Pennie – Ex Luciferian Medium & Witch -radio interview.

Discussing Secrets Of The Hidden, with special guest Pennie Louise De Witt.

Pennie De Witt

Pennie De Witt

Pennie EX Medium/Pagan & Witch was deep in the occult for 26 years.

She infiltrated churches & was apart of a secret society that spans the globe.

Jon Pounders,  radio show host.

Jon Pounders, radio show host.

Her 2nd Interview with Jon Pounders on ‘Day of The LORD Radio.’ Jon said, ‘We are proud to have her as our guest.’

Live tomorrow, on Saturday Sept. 14th at 8:00pm CDT time in USA.

Pennie says of herself, ‘Ex-psychic/pagan/witch/new-age counselor/teacher, now an in-love-with-Jesus writer/blogger, sharing the truth with anyone who will listen.’

Pennie has a blog Pennie Renewed, with articles and interviews about the New Age and Occult. See link below. PennieRenewed

To listen to the radio interview with my good friends Pennie and Jon tomorrow, please follow this link to Blog Talk Radio.


About Laura Maxwell

Speaker-Author-Radio Host (Ex New Age Spiritualist). Laura educates people on the dangers of the New Age, Occult, New World Order, etc. She graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA Honours degree, having studied Psychology there for 4 years. She is the founder of ministry A Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. See her TV shows, blog, publications, etc, on
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