Nadene Gordon freed from spirits of occult, drugs, phobias, depression and more!

Nadene Gordon

Nadene Gordon

Nadene Gordon from Australia contacted me for the first time. Her response to watching one of my TV interviews is a common one I hear on a weekly basis, ever since my first interview.

She also kindly included her testimony of freedom from attacks from evil spirits, healing from phobias and more! I’m grateful that online social media sites enable us all to connect, share our miraculous testimonies and glorify God together!

Nadene Gordon’s Story.

Dear Laura, just watched my first video and liked it. I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos as there is more for me to learn. There’s so many people I know that are into spiritualism your experience/video has helped me learn more. My dad was a Freemason and my mum read tea-leaves. As a child I was very attacked by demons. I’m so glad I found you. The truth does set us free.

I have just been reading your blog. I need to learn more about your life as I know so many people in the occult. I have old friends who visit mediums etc. I need to learn more as I need to have those answers to give others. I’m in Australia I don’t know if you have heard of the Blue Mountains here. They have a winter solstice festival every year. My husband and I live about 1 1/2 hours away, the Lord leads us there to pray over the mountains. It’s amazing the day would be quite calm and as soon as we pray the wind becomes so strong and when we stop praying so does the wind!!! The Lord is there with us.

Laura, I’ve never written down my testimony, I’ve always just told people my story. My teenage years were spent on drugs. I was addicted to heroin for two years when at the time I switched television on and there was a minister that said ” Jesus loves you. ” It did something to my heart and I remember saying if You’re up there then I need, and I gave Jesus a list of things I needed to escape the life I was living.

Within a month I had those things! I was delivered from drug addiction. My ex husband came into my life ( he left 16 years later). When my husband left I became a single mother of 4 children and the Lord took over being my husband and their father and we never went without anything.

I spent 15 years on my own with the children. The Lord provided everything. I’m 58 now Laura, I have 7 young grandchildren and I’m married again, 3 years to a man much younger than me, we were brought together for God’s purpose. I’ve had many prophetic words throughout my life which had kept me in peace. I’ve had much to overcome and been through a lot but at the same time God has made it easy at the same time. Obedience to Him, I think is the key.

My mother read tea-leaves for those around her, she didn’t make a living out of it though, and we didn’t know dad was a Freemason until after he passed. When we were going through his things we found a large certificate, or whatever it is called, showing his membership. This was hidden all his life.

Only as I got older and closer to the Lord did I realize these things may have caused my torment and why as a child I was very attacked by demons. My mother never wanted me and when I was born I was given to a Christian woman who I called Aunty all my life, but not blood related and also a Christian Aunty who was related. These women mothered me the first few months of my life, until they somehow made my mother take me back. And dad was quite a hard man, however I’m sure he loved me, but he once said I was always different than the other two, which was my brother and sister.

There’s so much to write Laura because it was a lifetime of battling but then also overcoming Satan: fear, phobias, panic attacks, hearing voices and telling them to p### off before I became a Christian … depression, drugs. My goodness, I didn’t realize how far I have come until writing it all down! Praise God for His goodness!

Nadene Gordon

Nadene Gordon

Trusting Jesus got me through it all. He freed me and showed me how to overcome those demons. With panic attacks, I’d go into town and having so many people around me I’d panic and want to go straight home but I learnt to trust that Jesus was there and believe everything would be fine. Those feelings soon dissipated.

Overcoming drug addiction was more of an instant miracle, it’s like He just wiped it out straight away and I’ve never wanted it ever again! Depression  … He actually showed me how to overcome that and what happens spiritually.

I heard of a prophetess visiting the church I was attending. I thought that would be encouraging to receive a word from the Lord from her, so I sat through the service watching people get picked out and given a word. The end of the service came and I suddenly felt disappointed.

Then all of a sudden I felt heavy! At that exact moment the prophetess said I had demons and she cast them out in Jesus name! I instantly felt light! I realized that I was there for that purpose! I learnt from then on about self-deliverance. Whenever I needed to,I could cast my own demons out. I knew if I became sad about something, to resist the depression demon and not fall into depression!

I never spoke much and was quite shy. One day I was visiting a friend and she had a pastor there. The friend introduced me to him and he looked at me and said “Nadene, God did not make you shy!” And I felt something leave me!!! The Lord delivered me from shyness! I haven’t stopped talking since! 😃

The most important thing I have learnt is to never give up on God’s promises and to seek Him and seek out His truth. I look forward to watching more of your videos and blog posts, there is more for me to learn and share with others.

Take care and God bless you Laura 😊


Testimony kindly submitted by Nadene Gordon of Australia.


