FREE Download! Two chapters of novel SEED: Genesis Immortals by David Harrison.

By David Harrison

By David Harrison

A team of divers and archaeologists off the coast of ancient Alexandria, Egypt have made a discovery that could change the world or destroy their own. Worlds long locked in ancient stone will come alive as the story of our origins unfolds in new and unexpected ways.

SEED: Genesis Immortals takes you into the world before the cataclysm where the first humans are clothed in light, walking with their embodied Creator and joining his family of supernatural beings. Immortality is within a fingers reach and the shining one tempts us all to declare our own words as truth.


By David Harrison

The author of this novel, Creationist David Harrison, was a recent guest on my show. He describes himself as a supernatural creationist and a degenerative evolutionist!

David is the founder of Origins United ministries and teaches youth in public education, not just in churches! He explains God as being The Outer Dimensional Being!

By David Harrison

By David Harrison

To read the first two chapters of his novel:  SEED: Genesis Immortals please download them from–slp-20-books.html

If you want a fresh look at human origins, he weaves together biblical evidence about our beginnings with fiction where you follow the adventurous journey of some very interesting characters!


Topics that the author David Harrison shared on my show: Bethlehem’s Star, The Siberian Unicorn, Time Dilation Theory, Greater Ancestor Theory, Genetic Impoverishment, Genetic Entropy, Mutations, Electric Universe Theory and Plasma Theory of the Universe. For more details of that show see link or listen below!



David Harrison and family.


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