Truth On “Energy Healings, Energy Medicine,” Reflexology, Pilates, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Tai Chi, etc, by Marcia Montenegro. 

Ex New Ager, Spiritualist & Professional Astrologer, participated in past life regression, astral travel, spirit contact, tarot cards and had spirit guides. Marcia Montenegro is a woman who I highly admire and as an EX New Ager myself, I can identify and have loved her resources for years!!!

She’s been a guest on my radio show The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell and her articles have featured on my blog. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her blog and Facebook page. (Details follow her below post).

Marcia Montenegro

  By Marcia Montenegro.

I have warned for many years about all of these except Buteyko, which I never heard of (although I have warned numerous times about the breath/breathing trend), including warning about several of these recently. Too bad they didn’t also address things like Rife Machines and all the “energy healings”. The Australian government ended subsidies for the methods below. It’s nice to be vindicated.

New Age Spiritually Based Therapies

All of those terms are New Age or endorse/include New Age/spiritually based treatments. See

Alternative Therapies, Reiki Massage, Pilates, etc.

‘Alternatives’ have that name because they are not medicine or scientifically-based. Australia banned insurance coverage on several “alternatives.” See

Alternative Therapies, Reiki, Reflexology, etc.

Alternatives are Pseudoscience and/or New Age/spiritually based treatments. All spiritually based treatments use pseudoscience for an attempted credibility but not all pseudoscience or quackery is New Age. See

Quote==In 2015, the Australian government completed a review of natural products covered by private health insurance plans. The authors looked for direct evidence of efficacy, focusing on systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials (for which there was little evidence.)

And this was 3 yrs. ago! Insurance rates go up when they cover junk medicine like this. It should be criminal to do so but here in the U.S., “Integrative” is the trend. At the very least, doctors and hospitals should disclose the unscientific and spiritual beliefs behind these treatments and not let the patient think they are actually medical.

Their 2015 review evaluated the following treatments:

* Alexander Technique, a form of physical therapy with elements of mindfulness, was not supported by much evidence beyond short-term back pain.
* Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils with therapeutic intent, had no convincing evidence of effectiveness for any purpose.
* Bowen Therapy, a form of massage, had insufficient evidence to make any conclusions about safety or efficacy.
* Buteyko is a Russian breathing technique claimed to be effective for asthma and other respiratory disorders, but with a lack of objective efficacy.
* Feldenkrais is a gentle form of physical therapy lacking good evidence of efficacy.
* Herbalism/western herbalism (Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine were excluded from the review) encompasses hundreds (thousands) of what are effectively impure, non-standardized drugs. There was no data on the overall efficacy identified.
* Homeopathy is an elaborate placebo system where sugar pills are felt to offer medicinal effects. There was no evidence found to suggest homeopathy was effective for any condition.
* Iridology is the study of irises based on the belief that patterns can help diagnose disease. There is a lack of evidence for the practice, for any condition.
* (Applied) Kinesiology, or more properly “applied” kinesiology, is a pseudoscientific combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, and biomechanics. Unlike the science of kinesiology, “applied” kinesiology has no evidence to support its use.
* Massage or manual therapies can encompass a variety of physical treatments. This is another difficult-to-evaluate field, and there’s a lack of good evidence for many of the conditions treated with massage.
* Naturopathy is an alternative medicine practice still based on the idea of vitalism that encompasses many of the therapies on this list, but also conventional therapies. The overall evidence for naturopathic approaches is weak.
* Pilates is an exercise practice based on strengthening the “core” muscles. While it’s very popular there is little evidence in place to support claims of benefit, with the possible exception of low back pain.
* Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to different parts of the soles of the feet – effectively a form of massage, with the intent of treating other organs in the body. There’s no evidence to show any objective health benefits.
* Rolfing is form of physical therapy with elements of Energy Medicine and massage. There’s a lack of evidence evaluating * * Rolfing and demonstrating its effectiveness.
* Shiatsu is a combination of acupressure and massage intended to open your “energy flows”. There’s a lack of evidence showing it’s effective for any condition.
* Tai Chi is a slow Martial Art intended to balance your “Chi” or “Life Force”. Despite the extensive evidence, the quality of evidence to support efficacy is low..==See

CANA Sources On Above Topics:

I have too many posts on the above topics to find and list all here but below are a few of them. These links all work but be aware some links listed in the posts may be dead; it would be impossible to constantly check the thousands of links I have in my posts.

Applied Kinesiology
Janice Lyons of CINAM

Lyndon Unger

This is a 9 page pdf Christian document on the New Age and occult origins of AK (also called Muscle Testing) and Dowsing:

These explain why AK is not scientifically or medically valid.

Aromatherapy (I probably have done at least 50 posts on Aromatherapy/Essential Oils; search with my name followed by Essential Oils. I was in the New Age and witnessed the revival of Aromatherapy; originally, it was Bach Flower Remedies)

Warning on “Bodywork” (Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, Rolfing, etc.)

Bowen Therapy

“The Age of Magical Breathing,” CANA post with links at end to 7 more posts on breathwork/breathing views

Homeopathy (I’ve done dozens of warnings on this)



Tai Chi (Chi Therapies)

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Norleen Gardner Cheser “I wish the USA would do the same especially after having just finished reading The Healing Gods: Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Christian America by Candy Gunther Brown, which you, Marcia Montenegro, mentioned in an article a little while back. I hate deception/dishonesty and CAM’s religious roots are most often hidden by practitioners and presented as “scientific” instead, which you remind people of as well. Like “truth in advertising,” CAM needs to be held accountable as far as “informed consent” which most practitioners are failing to disclose since they do not tell people of the religious roots behind it as well as their own beliefs as to just how the “procedure” the practitioner does is supposed to “help,” but mask it behind “scientific” language. Many times that “scientific” language is clearly vitalism not science.”

Marcia of Christian Answers for the New Age, “Norleen Gardner Cheser, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you. You are right on the money.”


More Information from Marcia Montenegro’s Website:  CANA : Christian Answers for the New Age.


Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age

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