Ouija Board WARNING – Ex Occultists Chenzo and Laura.

Ouija Board, or Spirit Board.

Ouija Board or Spirit Board.

Excellent short videos created by my YouTube friend, Ex Occultist Chenzo1969, formerly known as Shazoolo.

It’s not just people who some label “Fundamentalist Christians” that warn against the dangers of the Ouija Board. Even some people who practice alternative spiritualities (new age, spiritualism, etc) warn against the evil and harmful effects of this device.

In the below video, Chenzo features clips from a medium who warns of using it!

Laura Maxwell’s Comments:

When I was a Spiritualist, most Mediums warned of using it. Now it seems, anything goes!

Whether the board is an ancient one, newly created, designed with cute imagery or eerie imagery, it’s purpose and results remain the same! Don’t be fooled by a sugar coated package – pink girly ouija boards summon the same deceptive and evil demons that darker looking boards do!

There are Ouija Boards sold in toy shops. Pink boards marketed at girls aged 10 years and glow in the dark boards for boys! There are even Apps aimed at three year old infants – seriously?!!!

Is it any wonder exorcists/deliverance ministers world wide are complaining about the rise in requests for help? Tragically, if children affected by this don’t get the help they need, many will be opened up to demons, cursed and ‘visited’ by them for the rest of their lives.

despair suicide demon attack

I am convinced as these children grow, such spiritual torment will later lead many of them deeper into the occult trying to find help, or into drink and drugs, mental health problems and even suicide.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a search on reports and journal papers by psychiatrists worldwide. Twenty plus years ago when I was still a spiritualist, I did just that, for an essay in university on Schizophrenia. There were masses of reports on the correlations between Ouija Board or Occult use and mental health issues! Hey, that was 20+ years ago. No doubt it’s worse now!

On another note, I find it revealing the planchette is reminiscent of the evil eye of Horus and the Illuminati pyramid. Probably a sheer coincidence but indicative of it’s inherent evil I feel!

With Eye of Horus symbol

With Eye of Horus symbol


Ouija Boards sold for girls aged 10 years!


The best thing to do with Ouija Boards, is burn them. As you do so, pray and ask Jesus to cleanse you and set you free from the demonic oppression or possession and curses they bring into the lives of your family, yourself and your descendants.


Burn Ouija Boards!

Test The Spirits!

I’d advise you test spirits summoned by the board. My practical advice on how to test and challenge every entity that appears to you, is offered in my articleTest the Spirits and Angels – Challenge their True Identity!

In it, you’ll see how easily and quickly it is to test the true identity of all spirits, alleged dead relatives or pet animals, so called Spirit Guides, Pleiadians, Star Gods, dead saints, Angels, Goddesses, Aliens, Intergalactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Ghosts and so on.

Spirit Entity Harassment Support Group.

If you need advice, you can contact Chenzo and friends on their Spirit Entity Harassment Support Group on Facebook.



For more videos by Ex Occultist Chenzo1969, please see his great YouTube Channel: Chenzo1969.

The Angel Board

To read my similar post about The Angel Board, please see WARNING: The Angel Board is a Ouija Board in Disguise by Ex Medium and Professional Astrologer, Marcia Montenegro. on this link.

Many thanks! Laura Maxwell  


Many thanks for taking time to read and share the above post. For similar posts please visit Laura’s blog Our Spiritual Quest.


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  3. Keith Mendenhall says:

    I need to talk to somebody about my being a medium and having a sixth sense I bet there’s not a handful of people in the world that’s not that’s not strong as I am I’ve been able to do it since I was six everybody told me I was crazy I’m 36 years old now and it’s so strong I can prove it video I can almost someone spirit I know this sounds crazy I just need help I’m talking to somebody cuz nobody else understands

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