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6 Responses to Nadene Gordon freed from spirits of occult, drugs, phobias, depression and more!

  1. Louise says:

    Nadine & Leon I live in the Penrith area and attend the local presbyterian church. It is a good church and yes, I will agree with you both that most people are asleep as far as what is good to watch or not watch. One has to walk a life of discernment which is a lonely walk in many ways but the Lord blesses mightily. I haven’t had tv for over a decade now, nor do I attend movies and yes, some think I am weird but it is I who have to face the Lord on that day for myself, not for them. My task is to pray that the Lord will wake them up before it is too late so that they can have their oil lamps ready. I really believe that we need the body of Christ to be part of as I was on my own without a fellowship for some years but really felt that it wasn’t good. The people who go are asleep but as I said, it is my task to pray for them, that the Holy Spirit will wake them up.

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    • Nadene says:

      Hi Louise
      That’s where I go to shop on occasion in Penrith. I’m in Bathurst. I know where you are coming from Louis. I’ve spent time in different churches growing and learning. As soon as I learnt something I’d be led out of the church (I was a single mum with 4 children at the time, my husband left because he didn’t want to be a committed Christian) and for many years it’s something I didn’t understand. Now that I’m married to my husband of 3 years I have a better understanding. When he was baptised he was given a prophetic word that he was going to have a large ministry and he’ll be telling the churches what is wrong in their church. I was given a word saying ‘ you will be judged by many people, many people will say you should do this should do that but don’t worry you’ll be doing exactly as I (the Lord) tell you. A lot of the judgement comes from the church. I spoke in a church once telling all to repent and they weren’t listening to the Lord. The Paster didn’t like it at the time but a month later he began preaching on repentance. We have to live the lives, speak and do what the Lord has set out for us. In the bible Jerimiah had a life like this. As you said when we stand before him it’s only him and me. God bless you 😊

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    • Hi Louise
      Yes it is a lonely walk, people seem not to have a concept of consequences and have a ‘live for the moment’ attitude. I blame this on moral relativism which is a by product of atheism (and a very commercial ideology at that).
      I dont watch TV either, all there is on it is football boofheads and cooking shows but people lap it up, quite frankly we are seeing a zombification of Sydney. I blame this on the groupthink mentality, I’ll use this as an example… you can speak to 20 people individually about Jesus and you will get 20 different replies. But if you speak to the same 20 people at once they will answer with one opinion with one voice, and if you ask them again individually why they went with that answer, then they cant tell you.

      On occasion I buy some cheap blank CDs to burn clips on them and place them on trains, bus stops, etc. about things they should know about satanism (which most churches seemingly refuse to address). If people want to say I’m crazy then fine, whatever. But I’ve said if I am wrong then tell me where I am wrong and what your solution is, no one has ever taken me up on that.

      @Nadene – I have too encountered senior members of churches who dont like anyone having an opinion on serious issues, they see it all as ‘too much trouble’. They just want to keep their duties simple because they dont see their positions as a vocation with duties but instead see it as ‘just a job’ until something better turns up.

      It does seem like a hopeless situation but if you have complete and utter faith in God and a will to enact on it, then you might discover actions you can perform of which you had no concept of. Now that is magic!


  2. Hi Nadene
    I relate to what you are saying, I unfortunately live in Sydney with its money sniffing feral dogs and snowflakes. My grandfather was a freemason too (I found his ‘certificate’), I think your story is more common than most would like to think. I go to the Blue Mountains occasionally (quite like it and might move there) and I find it to be more open to discussing things with its locals, then I go back to Sydney where everyone looks at you with dollar signs in their eyes.
    People dont want to acknowledge that Jesus Christ can change and transform their lives probably because mainstream churches dont believe it either. More and more people are abandoning the churches and are now speaking about their faith in public (atheists really hate this) and I think this is a good thing.
    Thank you for your story, hopefully you may have started something here.

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    • Hi Leon, many thanx for responding to Nadene’s story. I’ll tell her you commented. Good to hear from you again!


    • Nadene says:

      Hi Leon. I have already posted a comment to you but it disappeared. Yes I think many are like us and many don’t realize their problems could be passed on from their ancestors. The world doesn’t have the answers because they don’t know and don’t believe the spirit that’s behind all the problems. Once you know the truth then that’s what sets you free. We are able to offer overcome anything! Unfortunately many of the churches don’t see the power of Jesus also. I visited a church not long ago , a young church, young pasters, and after the service a group of them were going back to watch Harry Potter movies. Churches are opening the doors to evil and many don’t even realize. Thanks Leon for your comment, I pray all goes well with you. Nadene

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