Paranormal interests cause Heart Problems and more!!!

Rev. Mark Hunnemann

Mark Hunnemann


Mark Hunnemann, my dear friend, is an expert on the truth about ‘ghosts.’ He has written an excellent article which he poured his heart and soul into.

Mark was a guest for 5 weeks running on my radio show! We discussed the whole topic of ‘ghosts’. It was a dream come true for me to interview him and these radio episodes are probably the closest to my heart so far!

To listen to these fascinating episodes, click here Mark Hunnemann On Ghosts.

In my opinion, he is a world expert on this topic and when he posts a new article, it’s truly worth reading it!

Before you read his article below, please note when I was a New Age Spiritualist, we were taught that merely having an interest in the paranormal, or  literally channelling spirits and all types of ‘entities’ was a great risk to ourselves, to our bodies, our families …. that it could indeed lead to illnesses, to paralysis, blindness, premature death, etc, but that it was a sacrifice and a great honour to serve humanity in this way.

I often forget that most people aren’t aware of such horrendous health risks … just because I was taught about it when I was a Spiritualist … a hazard of the job! It’s just something I’ve known for over 30 years!

If you doubt my words, please see the recommended reading on my blog.  Books by Mediums themselves – straight from the horses’ mouths and Ex Mediums – who all recorded such horrific reports! Ask yourselves, would a pure and good source (God), surely require that of you?


Long Term Effects of Investigating the Paranormal by Mark Hunnemann – posted on Eye on The Paranormal.

“The first thing you will notice is that the atmosphere is “buzzing” and has a heavy, excited feel to it. Inside you may feel a bit of a pressure being exerted from an external source. Your heart may feel stressed as it may beat irregularly in your chest. Demonic entities can physically affect you and can cause considerable damage. This is a concern that is currently under investigation in regards to the harmful effects placed upon professional and novice ghost hunters. Soon you may see health hazard warnings being posted at paranormal investigation sites. I know it may sound a bit bizarre, but there really is credible evidence of investigators coming down with strange heart and internal organ problems that, for some, have led to hospitalization.

As an example, author and haunted survivor Stephen LaChance attributes his sudden heart surgery to the demonic activity he was exposed to in the Union, Missouri Screaming House.

The shocking reality is that paranormal investigators may be exposed to more than they realize – especially in a long-term sense.”

Tim Yohe, Paranormal Insights

For years now I have expressed a growing concern for the welfare of folks who are exposing themselves to the spirit realm. I have worried out loud regarding the physical dangers (other dangers as well) that long term exposure to this spirit realm is having on paranormal investigators or people living in infested homes. Recently, I have been asking investigators what kind of activity or problems that they themselves are experiencing. Honestly, it does not seem that—at least the ones I talked to—were keen on talking about it.

This concern was reinforced in two ways in the last week. First, I was contacted by a family a few days ago who moved into an infested home nine years ago. After spending a considerable amount of time on the phone with the parents (they have 4 kids), it quickly became apparent that they came under demonic oppression immediately after moving in. This oppression has included an assault on virtually every area of their lives, including their health. Prior to moving in, the mom had never been seriously sick, but since then, she has dealt with cancer and a litany of other significant ailments.

Anyone who has dealt with long term demonic oppression knows first-hand the terrible reality of this danger of deteriorating health….both the people experiencing it and those helping them. Of the dozens of cases that I have worked on, almost all of them included health problems.

The bible clearly distinguishes between natural disease/handicaps and those caused by demonic oppression/possession. That is, in the gospels we see people who have all sorts of afflictions due to demonic  activity. So, it is logical to assume that they still are doing the same today.

Second, I read an article by Timothy Yohe which the brief excerpt above is taken from. This is the first time that I recall reading an article from someone deeply involved in paranormal investigation/research who openly acknowledges this problem and addresses this issue. Numerous times before, I referred to these physical problems as the deep, dark secret of the paranormal community. Though there is ample evidence of the dangers of interacting with the spirit realm, it is rarely mentioned. So, reading this article was a breath of fresh air.

