV and radio shows, blog, publications, etc, see http://OurSpiritualQuest.com
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