Susan Atkins – Convicted Murderer and Member of Charles Manson’s ‘Family’.

As members of Charles Manson’s messianic cult, several of the so-called Family committed murders at his request.

‘Everyone is focusing on the death of Charles Manson but no one is taking about the people under his wing that actually carried out the crimes.

One of the women who did his bidding was called Susan Atkins whose picture is below.

Just before she died, she had a born again experience, repented for her sins and become a born again christian.

She wrote a book called “Child of satan Child of God” and like many people that get drawn into the new age cult, spiritism or satanism – she had a terrible family life and upbringing.’ Rob Fry 

Susan Atkins using a satanic symbol…/s1600/atkins_viewfinder.jpg

Susan Atkins and Charles Manson

Child of Satan, Child of God. Hardcover – 1977

“This is a re-issue of Susan Aktins’ 1977 autobiography with eleven new photos. “Millions met Susan Atkins in Helter Skelter. She was young and attractive, but desperate to find happiness. Alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity didn t satisfy her. . . She was looking for more. When she met Charles Manson, she felt she had met the world’s savior. Here is her personal account of life and death with the murderous Manson “family.” Condemned to die, rejected by society, she found life on death row – a miraculous rebirth as real as a resurrection.”

Customer review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Praise the Lord! on May 5, 2017 

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase 

‘Excellent book – highly recommended! I am one of those people that believe Susan Atkins and the rest of the Manson Family who participated in those horrible murders should have received the death penalty. But God had a different plan and she embraced it with open arms. This book did a wonderful job in explaining Susan’s full Christian conversion, which was gradual and did not happen overnight. But when the full conversion finally appeared in her heart, she became a true believer. She never wavered from her commitment to Christ and she helped others to believe and, thus were saved. I truly feel that despite her crimes, her subsequent conversion to Christianity and her natural ability to help and save others, in the end, gave her the opportunity to be welcomed proudly into God’s home’. 🙂

Very sad story about a tragic life

on August 4, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
‘Very sad story about a tragic life. Very well written and interesting story. Everyone should read it for many reasons. It is a good lesson to learn that when you are looking to make yourself a whole person, don’t be tempted to the dark evil side of life.’

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