♫ Laura’s Radio Guest: Willie Needham of Set the Captives Free Ministries!

Willie Needham - Set The Captives Free Ministries.

Willie Needham – Set The Captives Free Ministries.

Willie Needham of SCFM,  Set the Captives Free Ministries, will be my guest this weekend! SCFM are a very powerful group who have great success at evangelism. They also teach tips on evangelism and offer training seminars.

Set The Captives Free Ministries.

Set The Captives Free Ministries.

Willie has his own weekly podcast but he’s never been a guest on a radio show before. I’m thrilled to interview him. I hope it starts a chain reaction and others will interview him too!

This is the first time my show has been dedicated to evangelism, so it’s a very special episode indeed!

He kindly gave me permission to feature his article which outlines advice on talking with people who have new age, cult or occult beliefs. Please see my link.

On the About page, of Set The Captives Free Ministries, there’s an excellent ten minute video from a conference, where Willie gives great advice on evangelism. Very valuable information whether you are new to evangelism or a seasoned evangelist!

Willie Needham - Set The Captives Free Ministries.

Willie Needham – Set The Captives Free Ministries.

Please listen to our show, you’re bound to pick up some great tips! I’ll ask Willie questions such as:

  1. What is generally the biggest challenge in evangelism and how can we overcome it?
  2. Can any Christian enter this style of ministry or is it a specific calling?
  3. Do you advise a Christian gets familiar with even just the basics of other belief systems?
  4. Years ago I did ”healing evangelism” on the streets with church friends, we’d offer free bottles of water on hot summer days . When people got healed of conditions, it certainly initiated good discussions about Jesus and some did accept Him as Saviour!  For you Willie, what is the best approach to evangelism, i.e. shouting from a street corner, church outreach, friendship style, Healing or Prophetic Evangelism, handing out Gospel tracts, etc…?
  5. How do you respond to someone who wants to start an arguement or acts in quite a hostile manner?
  6. How do you react if police are called to move you on?
Bezeugen Tract Club

Bezeugen Tract Club

Willie’s ministry is linked to others, such as Scott Thompson of Bezeugen Ministries: Bezeugen Tract Club print awesome tracts www.bezeugentractclub.org/  Such ministries working in unity are a powerhouse!

You can contact Willie Needham of  Set the Captives Free Ministries on his blog: https://scfministry.wordpress.com/ or new website:  www.scfministry.com/recipe-for-revival


‘Set The Captives Free Ministries is a team of Christians committed to bringing the Gospel to the local area. My name is Willie Needham and my mission is to provide biblical training so you can experience true evangelistic freedom. Through this video log, I will be demonstrating how the Lord is working in this ministry through praise reports and short devotionals.

The name of this video log is called, “Bringing in the Sheaves!” which is a beautiful illustration of our evangelistic endeavors. This will be done somewhat on the go because we are to represent Christ wherever we go, even if it’s to glean. So this is Willie Needham reminding you to glean as you go!’ 





UPDATE: The show will air 30 mins later than the below schedule, due to an extended episode of ‘Get Well Stay Well’ before it. Many thanks!

The show airs this Friday and Saturday from 8-9pm UK, 12-1pm PST, 2-4pm CST, 3-4pm EST.

It will be REPEATED over the next two weeks on these days:

  1. Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 2-3am GMT, 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST.
  2. Then also repeated the following Friday and Saturday at 8-9pm GMT, 12-1pm PST, 2-4pm CST, 3-4pm EST.

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Please pray for ‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell’, if you feel led. Please pray, those God wants to reach, through this show will hear it. My guests and myself would so appreciate your prayers too.

Many thanks indeed! All glory to God. God bless you!


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