“I know it may sound a bit bizarre, but there really is credible evidence of investigators coming down with strange heart and internal organ problems that, for some, have led to hospitalization.

The shocking reality is that paranormal investigators may be exposed to more than they realize – especially in a long-term sense.” Please re-read Yohe’s entire excerpt again…

I am glad that someone/s are finally taking a serious look into the long term effects of being a paranormal investigator. My concern is not to score some debating points, but I have a deep and genuine compassion for those whom I know are suffering, or will be down the road, due their plunging into the paranormal.

The kinds of physical problems Yohe mentions are serious—affecting the major organs of the body, including the heart.

The heart. Did you know that the human heart is kept alive by electrical impulses that move from one part of the heart to another, causing the pumping action?

I have had serious heart problems for a long time…chronic atrial fibrillation, and chronic systolic heart failure. I would probably not be alive today had not a nurse say to me on a routine visit, “Did you know that you are in atrial fib…irregular heartbeat?” I was sent to an electrophysiologist who discovered that there was a potentially fatal problem with the electrical activity in my heart. These guys are the ultimate heart specialists. After going through Med school, cardiac internship, and several more years studying the electrical function of the heart. In our area there are tons of cardiologists, but only 3 electrophysiologists. Enough of me and my heart.

However, it is common knowledge that demons are very adept at wreaking havoc on all things electrical—cell phones, appliances, TV’s, radios, ect. Master manipulators of electricity. I have seen this many times, and chances are you have as well. So, why not the heart too, with its electrical activity?

Bottom line? Here is a respected paranormal researcher who says that the shocking reality is that paranormal investigators are being exposed to much more danger than they realize…especially long term.

While I deeply appreciate Yohe’s insights and clarion call for caution, I don’t think he goes far enough.

Demonic attachment is a serious reality amongst paranormal investigators, which causes a whole host of problems. It is time for paranormal enthusiasts to reflect on the very real hazards of jumping headfirst into a realm that is forbidden to us. The continual solicitation of EVP’s, which is contrary to biblical commands to not attempt communication with the dead, is bound to have serious consequences…no matter how sincere and well-intentioned you might be.

As Yohe points out, this is a widespread problem in the paranormal community—taking it further, should this fact not compel paranormal enthusiasts to re-think that you are mainly dealing with earthbound spirits? The evidence suggests otherwise, and it breaks my heart that folks are turning a blind eye to what is utterly obvious in the bible, and is now being corroborated by even more empirical evidence.

From the dawn of time and written history, virtually every society had a respect/fear of the spirit realm, which is why they had a mediator of some kind…priest, shaman, ect. Ours is the first generation that I’m aware of in which anybody and their brother is rushing headlong into interacting with the spirit realm. Just because you can do something, does not mean that you should.

When I was writing my book in 2009 there were about 950 paranormal groups listed in in the US. In the span of just a few years that number has grown to about 3,500! Our ancestors knew something that we seem to have forgotten—playing with spiritual fire will burn you. I’m grateful that Yohe realizes this and I hope his words will start a community-wide conversation.

For YOUR sake, please reflect deeply on your current involvement with spiritism (that is what almost all paranormal investigations are in a nutshell), or you may end up very sick or worse …

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God’s Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It’s also available in eBook format.

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Please do listen to the five week radio series, where I, Laura Maxwell, Ex Spiritualist interviewed Mark Hunnemann. In my opinion, he is a world expert on this topic!

To listen to these fascinating episodes, please click here Mark Hunnemann On Ghosts.

Mark Hunnemann, author of  Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes was a guest on my radio show for 5 weeks running last year! To hear those fascinating episodes, please click here.




Rev Mark Hunnemann is an Exorcist/Deliverance Minister, radio guest, former pastor and author of Seeing Ghosts Through Gods Eyes.



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