Missions work in Costa Rica.

Palmares, Costa Rica.

Palmares, Costa Rica.


In 2008, my husband and I had a vacation in Costa Rica. We visited this local church and were made very welcome. Pastor Elmer Rojas and his family invited us to stay overnight in their home.

Costa Rica

Palmares church, Costa Rica

We were touched at the love expressed within their family and church. Although I know no Spanish, I recognised the worship songs!

We were impressed at the ways this church serves it’s rural community, offering a free gym and other services, teaching new skills and trades, redistributing food and clothes and so on.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

All of these units were housed in The Palmares Vineyard Complex. Pastor Elmer and his wife showed us around. One large room, was full of local women busy working on sewing machines.

Laura in Costa Rica

Laura in Costa Rica

Over the years, some of these people have been drawn to Jesus and joined this church.

As part of our passion for overseas missions, my husband and I wanted to share this update Pastor Elmer posted a few months ago.

Many thanks in advance, for watching the below video and for your support and prayers.

Laura and Paul Maxwell.

My husband Paul, Costa Rica

My husband Paul, Costa Rica



From : elmerrojas1960@gmail.com

Hello my friends, We are finally under construction. So excited and ready for this next stage in our ministry. We know you want to help and be part of this. Here is a video and a link to a PDF that explains this project.

We are excited to let you know that a USA organization will match every dollar we donate to this project. This means that all donations will double up. God is good and he is multiplying resources. Also remember that all donations go through Vineyard Church in USA and are tax deductible. We will provide a 501C3 form for your taxes.

Please donate, help us share this and help us pray. We are starting construction January.
You could make a one time donation or a monthly donation. Every dollar counts and will be well spend.

Here is the info for donations in the U.S. Just mail your donations to :
Vineyard Community Church of Evansville
851 N. Red Banks rd.
Evansville, In 47712

Or Contact Vineyard Pastor Jeff Smith at  (812) 455-6400 He is the USA – COSTA RICA partnership Leader.

Write a note that says donation for Palmares Vineyard.

Thanks and God Bless You.
Let us know if you need more info thanks.

Video to project and please share : http://youtu.be/6A1wE_c_rDM

Link to the PDF project: http://1drv.ms/1PlJZQC






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  1. Oh my goodness! I visited the same church for a week of missions in 2009. I’m still friends with the lovely lady who hosted me in her family’s home. Small world. 🙂


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