Hear Praise Nite TONITE – Attended by Eternal Radio hosts.

Eternal Radio from Birmingham to the ends of earth!

Eternal Radio broadcasts from Birmingham to the ends of earth!

Returned last night from the home of Eternal Radio, in Birmingham, UK. We experienced a truly empowering weekend in God’s beautiful presence.

TONIGHT join listeners in over sixty nations as Saturday night’s session is broadcast! You can hear Eternal Radio 8pm UK, 12pm PST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST, or download the Free Listen App for Apple or Android.

It’ll be repeated Tuesday 3rd May at 9pm UK, 1pm PST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST. 

To listen, please visit http://tunein.com/radio/Eternal-Radio-s155805/ 

♫ Or see full schedule of weekly programs and times.

Valma Merrick

Valma Merrick

Anointed worship led by Valma Merrick and Colin Owen. Colin was involved with the band Electric Light Orchestra years ago.

Marion Kenyon introducing the speakers

Marion Kenyon introducing the speakers

Isn’t it awesome when God gives the different speakers the same bible passage to speak on, even though they didn’t collaborate their message beforehand! Coincidence? Hardly!

The message struck me because I had saw this image a couple of months ago and wondered if it was just personal for me and friends I was praying for, or for our nation/s as a whole.

Johnson Akinfenwa

Host Johnson Akinfenwa

The anointed and rallying cry was,  “Can these dry dead bones live?” from Ezekiel 37.

It seems so appropriate for our nation/s. Speaking of the valley full of skeletons reminds us of the deadness in many of our own spiritual lives and in our churches. Also of the demonic blindness and deception that keeps our nations from seeing the truth and light of Jesus.

“They all came to life and stood up on their feet—a great army”! God wants to bring new LIFE into our cities and onto the earth in these last days. To see countless numbers of souls turn to Him, before the days darken and Jesus returns!

Such a spiritual resurrection starts with us though. We see the days we live in get darker. It’s time to take the battle more seriously. The time of compromise is no more. As soldiers, we need to ensure there’s no chinks in our armour, that we don’t lay down our weapons and fool around.

As individuals, each of us face a personal choice in these end times. To follow God or to compromise. For any of us who have compromised lately, Jesus offers His loving forgiveness and grace. Please join us, in rededicating your heart and life afresh to Jesus today.

If you know Jesus, you’ll understand when we say there is noone like Him. Noone and nothing can satisfy our souls as He can. He is the most wonderful treasure any heart could find, in this life and for eternity.

If you don’t know Jesus yet, or if you do pray to Him, but really don’t have that intimate loving relationship with Him yet, please open up to Him today. Ask anyone who has featured in my blog if any of them regretted doing that!

Michael and Jen Cummins

With host Michael Cummins & wife Jen

It was also so good to spend time again with other ER radio hosts Michael Cummins (Revelation TV), Jason Carter (End Time Hour), James Perry (Walking Tall), Marion and Roger Kenyon (The Edge) and also to meet old and new friends who had travelled near and far for this event.

Jason and Orsula Carter and Jim Perry

Orsula and fellow hosts Jason Carter & Jim Perry

Join listeners in over sixty nations as Saturday night’s session is broadcast TONIGHT! You can hear Eternal Radio 8pm UK, or download the free listen app for Apple or Android.

Fellow hosts Marion and Roger Kenyon

Fellow hosts Marion & Roger Kenyon

If you’d like to listen, please visit http://tunein.com/radio/Eternal-Radio-s155805/ 

♫ See full schedule of weekly programs and times.

It’s Christian Radio with a difference! We cover topics many others shy away from – End Time Events, the New World Order, the deceptions of the occult, the persecuted church, etc.

Roger Kenyon filming the event

Roger Kenyon filming the event

Once again, our deepest appreciation goes to our friends Valma and Stephen Merrick, Pastors of Hollymoor Community Church, for all the work they do producing Eternal Radio and for hosting these blessed events in God’s presence.

Eternal Radio founder - Pastor Stephen Merrick

Eternal Radio founder – Pastor Stephen Merrick

We eagerly look forward to the next one! Laura Maxwell.

Hollymoor Community Church is the home of Eternal Radio. Maybe you’d like to visit their service some Sunday morning?

Hollymoor Community Church 2

Hollymoor Community Church

ADDRESS : 408 Tessall Lane, Manor Park Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, England, B31 5ER.


WEBSITE :  Hollymoor Community Church

FACEBOOK: Hollymoor Community Church

Hollymoor Community Church, Birmingham.

Hollymoor Community Church, Birmingham.


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