Lindsey Renee freed from spirits of Egyptian Magic and Mediumship.

‘Thanks for sharing Laura. Your website was a great help for me coming out of the occult and even sharing the parts of my testimony. Had I known the truth or found out about your website earlier it may have given me a different perspective, so keep pressing on doing what you’re doing. Your work matters to God and to the world. Thanks!’

Lindsey Renee

Lindsey Renee

Lindsey Renee an author from New Orleans, contacted me for the first time. Her response to my blog is a common one I hear on a weekly basis, ever since it began. She also kindly included her testimony of freedom from the occult.

‘Your website is a great tool for God’s kingdom. I was on a quest for knowledge and truth and got lured into false religion, Egyptian spirituality and magic, which I found out was witchcraft when I started practicing heavily…then I began practicing witchcraft because I was desperate. I wanted to be able to contact the spirit realm and become a medium…and God even honored my request. The group I was involved in were actively practicing mediumship, and even though they didn’t teach me, God allowed me to see what was truly behind that…demonic possession.

I learned that God is real, as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit…I literally had an encounter of being baptized in the Holy Spirit one night and my parents were awakened and begin doing spiritual warfare because I opened the door to the occult by setting up altars trying to contact the spirit realm.

Lindsey's Blog

Lindsey’s Blog

Although raised Christian, I didn’t read past Genesis to know, God forbade any of the stuff I was doing, such as the divination, and meditating with mantras and crystals. The Lord allowed me to see that stuff really does have an effect of opening up the mind, body and spirit to the devil and demonic oppression.

That night, I literally had Jesus come and rescue my soul because demonic spirits had entered my body, all because I wanted to be a medium. I wanted to never lose contact with loved ones and I was looking for classes to do it online for others, but God showed me and allowed exactly what I asked for to occur…

Those demonic spirits made me say things that were not true, and I knew they were lies but the spirits had taken over because I was weak.

I had an encounter with a priest from the cult I was taking classes and while on the phone I felt my voice changing and I couldn’t move from the space where I had the altar set up! I haven’t read your mother’s story, but I just wanted to reach out to you and say, don’t quit sharing your message. Continue to reach out strategically and show the light of Jesus Christ and share the story of your deliverance.

If it wasn’t for the prayers of my family and having the elders of my church pray for me, I would have lost my mind. I see so many young people headed into that world through meditation and yoga and trying to “still” the mind, but God is doing something mighty in preserving and waking up our generation.


Please continue your platform. It’s needed on places such as Instagram or Pinterest where there are lots of young women promoting the lifestyle of witchcraft, the occult and spiritualism. People just need to hear where that lifestyle leads because the devil makes it look cool and glamorous and mysterious.

God is doing something mighty in terms of ridding America of the spirit of witchcraft and rebellion via occult and He needs those of us who have delivered to stay on the front lines and be examples of what true peace and prosperity looks like with Jesus as Lord of your life.

I will say this, as a 30 something with a lot of peers still in that lifestyle…mediumship, meditation, visualizing, mantras and yoga have a strong lure because there’s been no neatly packaged warning label like there have been with cigarettes. People know that cigarettes cause cancer now because there are testimonies of people who’s lives have been impacted…same with the demonic kingdom.

People like yourself have to keep spreading the message but with the facts of life to let young people know. I used to love watching witchcraft on TV even though it was forbidden in my home. I watched it in college and eventually found my way into occult shops and hanging around people who made the occult world look “normal”. Had I known the truth or found out about your website earlier it may have given me a different perspective, so keep pressing on doing what you’re doing. Your work matters to God and to the world.’

Kindly submitted by Lindsey Renee.


Lindsey Renee is an author. Please see her blog and a short video version of her testimony below.

Lindsey Renee

Lindsey Renee is a Christian food blog that inspires women to be faithful, get fit, have fun with fresh recipes and live well.

Here you’ll find a collection of Christian inspired blog post covering the topics of

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Lindsey Renee‘s book:



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